"Izofra" or "Polideksa" - which is better and what is the difference?


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Often the people who came to the pharmacy, ask the question: “What is the remedy for the treatment of sinusitis or rhinitis to choose from: spray “Izofra” or “Polideksa”? It seems that two of the same medication, because of indications they are similar. Many is not difficult even to make a choice in favor of one or the other means, but in fact only an experienced professional can tell you which drug will suit a particular person. So today consider what exactly are the differences of the drugs “Izofra” and “Polideksa” and if they have any similarities?

polideksa or izofra

Antibiotics for sinusitis

Headache, mucous and purulent nasal discharge, decreased sense of smell, weakness, malaise – these are all signs of this illness, such as sinusitis. In simple words, it's sinusitis. This disease can be treated by various methods, depending on what stage is the disease. If the problem has been bothering the patient, then the patient is assigned antibacterial agents. Among these drugs are the following sprays: “Bioparox”, “Izofra”, “Polideksa”. All three of the medicines should be administered strictly otolaryngologist, self-treatment with these drugs is not allowed. Today we will focus only on two medications: sprays “Izofra” and “Polideksa”. The fact is that many people think these tools are interchangeable. But is it really now and find out.

Similarity between medication

The Drugs have little in common. So, the same for them is that they both belong to the group of antibiotics. Another similarity is in the use of features, because both drugs are available in the form of sprays. And the last common trait of these medications – this is what both tools can not be applied for longer than 10 days, it's antibiotics. Otherwise the person will simply undermine the immune system, and its body alone is not able to fight harmful microorganisms. The similarity of these medications ends, and then there are only differences.contrast isotry from polideksa


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  1. Structure.
  2. The Scope.
  3. The Order of drug administration.
  4. Contraindications and side effects.

Differences in medicine

What distinguishes “Izofra” from “Polideksa” if both drugs are often prescribed for the same diseases? The most important dissimilarity – part of the drugs. So, spray “Izofra” contains the main active ingredient – framizetin sulfate. Thanks to this component, the drug may be administered by otolaryngologists for the treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, acute rinofaringitis.

As part of the drug “Polideksa” - neomycin sulfate, polymyxin b sulfate and dexamethasone metasulphobenzoate. Trio of these components provides a spread spectrum antibacterial action of the drug on the majority of microorganisms that cause infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT-organs.

Now that we know the composition of medicines, it is possible to assume, what to write, “Izofra” or “Polideksa”. Is it better to use a product with one active substance or substance with three components? Of course, if we compare the composition, the drug “Polideksa” compared to spray “Izofra” has a more pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, so from this point of view it is better to buy it.izofra or polideksa which is better

The difference in the order of drug administration

All the readers of this article should know that any Antibacterials topical application should be administered only with the doctor's permission. This rule is no exception in relation to medication “Polideksa” or “Izofra”. For the child the appointment of such drugs must be performed by a pediatrician, and best of all – the otolaryngologist. So after going to the doctor mom with a toddler, it is desirable to seem a specialist, so that he appointed the right medication to treat problems with the respiratory system.

What is the difference between “Isory” from “Polideksa” – drugs, frequently prescribed by doctors at the “complex” colds in children? In addition to composition, the dissimilarity of these two drugs can be observed in the order of their use.

So, before applying spray “Polideksa” the mucous membrane of the nose should be cleaned and then directly enter medicine. But if the doctor prescribed the medication “Izofra”, after purification of the organs of smell, and injection of funds should then rinse the nose with saltwater. This is done in order to bring surplus medication.

In addition, before applying spray “Polideksa” it should be a little hold in the palms of your hands to the medicine slightly warmed up. In the case of medicine “Izofra” such manipulation is not carried out. Simply shake the bottle and injecting means in each nostril.


What kind of medication to choose: “Izofra” or “Polideksa”? What better and more effective of these two drugs? If we are talking about this disease, as otitis media, here and to not think. It means “Izofra” does not necessarily imply the treatment of this disease. But the drug “Polideksa”, in contrast, are often used in the treatment of otitis. The fact that this medication is available in the form of a spray, but in the form of drops. izofra or polideksa with sinusitisAnd that they must be purchased at the pharmacy to treat otitis. And spray this tool is used in the treatment of rhinitis, pharyngitis and sinusitis. The drug ‘Izofra" is assigned in the complex therapy of infectious-inflammatory ENT diseases, such as:

- Sinusitis, including sinusitis (on one condition: if the patient has not damaged the nasal septum).

- Rinofaringita.

- non-allergic chronic rhinitis.

- Infectious rhinitis of bacterial nature.

- Prevention and treatment of the nasal cavity after surgery in the olfactory organ.bioparox izofra polideksa

Thus, it became clear that, though the means “Izofra” and cope with various diseases of ENT-organs, but the medication “Polideksa” is a more complex preparation, focused not only on treatment of the olfactory organ, but the organ of hearing. But at the same time this drug can be assigned to people with a cold caused by exposure to allergens. But the means “Izofra” this case will not fit. It would be foolish to answer questions about which drug is preferable – “Izofra” or “Polideksa”? What to buy at the pharmacy? It all depends on the patient's diagnosis.

Contraindications in the application of medicines

Comparing both drugs, it is also necessary to pay attention to the number of restrictions in using one or another means. So, the smallest number of contraindications drugs have a marked “Izofra”. It cannot be used by people who have hypersensitivity to the components of the tool. But the nasal spray “Polideksa” has many more contraindications. So, this drug should not be prescribed to individuals if they have ailments such as glaucoma, hypertension, coronary heart disease, problems with the thyroid gland, viral infections (such as herpes, chicken pox, etc.). The presence of such a large number of restrictions on the use of means “Polideksa” is understandable, because in its composition contains not one active ingredient, as in the case of medication. “Izofra”, but three of the active component.what is the difference izofra from polideksa

What is better to use for a child?

If your son or daughter the doctor diagnosed me with sinusitis, then both drugs may be suitable. But now should determine for itself that it is better to protect your baby from such consequences of the use of the medication as allergies, or to complete the program to load the body of the child, not fearing the onset of rash and hives on body? After all, if you use spray “Izofra”, there is no guarantee that the child will not be on this medication for allergies. And if you apply a medicine “Polideksa”, which included a antihistamine component, so the likelihood of allergic reactions will come to naught, the parent will not know how the immunity of the son or daughter will react to the medication. After all, it is better to use the drug with one active ingredient, rather than three. Then the immune system will suffer less. The only choice is for the treating doctor: to prescribe the drug “Izofra” or “Polideksa”. While both sinusitis remedies may be prescribed by a specialist.

Now you know what the differences and similarities of drugs with which the article deals. Certainly, having the understanding of the properties and the second one means any parent will now know what kind of medication fit son or daughter: “Izofra” or “Polideksa”. Which is better: to choose, uscanadian...

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