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The Problem with light is no joke. They not only cause discomfort, worsen health, but can cause different complications. For example, asthma can lead even to death. The drug is "Formoterol", usage instructions which is below, and is intended for the treatment of respiratory diseases. However, note that he's used to dealing with a narrow range of diseases.


formoterol usage instructions

The Tool is a blocker of beta-adrenergic receptors, that is able to expand the bronchial openings. It slows down the release leukotrines and histamine from tissues of the lung. The main active ingredient is a dihydrate of fumarate.

The Drug works in only 5 minutes and the maximum effect is achieved within 2 hours. If the violation of bronchial patency, then the medication can remain effective for about 10 hours. This gives the opportunity to alleviate the patient's condition for a long time.

A Significant part of the funds after inhalation into the stomach. There components and absorbed. The half-life of the drug is approximately 13 hours. Its components accumulate and are metabolized in the liver. The drug is excreted in the urine. Its bioavailability is 40 %. And with the plasma it binds to 68 %.

The main document, which you should read before using the funds, "Formoterol", - instruction manual. Release form of the drug is not one of them a few: capsules with powder, dosed powder in the bottle, an aerosol metered-dose. Regardless of which one you bought, drug is used only for inhalation. The tool is sold in a cardboard box.


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What indications are there?

formoterol instructions for use analogues

If you have once used the "Formoterol", instruction for use (synonyms of the drug we will discuss later) indicates a relatively narrow range of use. One can distinguish the following indications for use:

  • Treatment and prevention of a sharp narrowing of bronchial lumen - spasm.
  • Asthma. In this case, the drug is not the main and only used to support the body.
  • Chronic bronchitis.
  • Pulmonary emphysema.
  • Allergic bronchial spasm. The fact that the drug is able to inhibit the release of histamine.
  • Obstructive inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, which is accompanied by impaired patency of the air on him.

In some cases, the drug prohibited?

formoterol instructions for use release form

Not everyone can accept the "Formoterol". Instruction manual says about such contraindications:

  • Too high sensitivity to the main or additional components of the drug, which can cause deterioration.
  • Excessive production of thyroid hormones - hyperthyroidism.
  • A Sustained increase in blood pressure.
  • Pregnancy and nursing period. The fact that any research in this area was conducted. That is, it is not known whether the main component to be allocated with milk. Therefore, if the drug still needs to take the feeding should stop. As for the pregnancy, then settles doctor.
  • A Disorder of cardiac rhythm: arrhythmia, tachycardia.
  • Ischemic heart disease. The interaction of certain drugs can lead to problems in the ventricles.
  • Age 5 years. For young children presents the drug is very difficult.

Possible side effects

"Formoterol" (instruction for use is in each package) may provoke some adverse reactions, although their probability is low if all the rules of taking the drug. May experience these side effects:

  1. From the nervous system: pain and whirling in the head, tremors, convulsions, insomnia, nervousness, increased anxiety.
  2. From the side of cardiovascular system: increased frequency or rhythm of the heartbeat, angina, persistent decline or increase in blood pressure.
  3. Gastrointestinal: nausea and vomiting, dry mucous membranes of the mouth, abdominal pain, gastroenteritis (inflammation of stomach), dyspepsia (difficulty in digestion which may be accompanied by pain syndrome).
  4. The respiratory system: infectious diseases of the bronchi, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, aggravation of asthma, impaired voice.
  5. Other: pain in the chest, an allergic reaction, such as rash, itching, anaphylactic shock.

Features of the application medicines

formoterol instructions for use synonyms

If you have to make, "Formoterol", instruction manual talks about such dosages:

  • Bronchial asthma you need to do inhalation every 12 hours for 12 mg. It is enough only 1-2 breaths. Thus, support of the body. If the attack can be provoked by exercise, it is best to take the drug 15 minutes before the start of the intended work, and the dosage is the same.
  • To support in obstructive lung disease should inhalations twice a day for 12 mcg.

Note that to use the medicine presented to you not more often than once in 12 hours. That is, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 24 mcg. The tool is only intended for inhalation. If the doctor prescribed the drug "Formoterol", instructions for use (aerosol is used most often), prohibits the take it intravenously, intramuscularly or inside.

If you happen to overdose

You have to accept "Formoterol"? Instruction for use (prescription drug you can buy at the pharmacy only by special permission of the doctor) sitting in the box not just. It clearly States the dosage. But if for some reason you violate these guidelines, it may be an overdose. It is determined on such signs: tachycardia, dry mouth, headache, nausea. If time does not correct the situation, it can even be fatal.

In case of overdose it is necessary to call an ambulance. Treatment should be symptomatic. In this case, further use of the drug stops. During treatment necessary to monitor the work of the heart using electrocardiography. During the recovery period after the overdose the patient should be under constant supervision of specialists.

Drug interactions with other medications

formoterol usage instructions reviews

You accept the "Formoterol"? Instructions for use (analogues have similar structure) provides information about the characteristics of it combining with other drugs. For example, caution should be observed with simultaneous use of it with adrenergic agents.

Pathological decrease in the level of potassium in the body may trigger the combination of "Formoterol" with diuretics, steroids, and xanthine derivatives. However, calamia is not a permanent condition. Moreover, any external replenishment of the amount of this element in the body is not required.

Try not to make the specified product in combination with tricyclic antidepressants. The combination with beta-blockers leads to the mutual blocking of these drugs. That is a good chance that they will not, but the damage can be serious.

The co-administration of such funds as "Quinidine", "Disopyramide" can be dangerous, as it provokes the development of cardiac ventricular arrhythmias. If there is a cardiac reaction to the medication, it should be urgently cancelled.

Special instructions

formoterol usage instructions prescription

"Formoterol" (user you already know) has some features of the application:

  • Do Not use the drug to treat an asthma attack. For this there are other means. If necessary, "Formoterol", instructions for use (comments about it are mostly good) says that it is only a Supplement to the basic therapy. If during treatment you feel that the condition worsens, you should immediately consult the doctor.
  • Do Not take this medicine instead of corticosteroids. "Formoterol" has a pronounced anti-inflammatory function. While taking corticosteroids should be continued without reducing the dose prescribed by your doctor.
  • It must be treated gently to medium women diagnosed with uterine fibroids and people with diabetes.
  • Should Not be immediately after the reception to drive or engage in activities that require special attention.
  • You Cannot use the product during delivery. The fact that the main active ingredient can adversely affect uterine contractions.

Analogues and storage

formoterol instructions for use aerosol

Most patients prefer the nebulizer, which contains 100 disposable doses. Keeps...

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