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If there is a child, every mom in the kit will definitely be a brilliant green and iodine. But there are situations when these drugs are bottled, and they need to clean off your skin, hair and even furniture. Now I will show you how to wash fukortsin.

how to wash fukortsin

What this is

The people of this drug called the red green paint, because it is used in almost the same situations and works on the same, princi. It should be in the home medicine Cabinet, because it has excellent anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic. However, to paint too large an area of the skin with this drug is not recommended, because such actions may cause nausea, dizziness and even weakness of the whole body.


So, if there is staining this tool as fukortsin, as wash this medicine? The first and most simple advice: should of painted the place to RUB hydrogen peroxide or some alcohol tincture, and calendula for example. To do this, it is also possible by means of usual alcohol or Cologne, but it will be quite a long and difficult process. For best effect into the liquid, you can add finely grated soap and wash off the green paint this slurry. Well the solution prepared from the alcohol and salicylic acid. You can also prepare the following solution: it is necessary to take one part of ammonia and mix with two parts hydrogen peroxide. In liquid for interrupting the alcohol smell you can pour a quarter part of baby shampoo. This also can wash away the trace of the fukortsin.


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fukortsin as rinse


The Above is the best way not to flush red green paint face, for this, there are other ways. So, how to wash fukortsin, when he got to facial skin? This requires the pharmacy to buy vitamin C in powder form, dissolve it in warm water and with a sponge (a cotton pad) trying to wash a painted place. Skin and children's delicate skin, to wash away this medicine is also using not too concentrated soap solution is from soap. This should be done throughout the day, from time to time wiping the painted place.


How to wash fukortsin from your teeth if they are stained when you open the lid? Quite simply, if a regular toothpaste doesn't help, try to brush your teeth with baking soda. If at first the procedure did not produce the desired result, it is necessary to repeat the same. The paint will go exactly.

fukortsin as wash


People can also be interested in the question how to wash fukortsin with things? Sometimes it may happen that the bottle falls on the floor, broken and color what is around it. For the floor you can use regular bleach that should be diluted in water. It is possible to remove spots on the tissue white. Also works well a solution of sodium sulfate, however, this drug is easy to ruin the fabric, so it quickly needed to be faded. Colored things you can try to bring back to life with the help of a tool such as “Delicate”. If spilled in the tub fukortsin, how to get it off of the acrylic surface? To do this, use pure acetone or liquid, in which it is present.

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