Tincture on horseradish with honey: the best recipes, especially the use and effectiveness


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Tincture on horseradish is very popular among fans of alternative medicine. The components of the beverage available to the public, the technology of preparation is very simple. So, hell can be found in any house, because it is an essential part of various culinary recipes while in the canning of vegetables cannot do without it. All Housewives know it, and therefore try to make this root was available. Honey to tinctures, it is advisable to purchase from a beekeeper friend or in specialized stores. Only in this case you will receive a guarantee that you take a quality product.tincture to hell

Healing properties

Horseradish is a perennial plant that is propagated by dividing the roots. This product has a number of medicinal properties:

  • Tonic effect;
  • Antibacterial.
  • Restorative properties;
  • In the stomach stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid;
  • Stimulates the appetite;
  • It has an effective diuretic action;
  • Normalizes blood circulation;
  • Helps in the kidney disease.

Usefulness of hell

Tincture to hell is very useful:

  1. It is perfectly fight various infectious diseases.
  2. Sugar Levels leads to normal.
  3. Tincture useful in the treatment of rheumatism and gout.
  4. She will help defeat a variety of diseases of the oral cavity, including caries.
  5. It is successfully used for the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases.
  6. Drink helps low acidity in the stomach and gastritis.
  7. Due to the fact that the tincture kills bacteria, it is used even for healing minor wounds.

The root of the plant consists of thioglycosides, flavonoids, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, chlorine, and sulfur. In addition, it is rich in various vitamins-B1, C, B6, PP, B2, folic acid, and others. Glucose, galactose, arabinose, polysaccharides saturate the plant with carbohydrates. Due to the mustard oil it smells good and it becomes delicious. So, the use of horseradish possible in various fields. So, it is even used in cosmetics.tincture of horseradish vodka


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Tincture of leaves horseradish honey: testimony

Mix honey with horseradish, you will be able to improve their own health. This healing tandem can cope with various diseases, with recipes time consuming and fairly simple.

In the cold

Tincture on horseradish with honey is used as Antiprotozoal tool. For this you need to take equal proportions of the components and make the following manipulation:

  • Grind the horseradish root with a blender, grinder or RUB on a grater;
  • Slightly warm the honey to become liquid;
  • Components to combine, to mix.

Eat three times a day. While adults can apply 150 g of a mixture per day, children – 50 g.tincture to hell with honey


For the next recipe we need the leaves of horseradish. Infused vodka in this case will be effective for hypertension. Also, we need a lemon, carrots and beets. The mixture is prepared thus:

  • Make juice out of vegetables-a Cup of each;
  • Horseradish grind in this volume, to produce at the output of the 250 g pulp;
  • Melt med 350;
  • These components to combine, mix everything carefully;
  • Pour into the mixture the juice of two lemons and 150 ml of vodka;
  • Leave on for 30 minutes, occasionally stirring the contents.

The resulting preparation take 1 tablespoon before eating. Course-1 month. To make a two-month break, and again refilled it.


Tincture on horseradish with honey perfect for maintaining heart and also improve the General condition. To do this, mix honey and chopped horseradish root in equal proportions. To be consumed within a month in the morning on an empty stomach.tincture on horseradish recipe

Sinusitis and rhinitis

If you suffer from rhinitis or sinusitis, then you can do the following tincture to hell:

  • Take equal proportions of horseradish and honey;
  • Melt the honey;
  • Squeeze the juice from the roots of hell;
  • The components to connect, to mix.

The Liquid mixture to take 4 times a day. Adult daily dose is 150 ml, 50 ml – for children.


Tincture of horseradish is used in the treatment of cough. The recipe of preparation is the following:

  • Mince 150 g of horseradish and pour 500 ml of hot water;
  • The mixture infuse for two days;
  • Strain the liquid through cheesecloth, then add honey (150 ml);
  • Ready to warm up on low heat to dissolve the honey.

Part of the take once a day for 2 tablespoons. Incidentally, this problem also will help remedy with honey from the radish.tincture of leaves horseradish

Tincture of horseradish vodka (hrenovuha)

It is the drink that created based on vodka, honey and horseradish. It can improve the appetite and give needed energy boost.

Characteristics of a drink

Properly prepared tincture of horseradish vodka does not cause burning and has a very pleasant aftertaste. If after eating a small amount of drink you have the need to snack, its taste will score, therefore during cooking, you made a mistake.

The Correct tincture – vodka, horseradish and honey, mixed in strict proportions. While unoriginal recipe may contain fennel, ginger, mustard, garlic and other ingredients that can give the drink a certain flavor.

In addition, khrenovukha you can do and cocktails. Immense popularity was won by the drink ‘Bloody Mary", prepared on its basis.

Before applying the beverage to be cooled in the freezer.

Tincture on horseradish, the recipe of which is given below, has been famous for its healing properties and taste.leaves of horseradish infused vodka


You will need the following ingredients:

  • Horseradish root (10 cm);
  • Vodka (500ml);
  • Honey (teaspoon).

Vodka you can buy in the usual store. It is worth noting that buy an expensive product from a famous brand is not necessary. Fit a simple wheat vodka.

You Need to clean the horseradish root and cut it with a knife into small pieces. Remove them in glass containers. Add vodka and liquid honey. Mix thoroughly by shaking the vessel several times. Choose a warm enough place in which the drink to be drawn will be for four days. At the end of this time the tincture through cheesecloth to drain, paving a layer of cotton wool. Pour back into the bottle and close the lid. Ready drink has a pleasant aroma and light yellow color.

The Healing power of this tincture will completely drive out the cold, while a specific pleasant taste everyone can enjoy.

Use elixir

Infused horseradish vodka and honey – it is an excellent tonic for the body, which has an effective anti-catarrhal action. This effect is due to activation of various protective forces of the organism, which occurs under the influence of the drink. The increased production of stomach juice and appetite stimulation appear immediately after drinking the beverage. Although everything is good in moderation: the dose of the tincture should not be more than 100 ml per day.


Tincture is endowed with and contraindications, the properties of the components and adequate strength.tincture of horseradish application

The reasons for the refusal of tincture:

  • Individual intolerance or Allergy to any components;
  • Contraindications for the use of alcoholic beverages because of their diseases;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Children;
  • Lactation.

Be used With caution in:

  • Disorders of thyroid function;
  • Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Serious diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • The prostate.

Hrenovuha, when creating based on strict rules of preparation, will leave when tasting only a small hint of bitterness. If the mouth a burning sensation, then a stage was observed inaccurately or incorrectly sustained the proportion of honey and horseradish.

The Drink should be used with a large number of snacks, as the tincture significantly increases the appetite. Drinking very well with a variety of meat dishes, it helps with their digestion. After the feast the next day thanks to this drink there is no feeling of heaviness in the stomach, in addition, you will be surprised by the complete lack of any hangover symptoms.


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