Kalina. Infused vodka - medication or alcoholic beverage?


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Common viburnum is a shrub (rarely a tree) reaching a height of 4 meters. Kalina loves shady moist forest, but survives well in parks and gardens. Blooms of bright white bunches of small flowers.

Red snowball tree, viburnum matured

Kalina infused vodkaBy the Way, the flowers of viburnum in Russia was a symbol of the maiden beauty, purity, innocence, and early summer flowers decorated homes during weddings. Kalina and she was considered a symbol of married women, her hard fate, a symbol of motherhood. A huge number of poems, legends, Proverbs is devoted to such seemingly unremarkable plant. So, has long been believed that when the family moved into a new house, the first thing the owner must plant a Bush of viburnum under Windows, otherwise there will be happiness in the house. And when a woman is expecting a baby, from the twigs of viburnum need to do the tune and can play at night on this pipe. Then by all means it's a boy! Well, in the latter case, it is clear that this is nothing more than a beautiful belief, but the use of cranberry in the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases more than reliable.

Kalina in folk medicine

So when and how is Kalina? Infused vodka - perhaps one of the most popular recipes of folk medicine. Also used decoctions of the bark or berries. Infused vodka of the cranberry is used to lower blood pressure, support the immune system as vitamin drink, as well as for treatment of colds.

The Medicinal properties of cranberries are known since XVI century. Mention of the recipes from the berries and bark of viburnum found in the books of the herbalists of the Kievan Rus. Late autumn in the gardens, forests and parks scarlet tassels emblazoned Kalina. By the way, is not only a joy to the eye bystanders but beautiful food for bullfinches and other birds.


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infused vodka viburnum

Infused vodka is prepared in the winter after the first frost. Early harvest viburnum are not harvested as the berries do not have time to lose its bitterness. she Goes just after a frost. You only have to remember that it's more of a medicine, not an alcoholic beverage, it must be applied extremely sparingly.

In small quantities as a medicine, in large - poison!

So, Kalina (infused vodka) is prepared as follows. You will need a glass, tightly sealed container. The amount does not matter. If there is a bottle of dark glass with a tight lid – use it. Berries of viburnum, as we have said, collected only after the first frost, wash and dry spilling on the paper. Take about 1/3 of the tank volume and slightly press the berries a wooden or porcelain pestle. Metal cannot be used. Add the remaining volume of vodka. Put them in a dark warm place for three weeks. So Kalina is prepared with vodka. The recipe can be modified by adding vodka instead of brandy. The infusion is used for colds, bronchitis, hypertension, as a therapeutic agent, 3 times daily, on an empty stomach, 1 teaspoon.

Kalina vodka recipe

As is still used in folk medicine Kalina? Infused vodka is not the only recipe. For children make tea or decoction of viburnum. To make it, a handful of washed berries pour a glass of boiling water, add the peppermint, a little cool, and then dissolve a spoonful of honey. This drink helps to restore strength after illness, as a concomitant treatment for bronchitis, SARS.

Kalina - infused vodka, a decoction of berries – the perfect remedy, the use of which can and should be. However, remember that the treatment must appoint a physician after an appropriate examination. Self-medication can lead to irreversible consequences!

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