Diaphragmatic hernia – what is the cause?


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The First mention of "diaphragmatic hernia" refers to the 16th century. It belongs to the famous physician of that time - Ambroise pare. Under this term one should understand the penetration of certain internal organs through defects in the diaphragm.

Be aware that if some irregularities occur when complications in the embryonic development of the fetus, you may experience partial or complete defect of the diaphragm in infants. In the case when these violations occur prior to the time of formation of the diaphragm, the hernia will not have a hernia SAC. In case of deviations in development that occurred after the formation of the membrane of the diaphragm, the penetration consisting of serous films of the hernia SAC through Gruziya gate, does not contain muscles. 

The Area of connection of ribs to the sternum, which is devoid of muscles, is the place of origin of the sternal-costal hernias. Otherwise, they are called sternocostal hernias. It is a vulnerability called sternocostal triangle of larrey's, a hernia, there arose, also called hernia of larrey's triangle.

A Diaphragmatic hernia can be caused by different reasons. For example, the disease was classified B. V. Petrovsky, thus:

1. hernia resulting from injury (traumatic hernia):

is false;


2. non-traumatic hernia:

congenital false;

- a true hernia is a weak area of the diaphragm;

- diaphragmatic hernia orifices:

- a true hernia atypical localization;

3. hiatal hernia;

4. rare hernia orifices.

If diaphragmatic hernia, whose symptoms are directly related to wounds or injuries, are classified only on the false and the true, non-traumatic hernias are a broader classification. The only about is a congenital hernia that occurs due to defects in the diaphragm (nezareatmene the abdominal and thoracic cavities).


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True hernias are weak areas of the diaphragm include hernia region of the sternal-costal triangle. In this region the rib cage is separated from the peritoneum by a thin plate of connective tissue, located  between the peritoneum and the pleura.

Retrosternal hernia is peculiar to an underdeveloped area of the sternum area of the diaphragm.

An Extremely rare hernia Vena cava, fissure sympathetic nerve and aorta. The most common type (about 98% of all cases) is a diaphragmatic hiatal hernia.

It has its anatomical features. There are several types of this disease. Such hernias include: sliding, with the change of the esophagus (with shortening without shortening); cardiac; Subtotal; cardiophylla; total.

Existing paraesophageal hernias are divided into: intestinal, omental, Bungalow, gastrointestinal.

Experts are:

1. congenital “a shortened esophagus”

2. paraesophageal hernia, where part of the stomach is usually located on the side of the oesophagus;

3. the hiatal hernia sliding in which the esophagus to the cardiac area of the stomach can be drawn into the cavity of the chest.

Paraesophageal hernia, as moving can be congenital or acquired, but congenital hernias are more common than acquired. People under the age of 40, more often observed in acquired hernias. Great importance is age-related involution of tissues, leading to expansion of the esophageal opening and the weakening of the ties of the diaphragm and esophagus.

The Most common cause of hernia formation becomes two factors. One of them is the pulsation factor in which a hernia is formed due to the increase in intra-abdominal pressure (hard physical activity, flatulence, overeating, pregnancy, constant wearing of tight belts). Other factor-traction, is associated with gipermotorika of the esophagus caused by frequent vomiting.

A Crucial role in determining the diagnosis plays an x-ray examination. Diaphragmatic hernias are classified by diameter into small (3 cm), medium (3 to 8 cm) and large (8 cm).

A Diaphragmatic hernia, treatment conservative methods which may not bring the desired result, it is best treated by surgical methods.

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