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The First menstruation begins in girls at approximately twelve-fourteen. In most cases, a General  the cycle takes twenty-eight days. However, this value may vary greatly among different members of the fairer sex. In addition, the period can last for five instead of day, and much longer. It is this theme we will devote today's time.

How to stop period? Today, medicine is  quite well studied process called menstrual bleeding. In this way, and was received and dedicated the hormones, which have a strong influence on the occurrence or absence of menstruation in women. Received many special medicines that affect the overall hormonal balance. As a result, virtually every representative of the fairer half of humanity can quite successfully to control the processes of a similar nature occurring in her body at a particular stage.

Often patient's gynecologist ask the expert questions about how to quickly stop my bleeding. However, you should always remember that whatever you the doctor has advised, it can be a side effect. It is impossible to know exactly how to behave in a given situation the organism. For this reason, drugs that stop menstrual bleeding should be used in extreme measures.

Why do we need it? Stop period is required during a competition, for example, or before the wedding night. Of course, modern doctors know very well how to delay the process at any time. In any case, this can not be done spontaneously. In order to succeed with a woman some time seeing a doctor. For example, if you are wondering how to stop my period and need this soon to do, you must first come to his specialist. He will conduct a survey. In such a case, a single examination is not enough. Only on the basis of your test results, the specialist will prescribe a drug that suits you. It is important to remember that  you wrong from the point of view of the physiology of the funds, is able to trigger other processes.


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Better still not interested in the question how to stop periods. The menstrual cycle in women often being installed and developed for a long time. Any modification and intervention can lead to failure. Most girls who decided to do it just like that, without apparent reason and without reason, then very much regret it.

The Whole principle of such a stop secretions is a special hormonal drugs. They are strongly influenced by the work of the organs of the woman, causing the so-called delay. The list of such tools can include a large number of hormonal contraceptives oral type. However, even if they are sold without prescription in any pharmacy, you should not use them without training and the advice of a doctor.

Of Course, this method often enough to help doctors to avoid some of the consequences. For example, the so-called endometritis menstruation and allocation can greatly aggravate the situation. In such a case, the doctor has the right to terminate month to protect the woman from further diseases.
Above we have answered the question of how to stop my period. Of course, only you can decide. However, it is recommended not to resort to such a method. Give it time, don't interfere once again in the work of the reproductive system of the body. Never self-medicate. Only experienced and professional doctor can prescribe the drug, which is suitable for the treatment of a particular woman.

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