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Drug "Oxytocin" is used during the childbirth. Is a peptide hormone (obtained artificially) of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Depending on manufacturer it can have the following trade names: "Parecon", "Existing", "Pityparty", "Uterine", "Popolin", "Syntocin", "Arestin", "Uteroton", "Ocytocin".

The Active substance is oxytocin, the statement draws the attention of consumers, increases tone of the uterus, increases the contractility of the myometrium - muscle layer of the uterus.

This means that the drug is administered to stimulate (speed up) labor, acceleration of contraction (involution) of the uterus after childbirth. He is shown during Caesarean section.

Among women there are rumors that the drug "Oxytocin" when bleeding is essential and safe product. In fact, the medication helps with the so-called atonic bleeding, which are associated with the loss of tone of the uterus. But this in no way is an indication for self-treatment: the cause of uterine bleeding can be very dissimilar phenomena. In each case, only the doctor will determine how to stop the bleeding. Self-appointed drugs, including "Oxytocin", the statement particularly stressed, can lead to death.

What else can the drug "Oxytocin"? Its application accelerates the reduction myoepithelial cells. This is a special secretory cells included in alveolae environment of the mammary glands. Their increased reduction contributes to the formation and promotion of milk in lactating women in the major milk ducts.

Drug "Oxytocin", the statement reports about it, reduce urine output, because it has a not very pronounced vazopressinom antidiuretic action. This means that it promotes the opposite absorption of water by the kidneys, and decreasing urine separation.


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In hospitals, the drug is prescribed to women who have no timely post-Natal offices due to the loss of the uterus contractility.

Are There any contraindications in the popular drug "Oxytocin"? Guide prints the information in bold. It is contraindicated in women with a very narrow pelvis and the so-called “child uterus”. Can be entered with the incorrect position of the fetus and if the fetus is large and does not match the size of the uterus. If for some reason the uterus threatening rupture, the drug is also contraindicated.

Like all other medicines, "Oxytocin" may cause a wrong reaction or side effects. Since they can manifest instantly, to enter a drug can only the doctors. Such side effects belongs anaphylactic shock mothers, the sharp increase in uterine tone, persistent uterine contractions that could lead to its rupture. In addition to these phenomena can occur a short but sharp and strong drop of the pressure to appear tachycardia. For most women, the introduction of the medicine causes vomiting, nausea.

Many of these States threaten the fetus, which may start or asphyxiation to occur the compression in the womb, leading to his death.

That is why doctors use the drug "Oxytocin" under strict control and when the benefits exceed the possible harm.

Enter the drug intravenously or intramuscularly. Start by intramuscular injection, so as not to cause anaphylactic shock. Only after that, if you need immediate results, the drug is administered intravenously. This should be done slowly because of a bolus of the drug dramatically knocked pressure and causes tachycardia.

Usually, when obstetrics is administered at 1-3 IU. On the recommendation of a gynecologist can be assigned and subcutaneous administration of the drug for 5-10Ме. Cesarean section drug "Oxytocin" is injected into the muscles of the uterus in 5МЕ. Naturally, in each case, the doctor selects individual dose.

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