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Today, the lithium drug is found quite often. What is the reason? Studies have shown that drugs based on lithium salts effectively help to cope with mental disorders. This kind of medicines at the moment, a huge variety. This allows you to make an informed choice and with the help of consultations of competent professionals to select appropriate drug that will have a positive effect on the patient's condition. How do the drug lithium? How are they safe? Whom it would be appropriate to appoint them? What drugs belong to the group of drugs? Read more this information we will consider in this article.

poisoning drug lithium

Lithium Salts

Drugs, which include such substances currently considered to be the best means for the relief of various manic and hypomanic phenomena in the mental state of the patient. Still effective in the prevention of bipolar disorders.

The drug lithium are somewhat longer than many effective antipsychotics. Especially those that are assigned to injected. But that's the kind of salt (lithium products), experts consider the most preferable for correction of the condition in the so-called pure mania.

This kind of drugs have only one significant drawback. Some of them (particularly, lithium carbonate is the most common agent in this group) is not available in solution for injection.

lithium in medicines

Use of lithium in psychiatry

For the First time this kind of resources in the field of medicine was used about forty years ago. Lithium drugs in psychiatry are used in order to substantially alleviate the symptoms of manic-depression (a mental disorder characterized by abrupt transitions from absolute despair to uncontrollable delight; in medicine, also known as bipolar disorder). Although, of course, the substance can not cure the disease fully, but it will help to smooth its extreme manifestations.


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It is Also important to note that each Li contains the product effectively normalizes mood, corrects the emotional state of depression.

lithium drugs in psychiatry

Side effects

Provided that the lithium drugs are taken for a long period of time and at elevated levels of the substances present in the blood can result in unpleasant side effects. Among them, the feeling of constant fatigue, weakness, temporary hand tremor, dizziness, dysuria, and a reduction of accommodation, dyspepsia. These side effects additional do not require treatment and are alone for a certain time.

For More complex conditions require immediate medical intervention and conservative treatment. When they appear followed immediately seek the advice of a doctor.

drugs containing lithium


The Main manifestation in excess of the permissible doses of drugs this group is poisoning drug lithium. How to recognize it? In acute poisoning the first stage is manifested by various symptoms of impaired functioning of the gastrointestinal tract such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and consequently, dehydration. Later, develop various neurological disorders and malfunctions in the cardiovascular system. At the first suspicion on poisoning with lithium drugs you should immediately contact a specialist who will help to correctly diagnose the situation and prescribe effective treatment.


Whether a woman is in a position to use the funds, which include the lithium? The drug based on this substance can be dangerous for a developing fetus. For example, these drugs provoke the development of heart defects in children. If, however, the drugs containing lithium indicated for use of pregnant, it is important to constantly be under the supervision of the attending physician who will be able to monitor the concentration of the substance in plasma. If this is not done, then the baby may be diagnosed hypotension or goiter.

Next we will examine some of the lithium drugs whose names you can find in pharmacies and doctor's prescriptions.

drugs lithium action


The Main component of the drug is lithium carbonate. This drug is available in capsules or tablets, which are covered by a specialized sheath.

Pills Quilonum" represent the drug lithium, which is aimed at the relief of a manic state of various origins, schizoaffective psychosis, migraine, sexual disorders, alcoholism, manic-depressive psychosis, and a variety of drug dependencies.

There are some conditions that do not allow patients to adopt medication. Among them: infection, renal failure, hypersensitivity to any components of the medication, leukemia, psoriasis, breastfeeding, urinary retention, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, intraventricular blockade, Parkinson's disease, the period of carrying a child, rehabilitation after operations.

With prolonged use of the drug may cause certain adverse reactions, for example, hand tremor, nausea, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, diarrhea, dizziness, seizures, hypothyroidism, weakness, myasthenia gravis, problems with coordination, drowsiness, increased thirst.


The Drug prolonged action. Available in glass bottles.

The Medication is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and its maximum concentration in blood is reached after nine hours.

The Drug must be taken for at least six months by the doctor. Recommended to be taken in the following cases: sexual deviance syndrome ménière's disease, migraine, quarterly binges, drug dependency, seasonal aggression of psychopaths.

You should Not use if you suffer from disorders of water and electrolyte balance or renal disease and the cardiovascular system.

It is Forbidden to adopt drugs during pregnancy.

"Lithium carbonate"

The Drug can be purchased in pill form in a specialized shell.

To Use it effectively in functional mental disorders, epilepsy, emotional disorders, chronic alcoholism, depressive States. Sometimes specialists prescribe the drug as a preventive measure. It is also appropriate to take in psychosis, which is accompanied by fear, anxiety, anger, chronic alcoholism personalities, which are characterized by hysteroid warehouse person, too sensitive and abrupt mood swings. Effectively helps to avoid relapse in stressful conditions.

Take nine-tenths of a gram to two grams depending on the doctor's recommendations. If the condition is not very serious, the dose is usually reduced to six-tenths of a gram.

Use of the drug is recommended only after a meal. During treatment should limit the amount of salt in food.

Do Not take this medicine if suffer from thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disorders, disorders in the functioning of the kidneys.

Consider the drug can be combined with any other antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs.

lithium in medicines


The Main active agent is lithium carbonate.

The Drug are prohibited from taking for diseases of the cardiovascular system, infections, Central nervous system diseases, pregnancy, individual intolerance of individual components of the medication, urinary retention, disorders of water and electrolyte balance, psoriasis, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes, renal failure, lactation.

It is Important at the beginning of therapy weekly to monitor the concentration of lithium in the blood. Later this can be done once a month, and then every two to three months. A blood sample must be collected early in the morning, twelve hours after the last evening dose of the drug.

The Drug affects the ability to think properly and respond quickly, therefore it is not recommended to drive a car, to engage in those activities that can pose a threat to health and life, requiring a high reaction rate.


The Drug is antimaniakalny agent with antidepressant effect. Can be purchased in the form of capsules or coated tablets.

The Main indications for use of this medications are affective disorders and psychoses, and manic States. Also, it is good to take for the Meniere's syndrome, migraine, sexual disorders, medication dependency.

Possible side effects: weakness, thirst, acne, nausea, diarrhea, myasthenia gravis, vomiting, leucocytosis, hand tremor, heart rhythm disorders, arrhythmia, weight gain, alopecia, sonli...

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