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"do No harm!" That is the main commandment of any curing, which is spelled out in ancient epic code doctors. In the days of Hippocrates, people began to make rules with the treatment and medication. The ancient doctors were confident that all that surrounds us, we may be treated. So there was homeopathy, on the significance of a long and often debated. However, to completely deny it is not in a hurry. Skeptical doctors who prefer the traditional methods of treatment claim that homeopathy gives positive results of curing only due to the placebo effect. However, the long history of its development suggests otherwise. With its help, you can really bring your body back in order.

Introduction to the Moscow homeopathic centre

The Main goal of treatment of such drugs is the health of the organism as a whole, not just a particular organ. To any symptoms of distress leads to a chain of factors that result appears and the disease itself. Doctors of the Moscow homeopathic center are engaged in human health for decades.

Moscow homeopathic center

This is the oldest hospital of Moscow of this type, which has a strong base for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Honored doctors know a lot about this complicated science. They know very well that we must not treat a specific ailment, and the body. The human disease evidence of the violation of balance and harmonious interaction of the internal organs. To restore balance, harmony and energy metabolism, in contrast, leads to recovery.


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Treatment homeopathic remedies appeared more than two hundred years ago. Even then, homeopaths noticed that many diseases have similar symptoms. So, you need to search for a cure that will help the body to cope with the illness. Doctors of the Moscow homeopathic center are attentive to each patient. If you got an appointment for the first time, don't be frightened by some unusual inspection. After questioning the doctor refers to the book or use the Internet? Asking odd questions?
Moscow homeopathic center on Vladimirsky

Yes, an appointment with a homeopath can vary from that to which we are accustomed in ordinary clinics. The doctor is not as interested in where it hurts, how much the mood, emotional state and feelings of the patient. This approach helps professionals to understand where went wrong work in the body, you should pay attention. And reference helps you make the right choice, because there are more than 3000 kinds of homeopathic remedies.

The Impact of drugs on the body

Homeopathic remedies do not affect the metabolism, do not accumulate in the body, therefore, does not cause habituation effect and is especially good in the treatment of chronic diseases. Doctors of the Moscow homeopathic center pay attention to their patients that the medication may not act as fast as we would like, but this is the essence of treatment.
Moscow Homeopathic center on Highway of Enthusiasts

The success of the effects of drugs can be determined by how much the patient trusts the doctor and could explain how and what he feels does he have anxiety before visiting the specialist for the first time. After all, homeopathy not only affects physical health but also emotional. Only redeeming anxiety and distrust, you can start the right treatment.

Young patients

Schedule of doctors in the Moscow homeopathic center tailored to the reception of both adults and kids. The children's Department is particularly popular. Doctors Zhukovskaya N. L. and the O. A. Behterevoj come mothers with young children in the hope of healing. Because homeopathy babies is more appropriate, as pleasant to the taste, the drug has no side effects.
Moscow homeopathic center schedule physicians

The young patients come to the Moscow homeopathic center to cure stomach, dermatitis, Allergy or ENT diseases. Pediatricians center, among which A. I. Motina, and help troubled kids. Those born with various pathologies, lagging behind their peers in development or has a positive reaction to vaccinations. To dermatologists-homeopaths treat all kinds of skin diseases in kids and teenagers. Blisters, diathesis, acne prone skin, seborrhea - all under the treatment of doctors from the center. You can also call a specialist at home.

Computer diagnostics

The homeopathic Department of computer diagnosis deserves special attention. There are specialists that use the experiences of practitioners accumulated over 200 years of scientific development. They were able to connect them with latest technology and optimum method by which it is possible to help the patient in a relatively short period of time. Particularly suitable such treatment for the elderly that have accumulated over the years, the variety of the sores.
Moscow homeopathic center about doctors

In the hospital, except physicians, are receiving the followingspeciality:

  • Cardiolog;
  • Endocrinolog;
  • Neurolog;
  • Otolaringolog;
  • Oftalmolog;
  • Dermatovenerolog;
  • Psychiatr;
  • Urolog;
  • Onkolog-the breast and others.

They detect many diseases with the help of special programs, for example, using "Expert medical system on homeopathy". It was created doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Leonid kosmodemyansky. This is a special test, which can accurately find the right tool.

What patients say

Doctors come in homeopathy in different ways. Someone chooses this method of healing, and someone the path is long and thorny. But they all agree in one - the traditional treatments do not always yield positive results. And most importantly, has many side effects, which is difficult to handle.
Moscow homeopathic center reviews Moscow

In modern medicine is the concept of "narrow specialist". Is the one who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the only a particular system or organ. A homeopath, by contrast, treats the human body as a whole. Therefore, the diagnosis more precisely it defines, therefore, the prescribed treatment will be more effective. Maybe it's because in the Moscow homeopathic center about doctors Glagoleva, M. G., and Tarasova M. G. so warm and kind. People write with gratitude about his recovery, sometimes not very easy. Write about medical treatment and therapy. About how diseases leave, accumulated over the years, as the cure comes, when hope is almost not there.

Women's issues

Homeopathic medicines that are used in the treatment of various diseases, produced from natural raw materials. The formulation can include minerals, extracts and essences of herbs and even poisons, processed in a special way. In the Moscow homeopathic center can undergo a complete gynecological examination and to aid in the treatment of various diseases affecting women. Homeopathic remedies can ease the condition during menopause and premenstrual syndrome.
Moscow homeopathic centre reviews

Carefully selected treatment regimen will help to avoid exacerbations of chronic diseases and to stop taking antibiotics. Kotova, M. I. and S. I. Yadrov, the doctors of the Moscow homeopathic center on St. Vladimir 2 nd street, building 2, diagnose tumors, successful treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility. After application of homeopathic medicines most women will be able to avoid unsafe operations and hormone therapy. In coming to the center not only Muscovites, but also inhabitants of other regions. Basically, those who were treated with antibiotics, but recovery occurred.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment

To cure a sick person requires equipment that is able to provide comprehensive information about the state of his health. In the Moscow homeopathic center on the "Highway of Enthusiasts" (metro) using several schemes for the diagnosis of diseases and their treatment. One of them is bioresonance therapy based on electromagnetic oscillations. Similar treatment method has no side effects and adjusts the body as if it was an expensive musical instrument.

Vegetative resonance test identifies how the body is susceptible to fungal diseases, viruses or harmful chemical substances. Testing is conducted by applying electrodes to a specific location, allowing you to Refine the diagnosis. Sometimes painful condition triggered by depression or chronic fatigue. Induction therapy is a new kind of correction of emotional state, helps relieve symptoms of stress in the patient, allowing him to find peace and health.

Helpful information

Finally, to make the right choice clinic will help reviews of the Moscow homeopathic center (Moscow), who are happy to leave already healthy people on its website.

For those who decide to contact the experts of this clinic will be helpful to know what the reception is from 8.00 to 20.00 on weekdays and 18.00 on Saturday. In summer, patients is conducted to 17.00 on Friday and Saturday. In addition, all necessary information can be found at the reference phones of the registries listed on the website of the institution. It is possible to specify the date, time, and cost of the doctor. To get to the clinic by metro to the station "Perovo" or "Shosse Entuziastov", then by bus № 141, 702, 125, 237, 214 to the stop "Moscow homeopathic center" or "2-I the Vladimir street."

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