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Modern Life full of different events, and not always pleasant. People are constantly subjected to stress. Fears and anxieties are accompanied by arrhythmia, nervous tics, insomnia and many other unpleasant symptoms. Without AIDS to get rid of this condition difficult. Therefore, people turn to pharmaceutical drugs. The question arises: "How to choose a good remedy, able to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and it does not harm the body?"

a good sedative

Classification of drugs

Antidepressants include a variety of composition of medicines, is able to exert on the Central nervous system (CNS) sedative effects. It has been challenging to classify these drugs. Because each remedy from the nerves acting a certain way.

Conventionally, these medicines are divided as follows:

  1. Drugs bromine (bromides of sodium or of potassium). Popular means: “Sodium bromide”, “Potassium bromide”, “Adonis-bromine”.
  2. Herbal Drugs: herbal extracts, featuring a calming effect. The preparations of Valerian, motherwort, peony tincture.
  3. Combined funds. based On the above two groups of data generated by the sedative. List of drugs: “new Pass”, “Sanson”, “Servoflex”, “Persen Forte”, “Lican”.
  4. Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotic). Drugs designed to combat mental disorders. These include drugs ‘Alimemazin”, “Dicarbon”, “Droperidol”, “Clozapine”, “Sulpiride”.
  5. Tranquilizers. These medicines remove various phobias and fears, anxiety. Demand the following tools: “Chlordiazepoxide”, “Diazepam”, “Lorazepam”, “Bromazepam”, “Atarax”, “Fenazepam”.
  6. Antidepressants. Chemicals that eliminate depression. The most common are drugs "Imipramine", "Amitriptyline" "Imipramine”, “Saroten”, “Tryptizol”, “Anafranil”, “Clofranil”, “Clomipramine”.
  7. Barbiturates. Drugs whose action is directed on depression of the Central nervous system. Popular representatives of barbiturates are drugs ‘Phenobarbital”, “Butisol”, “Barbital”, “Aurat”, “the Gexobarbitala”.

my nerves


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Effective tincture

The Most safe drugs are all herbal. Most of them are resolved in pregnant women, nursing. They can be recommended even to small children. After all, these drugs were used by people for centuries. Their effects on the body, side effects, contraindications present studied for a long time.

However, be aware that independent production of such funds as a result of the admitted inaccuracies can provoke various complications.

It is therefore better to buy in a drugstore ready-made tincture sedative. The most popular are drugs based on: motherwort, Valerian, peony, hawthorn. They can cure insomnia, help you relax, eliminate insomnia.

These medications are easy enough to buy at the pharmacy, released the data as a sedative without a prescription.

Tincture of Valeriana

The Most well-known sedative (herbal) remedy. The effect of the tincture slowly and slowly, but steadily. It is recommended to take this drug when disturbed sleep, panic attacks, feelings of anxiety, hyperexcitability, problems with the cardiovascular system.

Use the tool 3-4 times a day 20-30 drops. Children are encouraged to use the number of drops appropriate to their age (how many years - many drops).

However, even this simple tool has contraindications and should be used with caution. You should not use tincture of Valerian with other drugs having hypnotic or sedative effects. Lactating, pregnant women are recommended to refrain from receiving funds. People diagnosed with chronic enterocolitis, without consulting with your doctor should not take the drug.

sedative without prescription

Keep in mind that long-term use of tincture lowers psychomotor reactions.

Motherwort Tincture

A Good sedative, helps manage occasional tantrums, causeless weeping, inappropriate reactions to minor annoyances. Motherwort tincture has a fast effect on the body. The remedy is not addictive. Unwanted reception of this tool available.


Tool helps to reduce pressure, relax blood vessels. The drug reduces the excitability of the heart muscle and strengthens its reduction.

The Cure “Afobazol”

This is a sedative of nerve domestic production is a mild tranquilizer. It is struggling with alarming symptoms. Thisthe medication given by doctors at strong fears, stress, signs of vegetative dystonia, neurasthenia or neurosis. Useful the tool at a constant anxious state, does not pass naturally. In addition, the designated cure heavy smokers, suffering through a breakup with nicotine.

The Drug “Afobazol” differs from the usual tranquilizers feature of the mechanism of action. That's why are to easy drugs. As described above, tinctures, purchased such a sedative without a prescription.

The Drug does not cause addiction, does not affect the sense of vitality, does not contribute to sleepiness, affects mental processes, unlike many other similar medications. Performance and focus remain with the person at the usual level.

children's sedative

Doctors advise to use it three times a day 1 tablet (10 mg). When strong negative feelings dose is doubled. The recommended course lasts at least a week, and the average is 2-4 weeks.

Contraindications to receive is breast feeding, pregnancy, child age (up to 18). The cost of funds in pharmacies starts from 314 rubles.

Means “Glycine”

Effective sedative often prescribed by doctors, sold without a prescription. The active substance is aminouxusna acid, recognized as an excellent regulator of the metabolism of the nervous system.

The following positive effects on the body of the drug “Treatment”

  • Improved brain function;
  • Removing in stressful situations psycho-emotional tension;
  • Reduction of conflict, aggression;
  • Normalization of sleep and sleep;
  • Mood enhancement;
  • Reducing the devastating impact of alcohol on the Central nervous system.

These funds are assigned to patients, the General condition and serviceability has deteriorated as a result of stress. The preparation is useful for adolescents and children who are prone to aggressiveness. A favorable outcome brings the tool to the survivors of stroke.

We recommend the following regimen. Twice or three times a day, consume 1 tablet. The pill you can't swallow or drink. It should dissolve or chew. The treatment lasts 2-4 weeks. For sleep disorders it is desirable the last tablet to be taken 20 minutes before a night's rest.

The Drug has virtually no contraindications. Even the kids in this sedative. The price of the drug varies from 25 to 50 rubles.

The Cure “new Pass”

This medication is available in the form of syrup and tablets. This is a fairly good sedative, which includes many medicinal trav:

  • Valeriana;
  • Boyaryshnik;
  • Melissa;
  • Stractive;
  • Zveroboy;
  • Black elderberry;
  • Hops.

In addition, the composition of the drugs “new Pass” there are components that have trankviliziruyuschy properties (guaifenesin).

The Tool has a good effect, it eliminates the feeling of worry and anxiety, promotes easy falling asleep.

tincture sedative

It is Advisable to take it with:

  • Long-lasting psycho-emotional stress;
  • Neurotic disorders;
  • Migraines;
  • Insomnia;
  • Headaches;
  • Dermatological diseases accompanied by itching;
  • The symptoms of VSD.

The Cure forbidden in infants, children up to 12 years. Caution we recommend that you take remedy lactating, pregnant women and people who have impaired functioning of the liver, diagnosed with brain injury or epilepsy.

It is Absolutely unacceptable to take the medicine with alcohol! Sun bathing during treatment, it is desirable to minimize.

The Cost of funds – from 160 RUB.

The Cure “Person”

A Good sedative, which is composed of medicinal herbs - Valerian, mint, Melissa. The drug is available in capsules and tablets. Distinguishes this medicine double impact:

  • Antispasmodic;
  • Sedation.

The Drug is administered at high nervous excitability, severe anxiety, insomnia, and pronounced signs of irritation.

It is Recommended to take a day 2-3 times 1 tablet twice a day 1 capsule. Course of medication can last 1.5 month. Take it a longer time is not recommended.

sedative list

The Cure is unacceptable to receive children under three years of age. You should not use the tool to patients suffering from low blood pressure. Absolutely contraindicated to mix the drug “Person” with other hypnotics or sedative drugs, since the drug can significantly enhance the effect. Pregnant and nursing without prescription this medicine doctor also should not use it.

The Cost of means “Person” is 274 RUB.

Medications for children

Stress, unfortunately, are not just adults. Psyche the kids may suffer from various factors.

Children in need of emotional and mental unloading, recommended for children sedated:

  1. Tablets “Treatment”. Tool helps to improve brain function, reduces irritability, improves sleep.
  2. Drops “Bye-bye”.They should eliminate irritability, to raise the mood and improve sleep quality. Part drops contains extracts of hawthorn, peony, motherwort, mint, oregano. The medication is allowed to receive 5 years.
  3. Drops “EPAM 1000”. the prescription also contains extracts of herbs (Rhodiola rosea, propolis, Valerian, motherwort). The drug is effective in psychological stress, and neurological disorders. Its impact promotes restoration of structure of nerve tissue. Often medication is prescribed to adolescents, characterized by aggressive behavior or depression.
  4. Tea “baby” - “Sweet dreams”. Perfect sedative approved for use even for infants. It contains no dyes, no preservatives, no sugar, so safe for babies. Tea is recommended for use with restless sleep and a child's moodiness.

sedative price

Quite a popular homeopathic children's sedative. They include medications “Cornicing”, “Valerianaceae” from the HEEL, which can be used for very young children. More senior guys will approach the vehicle “notta" from the manufacturer “effective”.


Not so difficult to deal with feelings of anxiety, fatigue, symptoms of VSD. It should be possible to be distracted from unpleasant thoughts. Psychologists suggest to take a new interesting work. Take time and relax from the workload. And the Central nervous system to heal effective sedative drugs. Remember: if medical assistance has not produced results throughout the week, you must contact a doctor!

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