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Childbirth – is a complex process associated with certain unpleasant sensations. However, a mistake to assume that after birth all of them at once will end. The most common phenomenon many mothers considered pain after childbirth. What they are connected? What are they? Why do they appear? And really there to fight them?

pain after childbirth

What kind of pain can occur in pregnant women?

Most Often in postpartum women appear unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region and tailbone. Sometimes you may experience headache, discomfort in the chest area, back or abdomen. However, she is accompanied by an unpleasant, pulsating or pulling, sharp or, conversely, blunted spasms, inhibit movement. In addition, for example, pain in the back gives and other parts of the body, which leads to some problems when feeding the baby, walking, lifting objects of different weight, etc.

Should I worry when the pain hits?

One of the most common problems faced by young moms, is considered to be an unpleasant discomfort in the lower abdomen. But is it worth to be frightened and even more panic when a stomach ache after giving birth? To answer this question it is necessary to consider possible causes of this disease, which can be physiological or pathological in nature.

sore belly after childbirth

All because of oxytocin

There are many potential causes, associated with painful sensations in the abdomen. And for each of them is characterized by different symptoms. For example, if there is cramping or gnawing pain, it speaks to the active development you have a special of the hormone oxytocin. It helps the open and increase in size of the uterus to accept the original form.


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aching joints after childbirth

Sometimes the mother feels uncomfortable and wavelike sensations increase during breastfeeding the child. In this case, the cause of the trouble is oxytocin secreted as a protective barrier against external irritant and again leading to involuntary muscle contractions of the uterus. As you can see, in both cases a stomach ache after childbirth is a normal physiological reasons. Typically, these pains are not lengthy and are held in 5-10 days.

When to sound the alarm?

When pain in the abdominal area becomes protracted (not terminated more than a month), it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor. The cause may be, for example, the presence of remnants of the placenta inside the uterus, which didn't come with the fruit, but rather stuck to the walls and provoke inflammation in the body.

In Addition, postpartum pain in the abdomen can occur after contact with the endometrium of disease-causing bacteria and germs. This occurs most often when non-compliance with basic hygiene during medical surgical intervention (cesarean section).

In short, if the pain persists for a long time, and is complicated by inflammation, purulent secretions, fever, or any other unpleasant moments, to seek medical attention immediately.

Why there are headaches after giving birth?

Some new mothers in the postnatal period there are frequent migraines. In most cases they appear in those women who had headaches before pregnancy. Rarely, the victims of migraine become ladies, abandon the traditional breast-feeding babies.

Among the causes of headaches can be called the most basic:

  • An excess in the body of progesterone and estrogen;
  • The use of oral contraceptives without prior approval from a doctor;
  • Stress;
  • Fatigue;
  • The lack of a dream.

sore Breasts after childbirth

Why do my Boobs hurt?

In the postpartum period, many mothers complain that they have sore Breasts after birth. What is the reason? As practice shows, often, discomfort in the chest area caused by increase of the breast (if breastfeeding), when regenerative processes in the uterus and abdomen during times of stress.

In addition, chest pain and in the area of the chest may be associated with the restoration of edges that during pregnancy reveal, to make room for the unborn baby.

It Also hurts and feels "poured", "becomes a stone” during rush of milk. If time does not feed the child, there will be a stagnation of milk, as a result, will develop mastitis.

It is Very important when you have a sore chest after birth, identification and preparation of the true cause of discomfort. To do this is to exclude external stimuli and to consult a specialist.

Why back pain?

A Sharp or nagging pain in the back (waist) – more on that unpleasant moment many moms know firsthand. It can be either continuous or "wavy", i.e. to stop, then escalate.

Such back pain after childbirth are associated with a number of reasons, among them – the restoration of the bone tissue. Recall that during pregnancy, the pelvic bones diverge and facilitate the passage of newborn through the birth canal.

headaches after childbirth

In the postpartumthe period of the planned restoration of the original position of the bones. However, normalization of bone tissues affects the muscle and nerve endings, which causes discomfort in the lower back.

Why hurt the stitches?

Many of the women who survived the surgical intervention (cesarean section, the sutures on the perineum when rupture), sore joints after giving birth. Why is this happening? Most often such pain is associated with certain actions of the mothers. For example, when seams at the crotch, it occurs at too frequent bending, squatting and lifting weights.

Less soreness associated with frequent constipation. It can also occur with early sexual contact (it is not recommended to enter into an intimate relationship earlier than 2 months after birth).

If you have aching joints after giving birth, there is redness, swelling and purulent discharge, should immediately go to the doctor.

What to do when the pain?

If after delivery you are experiencing discomfort in the chest, back, belly or head, you must first determine the cause. To do this, it would be better to see a specialist. And then you just have to follow the advice of the physician prescribing individual treatment.

For Example, when pain after childbirth in the area of the perineum (in place of sutures), it is recommended to use a healing cream “Rescuer”. Also women with such problems should not eat foods that may cause constipation.

To minimize pain after surgery, it is necessary to observe personal hygiene and properly care for the seams. So the stitches on the perineum should be regularly washed with water, applying exceptionally smooth movements. Inflammation should be alternated rinsing with plain water and potassium permanganate.

back pain after childbirth

If a chest pain due to rushing too heavily of milk, you must buy a breast pump to Express and often to put the baby to the breast. For pain in the back, use a cooling ointment that relieves the discomfort. Will help in these cases and manual therapy, gentle massage and medical gymnastics. It is also recommended to perform more exercise “cat”. For this you need to stand on all fours, raise your head up and simultaneously bend at the waist, then lower your head down and rounding the back. Do this exercise three times a day for three approaches.

If you have frequent headaches after childbirth, often walk in the fresh air, practice yoga, get enough sleep. Abdominal pain can be related to problems in the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, in this case usually prescribed sparing diet.

In short, any pain and possible deviations from the norm, contact your doctor. And then you will be able to avoid complications.

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