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Produced several variants of the drug “Ketorol”: in ampoules – a substance for injective administration, the aluminum tubes-an ointment for local application, blister – tablets for oral administration. The specific option chosen by the doctor based on the characteristics and needs of the patient. It is possible to combine external and internal use. Sometimes at first prescribe a course of injections, and then replace the medication in the tablet form. The key to successful treatment – strict adherence to doctor's instructions.

General information

In ampoules “Ketorol” contained in the form of a specific solution intended for insertion in the muscle tissue. The substance has no color or painted in a light shade of yellow. The solution should be transparent, in the study of naked eye cannot see individual particles. In violation of the structure of the drug, the precipitate or the color change to another medication cannot be used, it must be disposed of. The use of tainted substances – the health risks the patient's life.

In the vial “Ketorol” contained in the amount of 1 ml, of the active component – 30 mg. Basic connection – tromethamine Ketorolac. As an additional factory applied:

  • Sodium chloride and hydroxide;
  • Ethanol;
  • Purified water prepared;
  • Propylene glycol;
  • Edetate disodium;
  • Octoxynol.

The vials of ‘Ketorola” are made of darkened glass, are packaged in blisters. One contour pack contains ten ampoules. Blisters placed into cardboard boxes which contain the name of the medication, amount of medication inside, the concentration of the active compound in one vial. On the outside indicated the name of the manufacturer, rules of vacation funds from pharmacies, shelf life and production date, the conditions in which the substance is to be stored.


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ketorol in ampoules intramuscularly

“Ketorol”: what is it?

Manufactured in ampoules “Ketorol” – analgesic, depressing the inflammatory foci. The drug belongs to the anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs, that is not is composed of hormonal substances. Ketorolac, which is based on the drug that has a pronounced analgesic effect. Means inhibits inflammation, reduces fever. The latter quality is assessed as moderately expressed.

Manufactured in ampoules analgesic “Ketorol” is valid due to the ability of Ketorolac newborna to inhibit the activity of enzymes – first, second COX. The most distinct processes take place in peripheral tissues. Slows the production of prostaglandins, substances that cause pain, and is also responsible for local temperature regulation and activity of inflammatory processes. Ketorolac – a mixture of several types of enantiomers, one of which, as proved by scientists, has a marked analgesic effect on the human body.

According to the instructions for use, injections “Ketorol" (in ampoules – liquid for injection into a muscle) is relatively safe, because the active ingredient does not interact with opioid receptors. Under the influence of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory is not slowing down the activity of the respiratory system. Proved the lack of dependence on funds. “the Ketorol” is not peculiar sedative anxioliticeski effects. The severity of the anesthetic allows us to compare the substance with morphine. “Ketorol” much stronger than other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines available to modern man.

The Manufacturer indicates to the produced in ampoules “Ketorol” in the instructions for use: intramuscular introduction of the drug is effective already after 30 min after injection. The most pronounced effect – after an hour or two after the procedure.


With the introduction of the manufactured ampoules “Ketorol” intramuscular bioavailability of the active component reaches 100 %. Soon after the formulation injection basic compound absorbed from the point of injection. Ketorolac penetrates into the bloodstream. When using 30 mg of active compound, the maximum concentration in blood plasma on average, up to 3.1 µg/ml. doubling the dose setting can be increased to 5.77 µg/ml. To achieve such performance by using 30 mg enough 15-73 minutes, for twice the dosage of time period – from hour to hour.

With plasma proteins, as indicated in the instructions for use intramuscular “Ketorol” (in capsules sold in pharmacies, contains a solution for such injections), stated that Ketorolac is able to enter into a lasting connection with plasma proteins. On average, such a reaction is involved 99 % of all ingested substances. It is possible to increase the free compounds in the circulatory system on the background gipoalbuminemii.

Used manufactured in ampoules “Ketorol” by intramuscular injection enables to achieve equilibrium concentration of the Ketorolac in the blood system when four-time use of the drug per day after 24 hours after the beginning of the therapeutic course. When using the substance doses of 15 mg reaches an equilibrium concentration of 1.13 µg/ml, with twice as much – of 2.47 µg/ml. the Volume of distribution is estimated at 0.15-0.33 l/kg.

It is Revealed that Ketorolac passes into breast milk. The manufacturer indicates this by describing the features of the application. “Ketorol" (in ampoules – a solution for intramuscular injection), used in an amount of 10 mg four times a day, increases the content of Ketorolac in breast milk to 7.3 ng/ml a few hours after the injection of a substance. A couple of hours after repeat treatments the maximum concentration of Ketorolac in the milk reaches of 7.9 ng/ml.

ketorol in ampoules recipe

What happens in the body?

Manufactured in ampoules “Ketorol” application is permitted strictly under the control of the doctor. The doctor takes into account that about half of the total received by patient medication transformirovalsya in the liver. The metabolites formed at the same time, do not have pharmacological activity, but the fact that metabolism in the liver forces with caution in the tool if you are suspected of violation of functionality, pathology. Products of Ketorolac-glucuronide, hydroxyketones.

The Excretion of Ketorolac is primarily via the kidneys. Thus the organism appears to 91 % of the substance. The way the elimination of approximately 6% of the substance – the intestinal tract. The glucuronide are eliminated with urine.

The half-life is estimated at 5.3 h, if the kidneys are functioning normally. In contained in the package with ampoules “Ketorol” of the user, the manufacturer must indicate that the gap varies from 3.5 to 9.2 h for the production of injection with 30 mg of active compound. This information should be taken into account when choosing the dosage and frequency of administration for a particular patient.

With the introduction of injective clearance reaches 0,023 l/kg/h is applied to the vials “Ketorol” the statement specifies that these figures are peculiar to a single injection of a solution containing 30 mg of Ketorolac.

Special case

Doctors prescribing injections of solution from ampoules “Ketorol”, the dosage choose, taking into account individual peculiarities of the case. In particular, in renal insufficiency, is necessary to change the dosage, frequency of setting injection, as there is a risk of increasing the volume of distribution is doubled relative to the norm. The volume of distribution of the active enantiomer, which is caused by the analgesic effect, may increase by 20%.

The half-life of Ketorolac in young patients less than the average, in old age – long. Revealed that usually do not need to be adjusted when applying the solution from the vials “Ketorol” dose if the liver is not working properly, since functioning of the body does not affect the half-life. In the specific case, the change will still be needed if required by other characteristics of the patient.

In violation of kidney function, assessment creatininemia clearance in 19-50 mg/l the half-life of Ketorolac reaches 10,8 h. If the failure of the kidneys is expressed more stronger, the time interval exceeds 13,6 h

When creatinina clearance within the boundaries of 19-50 mg/l, clearance of Ketorolac is estimated at 0.015 l/kg/h, if the tool is used in an amount of 30 mg. For elderly people the average is 0,019 l/kg/h.

Hemodialysis is not effective if you need to remove from the body of the active substance.

ketorol ampoules application


Buy the drug only in case if the patient has a prescription for “Ketorol” in ampoules. Free release of drug from pharmaceutical points of sale is prohibited, as improper use can cause serious negative consequences.

“Ketorol” discharged, if the patient's pain is assessed as medium, high level. The drug is effective in case of pain syndrome of different origin. It is prescribed in the rehabilitation period after surgery BM...

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