How to care for a tea mushroom? Instructions for growing and the beneficial properties of Kombucha


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A simple Enough organism, emerged as a result when antagonistic yeasts with acetic acid bacteria, is one of the most popular and strange "creatures" grown at home. The appearance of zooglea (Kombucha) is an unattractive and even frightening, but resulting from its activity is pleasant to the taste, legalisierung drink has no analogues rich in vitamin composition and a huge range of medicinal properties.

Where to get Kombucha and how to use? All the answers on the subject – on.

What is it medusomyces?

Kombucha (otherwise, medusomyces) — it is constantly functioning symbiote, the body of which is formed through a unique and mutually beneficial relations of the two types of bacteria. Even the appearance of floating on the surface of the liquid in a jar Kombucha can define two main components:

  • Upper mucous part – has the appearance of a slightly convex or domed, to the touch-smooth, slick and homogeneous, resembling the body of a jellyfish. Formed from a colony of yeast organisms.
  • The lower, fibrous part – has tight structure, easy separates and moves freely on the Bank. It's acetic acid bacteria, which could be called a parasite on the body of the yeast fungus, if they create a unique environment harbored including a host.

Through continuous work acid bacteria the primary nutrient fluid – sweet tea in the pot, gradually transformed into a complex enzymatic composition, including a minimal amount of ethanol. The action becomes possible because the main catalyst – Sahara, therefore, to replace the traditional sweetener any analogues, including honey, is not recommended. How much sugar to tea fungus is necessary for catalysis? In fact, the process is started with one tablespoon, but to improve the fermentation and produce a pleasant taste will have to put at least five tablespoons.


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Growing Kombucha

Composition “brew" medusomyces

The Only environment in which medusomyces feels the most comfortable is a moderately strong tea brew, combining such important and necessary for the growth of the fungus elements, such as vitamin C and caffeine. Only getting enough nourishment and the ability to produce new fiber lower productive layer, Kombucha can synthesize the valuable beverage, which was known for several tens of centuries ago.

The Composition of the finished product, obtained in the result of the activity of zooglea:

  • Organic acids: kojic, citric, malic, oxalic, acetic;
  • Vitamins: C, D, B;
  • Ethanol;
  • Enzymes: zimasa, lipase, carbohydrase, Lavansaari, catalase;
  • Lipid complex: fatty acids, sterols, foetida;
  • Mono - poly - and disaccharides;
  • Pigment substances: chlorophyll and xanthophyll;
  • Tannin;
  • Natural antibiotics

It Should be noted that the beneficial properties of Kombucha and a number of valuable substances in the drink unstable. They depend on the quality of care, location of containers medusomyces (temperature and light conditions) and properly prepared nutrient medium (tea). How to care for a tea mushroom, to get the maximum benefit from its use and what this use is expressed?

Benefits of Kombucha

For a positive result Kombucha (mushroom brew) should be consumed regularly and not less than 100 ml per day. This amount of drink, drunk adult, will be sufficient to maintain a good tone of blood vessels and obstruction of education in them of atherosclerotic build-up.

In addition to restorative and supportive effects on the cardiovascular system, the beneficial properties of Kombucha spread to other pathological conditions of the human body:

  • Lose Staphylococcus aureus;
  • Intestinal disturbances, dysbiosis, toxic poisoning;
  • A metabolic disorder (including, at the cellular level);
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Weakness of the nervous system;
  • Low hemoglobin;
  • Colds.

The Enzymes and antioxidants in the drink help to cope with migraines, negative effects of radiation therapy, diseases of the urinary and pulmonary systems. Recommended to drink Kombucha tuberculosis, chronic ear infections and laryngitis, inflammation of the maxillary sinus and joint problems.

The infusion is used Externally for compresses and washes with barley and conjunctivitis, hemorrhoidal lumps and non-healing ulcers, with stomatitis, and after a complicated tooth extraction. Drink the infusion warm before bed is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia or nervousness.

Use the infusion medusomyces undeniable, but where can I get Kombucha? To find in sale it is almost impossible, except that “hand”, the people, and specially devoted to its cultivation. Is it possible to make Kombucha from scratch and how to begin the process?

Useful mushroom kvass

How to grow zooglea yourself

Universal capacity for growing Kombucha at home is considered a normal 3-liter banks from transparent glass, which should be well before using wash. Once the capacity is prepared, proceed directly to the brewing of tea, which will form the mushroom.

How to make Kombucha:

  • 3 l of water take: 5 tablespoons of loose leaf tea and 5 to 7 tablespoons of sugar;
  • Brew a strong tea, leave it for 15 minutes;
  • Strain the finished solution through three layers of gauze;
  • Fill a jar of sweet tea a little below the level of the “shoulders” and winding around the neck of the cheesecloth so that air can penetrate inside.

How to care for a tea mushroom? Capacity is in the kitchen separately from other products and out of sunlit areas. Normal — on 9-11, the day the emergence of banks unpleasant, sour smell that lasts 2-3 days. For 15-17 days from the moment of pouring a nutritious basis on the liquid surface can be seen uplotnitelya turbid layer – this is a young mushroom, which in any case can not be disturbed. Toglie need to grow at least another 30 days, but better – a month and a half, and only then for the first time to extract it from the jar and change the culture medium to a new one.

To Use fluid flushed, resulting from a long generation time medusomyces, it is impossible.

Caring for tea mushroom

Proper care of Kombucha.

Periodic care medusomyces consists of washing the body of the mushroom once a week under running water and replace ready laboratornogo drink on the fresh tea solution. It is very important not to forget to strain the tea and completely dissolve in hot liquid, the grains of sugar. Adhering to delicate substance zooglea not stirred tea leaves or sweet crystals can provoke a burn of the mucous surface of the yeast the body and even lead to death of the fungus.

Optionally, each time to prepare a strong brew – enough and such which insist for the usual tea. The only condition-the tea, the substrate should not be placed in disposable bags. The amount of sugar is also regulated to taste, starting from an absolute minimum – 1 tbsp. on 0,5 l of a tea solution.

Before moving the mushroom in a renewed culture medium, it was allowed to cool to 20-25 °C, and the fungus is washed under a stream of lukewarm running water from plaque and excess mucus. Winter procedure “swimming” carried out less frequently than in the warmer time of the year – an average of one every three weeks.

The Bank is kept in shading place, controlling the ambient temperature does not fall below a comfortable medusomyces 20 °C In such circumstances, the company “maturation” the brew will be 3-4 days. Mandatory, not less than once a week, you need to update the content of banks, adding at least a third of the volume of fresh fluid, otherwise the mushroom will poison its own decay products.

The rosehip Kombucha and medicinal herbs

How to grow Kombucha directional and is it possible? In some cases, people have long used decoctions of medicinal fruits, the effect of which on the organism is gradually reduced. Concentrated acidic environment medusomyces able to stimulate the usual infusion, bringing it a large number of its own use and significantly strengthening the healing properties of plant substances.

For a delicious and vitamin rich drink using the hawthorn, wild rose, or honeysuckle. 2/3 Cup of enumerated fruits prepare a liter of broth. One day, the liquid is infused under the cover, then filtered and poured into 3-liter jar where then added about 1.7 l tea sweetened welding. Cupping the neck is tied with gauze, and the fungus, as in the recipe with regular tea, formed about two months.

Caring for tea mushroom as in the first case – periodically draining the waste flask and replace it with fresh tea...

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