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Want to make a surprise to your child or even together with him? Figure birthday made, will be a great holiday decoration. It can be done in different ways. Joint work will be a great way to have fun and to spend time with the baby.

Flat design

The Figure on the birthday of his hands can be made from paper or cardboard. These materials are best suited as the basis for the decor. If you don't need massive object, use the easiest method of making. To do this, simply draw on a sheet the outline of an image and cut it with a knife or scissors.figure birthday with his own hands

That figure could stand upright, find support to design or make the reverse side of the "foot" of cardboard. In addition, similar decoration is easy to hang, having one or more holes in the workpiece through which is passed a cord, ribbon or tape.

Surround item

Not to think then to make the decoration on the horizontal plane, the figure on birthday with your own hands can be made immediately with the side of the plane, which will be delivered. To put on the table or floor products, which have a rounded bottom (3, 5, 6, etc.), it is recommended to provide a horizontal platform. In addition to the functional purpose of the lateral plane has decorative properties. This design will always look spectacular, even decorated more modestly than flat.

figure birthday with his own hands out of paper

In addition, here is easy to add illumination. This is the basis of the following:

  1. Draw on the cardboard or thick paper, two blanks of the selected digit.
  2. Prepare a strip of such width, which will correspond to the thickness of the numbers.
  3. Glue the side with tape to the base (two blanks digits). If the tape is not at hand, it is possible for the paper strip to provide allowances and use of PVA.

Whichever figure you choose, the method of creating designs choose any. Decorate flat and dimensional, the product is different methods. The decor creates beauty and impression made jewelry.


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How big do you figure

Select the size of your decoration will depend either on what the intended object, or amount of material or time to work. Popular are great decorations to create a festive atmosphere of the interior. They are doing and a height of 50 cm and a meter. This construction can be put on the floor, on the couch or to hang in the space of the room. If you want to put a decoration on the festive table is to perform a smaller number. Good idea — a string of digits or a postcard of this form. If you have time and the desire to create, try different options in several sizes gradations.

Design Ideas

It is easiest to use the most accessible and easy to process material — paper, plain or corrugated. The combination of different color shades and methods of processing the material even a simple sheet of office printer allows you to make great decor. So, the ways of decorating the basics can be the following:

  • Quilling-decor.
  • Addition of three-dimensional form of internal illumination.
  • Gluing of squares or rectangles of corrugations cut into strips.
  • The Use of twisted spirals, or stripes of roses.
  • Make flowers from crepe paper.

The Choice of method depends on the amount of time and paper. Spectacular work are obtained by using corrugated colorful paper and metallic, pearlized, embossed.

Often used fabric, satin ribbon, glued to the base buttons, beads, sequins, beads, colored bumps. Impressive look delicate transparent air the options of yarn to the frame. Take ideas, add your options, and create effective decoration for the holiday!

Options for kid

The Number "2" on the birthday of his hands can be made of ribbons, paper, even made of dough or candles. For the little it is better not to use small parts that baby can pull or chew off.

Good to use corrugated paper. It's easy to shear a lot of rectangles with notches in the form of a pot and sticking the layers to the substrate. Fit the idea in the form of rainbow colors or monochrome option.

Gift for a little

If you are creating a figure on the birthday of their hands out of paper for little girls, suitable for any ideas with frills, flowers pink shades. If you have normal coloured paper, glue the rosettes.

figure 2 on the birthday of your hands

To make such simple and beautiful items, you can use the following:

  1. Cut a circle in a spiral from the edges to the center.
  2. Tightly Twist the resulting workpiece.
  3. Fasten with glue.
  4. Glue the blank figures made of flowers.

If we take circles with different diameters and width of spiral change, you can get various decor on the contrast of sizes. Midway roses decorated with beads or stick pins. They attach the roses to the base and head serve a decorative role. These flowers are made still from strips of corrugated paper. Also turns out nicely.

figure birthday with his own hands

Another effective and quick to make option for girls — to glue many layers of horizontal strips of corrugated paper. This will create the effect of frills or ruffles on a skirt or dress. If you use a gradation of colors from light pink to red or purple, it will be a beautiful decoration.

Digit birthday for boy

For the little gentlemen, of course, it is not necessary to use flowers and frills, so choose methods that allow you to get beautiful but simple decor. Use the corresponding colors (just no pink). Decorate the Foundation can be in many squares of the corrugations (it doesn't take much time). The second option — produce flowers from corrugated paper. It is enough to connect several sheets in layers, put them all together like an accordion, tied in the middle and to expand the layers. These flowers look like carnations.

figure 3 for the birthday of your hands

Glued to the base in great numbers they will create the effect of a Terry surface. Blue or green paper would be a good option for a boy. Top can be decorated with images of machines, then the decoration will not look girlish.

What to do for older children

Children from the age of three, to attract themselves making holiday decor out of paper. For example, the number "3" on the birthday of his hands can be made in the technique of quilling. The most simple elements a child can roll independently. If this proves difficult, make them yourself, and the little assistant let just glue the finished part to the base.

figure 4 with their hands on the day of birth

In This way make as decorations paper opaque base (flat or volumetric), and delicate figures whose design is fully assembled out of twisted rings, leaves, petals and flowers.

figure birthday for a boy

If you use your imagination, it is easy to produce stories for boys by this method, for example, to write the number car, motorcycle, boat or any other attribute boys ' lives.

The Number "4" with their hands on the birthday can be made jointly by more sophisticated technology. A framework for three-dimensional parts glue cardboard or heavy paper. Leave slots in the front side, and inside install light bulb or a conventional Christmas tree garland. So, you will produce a three-dimensional figure with lighting.

So, figure on birthday with your own hands can be made in different ways. For every holiday you can easily make a new ornament.


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