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Every young mother can please your baby, if you master the knitting booties for beginner knitters. The principle of knitting these baby shoes is the same as the socks, so the work may not seem difficult, even the seamstress. How to tie booties for beginners spokes and what do you need?

Knitting booties for beginners

For work, we'll need yarn-wool, semi-wool or acrylic-1 skein (100 grams) knitting needles socks - 5 PCs, satin ribbon – 1.

How to crochet for beginners: start knitting.

We print on the spokes 48 of the loops, arrange them evenly on 4 needles and knit in a circle 5 rows hosiery knitting (all loops of the front). Then are finished alternately 2 stitches together, yo-1 row, again 5 rows of stocking knit. Thus, we have obtained a scalloped edge booties that you want to bend and hem. Next knit openwork pattern on the rim, alternating row: p. 2 together, 1 yo, and a number of facial loops.

booties for beginners knitting

When the height of the rim reaches 5–6 cm, start the heels. Half of the loops is transferred to a knitting needle and knit hosiery knitting cloth 6 cm tall. Expand the work, knit 15 loops, 2 together, an expandable work. Knit 7 loops, 2 together, an expandable. So we form the heel until the needle will remain 8 loops. On loose spokes raised to 8 loops of the edging on the side of the heels, again get 48 stitches on 4 needles. Continue knitting's booty on the rise openwork pattern, while the sole - hosiery knitting until the product reaches a length of 6 cm Narrow work consistently promazyvaya together 2 stitches at the beginning of each spoke or 3 along side walls of the Shoe. If you decide to draw a toe for the second method, keep the middle of the three loops on top, this will give the neat's booty form. When the spokes will be 2 loops, close them and cut the thread. The end of the thread inserted into the needle extending inside-out and fasten with a few stitches. So we knitted to crochet. For beginner knitters is a good experience for handling the more voluminous works. Now we slightly otpaivaem products using cotton fabric and satin stretch ribbon into the holes of the openwork tied ribbon.


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crochet for beginners

We discussed how to knit knitting patterns for beginners, now I can slightly complicate the work. We knit these booties from sole. We print on the spokes 26 of the loops and running the cloth garter viscous, adding in the end of the row with 1 loop in four rows. The width of the blade is approximately 15 rows depending on desired size. Then at the end of each of the 4 rows diminish by one hinge, forming an oval sole. Now entering loops from all sides (26 in length and 16 to 18 in width) on four working needles. Running the top of the Shoe, hosiery knitting, about 12 rows, then the rise of – 20 rows of socks or lace knitting with one of the end spokes, while promazyvaya together for the last loop of a number and 1 the outermost loop of the neighboring spokes. The resulting draw's booty with a rubber band or other pattern, to form a skirting of the required height, the edge decorate with cloves, crochet.

Now you have seen that to tie how to crochet for beginners is not too difficult, and will be able to impress your friends with an exclusive present.

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