Japanese baktus spokes. Fishnet Bacchus spokes. How to associate the Bacchus? Spokes and our instructions will help you


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Every day becoming more and more popular such an unusual accessory, like a tracery of Bacchus. With knitting needles or crochet knitted product looks not only unusual, but also very beautiful.Bacchus spokes

A Little history

This scarf has appeared many years ago in Norway. Traditionally it has been knitted in very different ways - both manually and using machines. Widespread Bacchus received through active bloggers, who spread information about the unusual accessory. The scarf is named in honor of the knitter nicknamed Carius, which the Norwegians is associated with Bacchus. In General, Carius and Bacchus-heroes tales of the famous Norwegian writer. There are dental trolls who are caries and bacteria. This theory is obscure and more like a fairy tale. In fact, Bacchus – the oldest part of the folk costume of Norway. For many centuries, triangular men's scarves and women's shawls are an important part of costumes bunad.

Recently popular in Norway scarf conquered the world. Now in almost every fashionable women in the wardrobe there is an unusual accessory with original decor.how to bind Bacchus spoke

Basic information

Bacchus – scarf triangular shape, which resembles a scarf and is connected garter viscous from one edge to the other. Such an unusual accessory due to the variety of yarn can be used not only in winter and in summer. Besides the different color options give the opportunity to tie the scarves that will go with any outfit. For example, associated Japanese baktus spokes black or white cotton yarn perfectly diversify the way in classic style. For younger people a wonderful accessory would be a scarf made from yarn dyeing sectioned. Do not think that such products are only suitable for women if you make them from the village yarn or thread of gray or brown color, accessory is ideal for men. In General, to sum up, it can be concluded that Bacchus (needles for knitting was chosen or hook - does not matter) gives you plenty of room to realize their fantasies and talents.fishnet Bacchus spoke


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The Advantages of this accessory

The Main advantage of this triangular scarf – it is multifunctional. For example, Bacchus can be used as a regular scarf or as a shawl to keep warm in cool weather. Also, this accessory can be used as headscarves, it all depends on the style and the image you selected. In addition, the benefits of this accessory is the fact that it is due to the variety of colors will become the favorite piece of clothing that even the most exacting fashionistas. Another major plus: knitting Bacchus spokes is a very simple task, which can handle any woman, not having much experience in this field. If you can't knit, this scarf can be done with a hook. Different products will be the execution scheme.

Helpful tips

The Yarn you can choose in accordance with their wishes. The only recommendation-do not take thick and textured yarn as the final product will be quite massive, and wrap it around the neck. As for spokes, it is best to choose circular, although a pair of long spokes will be able to cope with the task.

Bacchus cannot be attributed to one specific style of clothing, as it can easily complement any image. Best of all, this scarf is suitable for sports or casual style. This accessory is best to combine with skinny jeans, blouses or warm dresses.knitting needles Bacchus

How to associate the Bacchus spokes?

Starts the process of knitting from the dial on the spokes 4 loops. Fishnet Bacchus spokes fit garter viscous, that is, all rows will promazyvaetsya either only the front or only the reverse. It all depends on who how comfortable and familiar. Knitting of many products the first loop does not have to purl, in this case, the process changes dramatically.

Schema Bacchus knitting needles

You need to purl the first and the last loop, as in the whole series, any selected variant binding. You also need to purl 3 next row, you do not need to add or subtract loops. Now with only 4 rows to make the yo, which is a 5 row, must knit the back loop to get rid of the holes. If you have done all that correctly, then this place should be no clearance.Japanese baktus spokes

The next time yo by the principle of the 4th row should be done in 8. it is important to understand that Bacchus was perfectly smooth triangular shape, a raise must be done on only one selected side. According to this principle, that is, every 4 rows, yo you need to knit to the middle of the product.

The Width can be different, as it all depends on the chosen model. On average, this scarf she is about 40 cm, if it is to increase, the resulting product will be more like a shawl. Bacchus for kids has a width of about 20 cm, select the smaller value is not recommended, because in the end you'll get something absurd. Women most often choose options in length from 130 to 160 cm Below before you start knitting quickly determine the size of the scarf you can wrap yourself in the neck for any scarf. Basically the length depends on how exactly are you going to wear your Bacchus. For example, the length of the scarf that you wear under the coat, will differ from that which will be worn over your outer clothing.

Once you get to the middle, you need to do a twist on the same principle, as did the increase, i.e. in every 4th row. Twist is as follows: in every 4th row you have to purl 2 stitches together front binding. Thus, the need to knit until the knitting needle you'll have a total of 4 loops.

The Product is considered ready and correctly connected, if it will be symmetrical and folded in half, all its parts are connected.diagram of the knitting needles Bacchus

Decoration and decor

How to bind Bacchus spoke, understood remains to decorate the scarf to get the perfect product. You can decorate, for example, only the ends or all the product perimeter. As decorations, you can choose POM-poms, tassels or fringe. In addition, the protruding edges of Bacchus, it is recommended to tie a hook, in the end you will get the unusual openwork edge. Decoration will make scarf for women even more original. For children's Bacchus as a decoration you can use embroidery, for example, you can embroider the child's name, flowers, animals, etc.

Other options

If you are knitting on the discussed principle, but only the front surface, then in the end get the scarf, called karius. The difference from Bacchus is that you definitely need to tie the edges so that they are not screwed in and did not spoil the overall appearance of the product. In addition, you can knit this accessory is not only the front and outer loops, and, for example, an unusual pattern for which you need to constantly add and subtract loop.

Another tip as to diversify the appearance of Bacchus: to make the first yo is not in the 4th row, and 6 m. In this case, the ends of the scarf will be more stretched and elastic. Thanks to this tie accessory is much easier. If you want to associate the Bacchus from the remnants of yarn, then start knitting the scarf you need from the middle ware and to move in different directions.Bacchus spoke with openwork edge

In addition, it is very popular Bacchus spoke with openwork edge made in Turkish, Japanese or Bosnian style. There are many dimensions and techniques of this unusual accessory. Today you can find minivariantov a length of about 70 cm, as well as these giants, which reach a length of about 25 m.

How to wear?

It is Important to know not only how to associate the Bacchus knitting, but also how it can be worn. Today there are a huge number of ways how you can tie this type of shawls. The simplest and most widespread – simply wrap the Bacchus around the neck as a normal scarf. It is important that the angle was right under the chin. There are also several methods to diversify this way: you can put the angle on top of the scarf or, on the contrary, using the edges draping triangle. To secure an accessory, you can simply tie in a bow the ends or fasten it with a brooch or any other fasteners.

Now you can easily associate the unusual Bacchus, who will be able to decorate the gray days and highlight your appearance in any season and in any situation. Besides the unusual scarf will be a great gift for any person.


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