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Most people do not like to be photographed at home because of the commonness of the situation. However, for shooting often use the scenery and the situation of housing in this sense is not a bad option.

Photo session at home is often perceived as a casual effect, which will never get beautiful images such as in magazines or on the websites of the professionals. It is not so. The lens sees the reality differently than the human eye. Besides, if something in the house causes a complete emotional rejection, it can be simply not remove.

How to remove?

Although the professionals and start to list the many different technical tricks, there is only one main condition to managed photo shoot at home. Photos should depict the model, not the environment.

you need to Look at the display

That is, when a single photo doesn't need to take pictures of walls, furniture, floor, ceiling, battery or something similar. To remove it should the person. Most photography fans, having heard about it, puzzled shrug – “you can also trim the”. It is possible, but it spoils the quality of the photo and deprives the frame of the original proportional relations. And not all can be cut. Photo shoot in the home must be initially withdrawn not in the form of “somewhere in a far corner sits the one shot" a fair copy. To achieve the desired quality in the relationship between environment and the model in the frame just. Just don't rush and carefully look at the subjects and the camera display or in the window of his lens. This is necessary because technology and eyes perceive the same thing quite differently.


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The same requirement applies to any other shooting, except to the extent of the panoramic views or landscapes. Whatever was filmed – still lifes, portraits, group “life” - most of the frame at least ¾ must take objects photo shoot.

Do you Need light?

Thinking over how to do a photo shoot at home so the result was not different from Studio photography, sooner or later face the lighting.

The Light – it is important. No wonder that everywhere, from filming scenes of domestic TV series to the TV studios are tripods with the lights. If you look at any photo Studio, and there they will be enough.

In this purpose you can use table lamps. And the role of “umbrella”, i.e. the element that enhances the flow of light and does not allow it to dissipate, or usual, reflecting the limiter can perform the lampshade.

Light important to photography

The Light allows to solve many tasks. And use it regardless of the time of day. Of course, if is supposed to shoot at the window where the beautiful fall morning light, it is possible to do without additional lighting.

Light, for example, is directed to the model's face, “beats”, all the small defects, which is especially important for the photo shoot the girls at home. Under the defects you need to understand wrinkles, pimples, spots, uneven makeup, "odhlaseni" and other things that the fairer sex are always trying to remove with various apps-editors. In addition, light allows you to achieve many other effects. With him you need to experiment trying different ways to put.

Flash light – the concepts are different, and one does not negate the other. Moreover, their combination and juxtaposition in the direction of the light give a very interesting result.

Take Off at the light or against it?

So the question is anyone who need a quality, indistinguishable from professional photo shoot at home. As a rule, when training is viewed a large number of works of different photographers, and attentive person is simply unable not to notice the completely different direction of light in them.

Remove the can and light, taking up position behind, or flush with it. But you can against the light. It is also possible to use side lighting, or bottom. With light, you should experiment and directly on site to determine the most advantageous its location in a particular frame.

Create scenery simply

The Only thing you should avoid is the upper Central lighting from a single source. The light coming from the chandelier – just what gives the photographs their home origin. No Studio shooting such light has no effect. And fix a few lights on the ceiling quite difficult and troublesome, so it's easier to turn off the chandelier or to dilute powerful beams from directed in the desired direction of the lamp.

What style to shoot?

The Answer is only one – in which there is a desire. Very often you may encounter tips, reduces to the fact that ideas for photo shoots in the home should be based on the situation.

This should not be understood literally. That is, if there is a desire to be photographed in the genre of historical romanticism, it is not necessary to do it sitting on the sideboard, released in the Soviet years, and the remainder from grandma. But to decorate a chair or easy chair, to sit by the window or incorner empty walls or lie on the carpet-perfectly acceptable. That is not the situation dictates terms to define the style, which will take place photoshoot in the home, and their own desires. In fact, in absolutely every apartment can be rented photosets of any genre. You just need to think how to do it, and to try to put into practice.

How to dress?

Even if you have a clear idea of what style direction will be home photoset, the question of clothing is still relevant.

Professional photographers often ask their customers not to wear any thing. For example, always spoil women pictures tight pants or jeans-‘gum’ high waist. Of course, if we are not talking about shooting the thing. But fashion photos where the model is not dominant over the suit, but rather complements it, and sealing of the man-things are quite different.

As for the colours, usually does not like the camera “herringbone”, patterns “ripples” and other such options that distract from the model. That is, in the frame the most conspicuous component should be the man off, and his clothes, in fact, is just a wrapper that creates a way that adds certain touches. It is due to this there is a perception in a particular style. But to distract from the model suit should not.

That from wardrobe optimally, you can say only with this thing and looking at the result already in the frame. Win-win options for girls-single color men's shirts, a couple of sizes larger, with rolled up sleeves to length ¾. Such a thing makes the model much slimmer than it is, and in the picture the girl looks very fragile.

Fabric - great idea

However, you can focus on the pictures you like. That is, if, say, I want to frame, just like in advertising with famous model and dress is similar. If the picture of a dream - night, absolutely crazy dress with a long train, wear a man's shirt is not necessary. It is enough to simulate an outfit that is wrapped in a strip of cloth, secure it with pins or thread, leaving a “train”. When well exposed to the light of the result of such a session would be incredible.

How to remove a newborn?

The newborn photo session at home – the second most popular topic in social networks. This is understandable, because to share your happiness and pride all you want. However, often it turns out that angelically beautiful baby in the pictures looks frankly unattractive. It upsets parents, and the little man stop shooting.

However, to avoid such confusion it is easy. Of course, it is not necessary to put the baby under light bulbs, or to dress up like a doll. The newborn photoshoots are quite different-over nuances.

First, without exception, all children, young mothers see in advertisements, not newborns. Remove kids after 2,5-3 months. Second, in the most beautiful pictures there is always one more feature, namely – close-up. This is the main key to a successful photoshoot of the baby.

Ideas for the kids

For home shooting it is not necessary to wait until the baby will grow up to three months. A good photoshoot can be a newborn baby.

Remove baby and on the telephone

You will Need a smooth flat surface, white or very light and great. When injected into the frame of the wall color and texture should blend in with the surface. The size must be so large that photographing people can be accommodated. Usually this is done simply – a dense white double bedspread falls to the floor, and from the edge of any furniture with sheets, although outdoor photography is usually in the frame does not get anything extra.

Need a good Sunny day and shooting into the window light. That is, the room should be filled with sun. The baby should be put. And the photographer - go to face him. That's all, then you just need to look into the lens and remove.

If the child is very "wrinkled" in the frame, you can put something distracting, such as bright rubber duck. There is another moment. The crumb is not necessary to undress or to swaddle. The best option “costume” is monochromatic light. You can cover half a light blanket. Options of entourage a lot, they should be trying things and see what happens.

Bright colors – a necessity. Dark and overly saturated hues of old, and in the case of newborns, increase their not very photogenic features. Therefore, such colors should be avoided.

Ideas for girls

The Idea of photo shoots of the girls in the home depend on what release girls want to get in the end.

For example, ideally the pictures will appear at the open balcony door falling into the room a ray of light, on which the model stands with his back or in a half-turn.

spectacular photos from the open balcony

A Good option and will be shooting under “Kazan”. No need to wear the Russian national costume, the meaning as to build the frame. These images of nothing but models, as it emerges from the darkness. Very good cadres, focusing on the face. In addition, they allow you to avoid having backelements of the home environment that some important. Is technically simple – is removed from flash, if the room is dim lateral light somewhere far away from the model and photographing. That is the light in this case only to the photographer saw the view in the display.

Those who do not have an aversion to domestic elements in the frame, you can have a great shoot in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Such sets should do the humorous, with funny content, they look much more advantageous than romantic expression.

Interior does not dictate genre

Options for how you can take pictures of the house – endless. Virtually every corner of the apartment you can do at the time of the photo Studio. Not even getting out of bed it is possible to capture gorgeous, looks very professional photoshoot. Removing just need to get on the floor nearby and to capture the half of the bedroom and on the bed and to remove the model from the top, slightly to the side and so on.

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