How to build your site? Easy: DIY bottles – for garden with a versatile material


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Acquired suburban area, and funds for improvement not enough? Maybe I want to do with your hands, to put the soul in your plot? The topical theme – crafts made from bottles.DIY bottle garden For garden suitable plastic, and glass. Collect all that is at home. You can ask neighbors and relatives.

What are crafts made from bottles for garden simple? Well, first off, the bottle makes a great border for your flower beds. They need to dig down the neck, leaving on the surface a certain part of the bottle. Curbs can be made of plastic and glass bottles – pick up one color or combine different. If the flower is ready, just in his path kopite bottle. And if the flower should be, then something sharp draw the outline and dig it in your border. Here show imagination. Do shaped contours. Inside the large flower garden, place a few small, and so on.crafts for garden made of bottles

Another simple DIY for the garden from bottles – pots for flowers. Here the course is plastic containers. One of the pictures you can see how you can decorate a dull wall with the simplest pots of polutoralitrovye bottles. Cut a piece of one side of the bottles, holes for cords, then to the product to hang. Fill the ground and put there all that the soul wishes. Hang these pots can be anywhere – and on the walls, on fences, and under eaves.

But if your yard has withered a small tree, it can make a bottle tree. A bright decor element. Just dried on the branches, put on glass bottles. Very nice bottle blue.garland from plastic bottles

In many kindergartens are very popular crafts made from plastic bottles. For kindergarten it is not only the improvement of the Park, it is also an opportunity to teach the kids to do their own DIY. From bottles to garden where the children play, you can do a lot of useful things: bird feeders, characters world of forests, garlands for celebrations and even toys. For example, from plastic canisters with handles really good cars. Turn the canister by the handle up and the bottom is glued wheels made of bottle caps. Then this machine can be to decorate, to make an ambulance or police car.crafts from plastic bottles for kindergarten

The trees look Great out of plastic bottles. As seen in the picture is the wooden base. Take bottles of different colors and cut into thin strips, not dorezaya couple of inches up to the neck. Then just string the resulting blank upside down on the branches of your tree. Place on a plot of several of these trees, and you get the fairy forest.

The same principle is the Christmas wreath for the door. The picture shows a wreath of some bottles, but you can decorate Christmas balls, and even better to use real cones. They can collect in the nearby woods. In the base of the cones carefully thread the small screw, and to it tape the wire, which then will be attached to the wreath. Christmas wreath from plastic bottlesPinecones can be left in its natural form, and you can sprinkle hair with glitter. By the way, it turns out great for Christmas decorations.

As you can see, the options are endless. And this is the most simple crafts made from bottles. For garden use bottles as building material. They make and houses, and gazebos, they are used in construction of fences, a variety of fences and so on. So do not dispose of this material and use to create their masterpieces. You only need to turn on your imagination and apply a little skill.

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