A few ways to do bluing at home


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Browning, or oxidation, it became known for a very long time. Before this treatment was applied to protect the metal from corrosion, now mostly for decorative purposes. For the handyman will not be hard to spend the blueing in the home to give the metal an interesting product or to refurbish a hunting rifle. For this you only need the desire and some knowledge.

blueing at home

Ways to make blueing at home steel

The Most simple of them is the coating of metal oil and subsequent heating. This is done as follows. The workpiece is cleaned and degreased, then scrubbed with a thin layer of linseed oil (can be vegetable oil). Then it is placed in an oven or conventional oven and heated to four hundred degrees. The result is a durable decorative film, dark-brown hue.

Another way to perform the blueing at home is the jam of metal pieces in a strong solution of alkali (potassium, sodium hydroxide). In this case, the metal takes on a beautiful blue shade, but the blueing is not very pronounced – easy. Therefore, this method is more suitable for small-sized metal objects cylindrical shape. To obtain a more pronounced blue-black color billet need to boil in a solution consisting of 1 liter of water, quarter of a kilo of sodium nitrite, 700 grams of sodium hydroxide and 200 grams of sodium nitrate.

The Most complicated way to do the blueing in the home, but also giving the best results - the digestion of the workpiece in the melt of sodium nitrate. The process should occur at a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius. This way you can get a very durable, beautiful bluish oxide film.


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Bluing gun barrels

All the methods described above to make the blueing at home is rarely used to restore the gun barrels. For this work there is a special train, which can be purchased in specialized stores. In case such funds are available in the shops there, or for some reasons its use is undesirable, the following is a good way to implement barrel bluing at home.

barrel bluing at home

As the vessel used stainless steel pipe of suitable diameter and length. One end of pipe sealed.

1. Trunks with abrasive materials cleaned from rust and old bluing, and then are polished with felt disk.

2. Both ends of the barrels are closed resistant to chemicals congestion. The surface of the workpiece is degreased in two stages. First, just wiped with gasoline, and then the trunks are immersed for twenty minutes in a preheated 70 degrees the solution. The composition of the solution follows: one liter of water, 50 g sodium hydroxide, thirty grams of soda ash, the same phosphate of sodium and 5 grams of silicate glue.

3. To remove the old oxide film is capiroska, or weak etching. The barrel is dipped in a five percent sulfuric acid solution and kept there for one minute.

4. The basic process using an aqueous solution of phosphoric acid (0,7/100), ammonium chloride (6/100), of hyposulphite of sodium (8/100) and nitric acid (0,3/100). Trunks “stew” at a temperature of 70 deg. in the next hour.

5. To consolidate the oxide film, the workpiece is immersed for five minutes in a solution of bichromate (120 g per liter of water). The solution temperature is 70 degrees.

After the procedure, the blueing of the metal at home is completed by thorough washing of the trunks, while in no case can not be taken with bare hands. Particular attention to each method of treatment should be given to the safety measures! All the substances very aggressive!

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