DIY straws from the juice with your hands. DIY for the New year


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Very often parents think of what interesting and new to inspire a child to classes if this was helpful for kids. A great option would be made from tubes of juice.

Vase with flower

This product can be presented as a souvenir to mom, grandmother or aunt. It would be nice to receive gifts in the form of crafts from straws from juice, with their hands that made the baby itself. The child will enjoy such a task, the more that do the vase is not difficult, and the result will be bright and beautiful.

To make these crafts out of straws from juice, in addition to the usual set of materials and tools you will need plasticine, stationery gum, disposable plate and card. The decor will be useful for a variety of bows, ribbons, etc.

For stability all tubes cut in half and staple stationery rubber bands. The design is glued to a disposable plate or card. Next you need a vase to decorate with satin ribbons and bow.DIY straws from juice

Now we should move on to making a flower. All the straws from the juice need to be cut into pieces 2-3 see the Whole flower will consist of separate inflorescences. They are made from small pieces of tubes, one side of which is cut into fine fringe. Ready inflorescence inserted at each other and mounted on a plasticine ball. The more buds you make, the more luxuriant will be the flower. When he is ready, we need to combine the entire design, and the crafts are ready.

DIY for the New year: Christmas toys from tubes

Children always look forward to the Christmas holidays, and cooking has become more interesting and more fun, you can make your own Christmas decorations.

You'll need cocktail straws, scissors, thread and a needle. First the tube is cut into 8 pieces of 5 cm and 4 pieces of 4 cm is Necessary to interconnect four pieces of 4 cm by using a needle and thread. The item is locked with a knot, but the thread is not trimmed.

Next on the same thread put on two more pieces of 5 cm and thread to one side of the square. In this way we need to execute all the sides of the square, the result should be four triangles.Crafts for the New year

The Two vertices of the triangle are connected on top, the other two – at the bottom. One of the resulting vertices is fixed a loop for hanging, and on the other – the bead or the bell.

Although Christmas crafts from tubes look much easier than store bought decorations, but the toy made by a child, will take pride of place on the tree.


Hack in the form of frames made of tubes of juice, looks bright, while it is very practical. The frame will perfectly fit the design of the nursery, and for its production does not require special materials, all right there at hand.

DIY straws from juice in the form of frames made fast and easy. The first thing you need to prepare a cardboard base, which will correspond to the size of the photograph. Next you should measure the length of the corners of the frames and cut out the appropriate segments of the tubules. Paste them on the sides. Then you need to cut a lot of segments of colored tubes and glue them to a cardboard base with glue or double-sided tape.

To attach a photo, and frame ready. If you wish, you can also attach an item of cardboard to the frame confidently stood on a horizontal surface.

DIY straws from baby juice: geometric figures to educational games

Through these structures with the child in a playful way you can explore the interesting geometry. Simple and original crafts will help fun and easy to explain to the kid what are geometric shapes.DIY straws from the juice with your hands

For starters, try to make a pyramid. You need to add along the short part of the tube, it is inserted into the long part. Thus a triangle. Identical pieces are fastened together with adhesive tape and connects to the pyramid. Similarly, you can fold a variety of figures: pentagons, squares, etc.

Made from tubes of juice for kids will be a wonderful occasion for entertaining games will help your child to remember a new geometric shape.


Girls of any age love jewelry. Little girls of younger age may be invited to make crafts out of straws from the juice in the form of jewelry. They are perfect for summer holidays, especially if you intend to go to sea.Your little fashionista will look like a mermaid.DIY tubes from baby juice

To Make such decoration is very simple. Straws from juice cut into segments of different sizes. They need to be strung on a thick thread, but it is better to use fishing line. Details alternate among themselves in color, they can be diluted with various beads. Similarly create bracelets, necklaces that will delight young fashionistas.

Original articles

Plastic tubes from cocktails provide ample opportunities for making different shapes of lampshades and ceiling lamps. On creating stylish and original lamp may take a few hundred tubes. They just bend in half and threaded into the holes in the fabric.DIY straws from juice for kids

A Small nightlights you can just glue small pieces of colorful cocktail straws. Similarly decorated with all sorts of racks, candle holders and other items. The lampshade can be decorated is much easier: just glue it straws.DIY straws from juice

So the result is a truly original piece, you need to experiment with the sizes and options of placing the tubes. They can be cut into one end to end up to an unusual three-dimensional decor items.DIY straws from juice

To create crafts out of straws from the juice in the form of a base you just need to take a metal tin and also pasted it rolls, alternating parts of different colors and sizes. Thus will make a beautiful organizer for pens, pencils or a nice vase.

This should not stop, there are a variety of crafts for the New year. From tubes of juice you can make original Christmas wreath on the door. Just need to get a round cardboard base, glue it with tubes of different sizes and to decorate the crafts bow. Thus it is possible to make snowflakes and smaller.Christmas crafts from tubes

In conclusion

Every year, multiple fast food chains and issued more than 50 million cocktail straws. And this is just the statistics from the United States. In landfills is a large amount of plastic tubes. However, they do not have to throw out. After all, DIY straws from the juice will help to diversify your leisure and will entice the baby. Such bright little things can not only decorate the nursery but also a Christmas tree. The child will be delighted by such activities aimed at its development.

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