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French coins today – the monetary unit, having a high degree of protection against forgery. At the moment, they are called the Euro, but are somewhat faceless. But the old banknotes were different and memorable appearance, and a variety of names. About them we'll talk.

First French coins

old French coin

A French coin owes its existence to the Roman, was in the country approximately in V-VI centuries. At this time France began an intense flow of money. For the manufacture of the first of them used pure gold, but after some time it became clear that the precious metal without any impurities quickly becomes soft and rubs off. Therefore, the coins began to add silver and in some cases copper, whereby the banknotes become stronger and safer.

Medieval French coins

The Beginning of the hundred years war saw the emergence of the first common state of the monetary unit – Frank. French gold coin had the image of the king and the Latin inscription FRANCORUM REX (meaning "king of the Franks"). Portrayed the king on this coin on horseback, for which she was called by the people "horse" Frank. But when the image changed to a king, standing full-length, the coin was "Hiking with Frank."

Frank gold was released in France only to the mid XV century, when came to power, Louis XI, then called the Golden coin replaced the ECU. Already in 1575-1586 years began to mint silver franc. It weighs 14,188 g, and the silver from which it was produced, there were 833 samples.


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These coins were in use until 1642. Coinage at that time was controlled by the French cities. The aristocrats at the same time decided to issue its own coins. And thus in the controlled areas of England began to appear Anglo-Gallic Franks.

The Gold coins of France of XVII-XVIII centuries.

The French coins in the seventeenth century began to produce gold of high quality. They were called Louis. This old French coin first appeared during the reign of king Louis XIII.

French gold coin

Louis was the main sign of the money. These banknotes there were many, and they were opposed to each other in size weight and diameter. Most of them weigh 4-6 g. But there were record gold coin, which weighed about 10 g. AVERS Louis was decorated with the image of the king.

They were minted until the beginning of the French revolution and until the moment when the main coin for the calculation was Frank.

When they came to power, Napoleon I, there was napoleonder. Its value was 20 francs. Golden napoleonder divided among collectors for these types:

  • The Emperor Napoleon;
  • First Consul Napoleon;
  • Coins ‘with wreath”;
  • Coins ‘without the wreath”;
  • With the year of issue, indicated by the numbers;
  • With the year of issue, indicated by the letters.

Even after overthrew the Emperor and restored the monarchy, making napoleonder continued. On the obverse of the gold coins depicted the Royal profiles and the reverse adorned with the Royal coat of arms.

The Last of the monarchs, which was made napoleonder, became king Louis-Philippe I.

During the prosperity of the Republic II the huge popularity of the coin made of gold, the value of which was 20 francs. And called it “Angel”. At the end of the 18th century it produced the first edition to replace the old Louis-d'or. On the obverse there was depicted an angel writing the French Constitution.

French coins

At the same time, for the first time coined and 20-franc gold coin. On it was depicted the goddess of fertility and harvest Ceres. This banknote was released only three copies.

The Cost of gold French coins

For collectors a very valuable old gold coins. Coins are minted from precious metal is high quality and can cost tens of thousands of rubles, some of them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And the main component of the cost of old French gold and silver coins among coin collectors is how many of those were produced and how they are.

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