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Souvenirs made with their own hands, will give you the joy of the creative process of making and will be a worthy decoration of the house. If you don't know what to give to a friend on a holiday, the thing made his own, will warm the heart of a dear person and will be absolutely unique. If you have children, take them for collective creativity. This will help you better understand the child and develop his or her creative inclination. Start with simple!

Explore the resources on how to make a box with your hands. You can take the finished paper box and just decorate it. You can glue it on to the template out of cardboard and decorate it with your child. The fascinating world of creativity will give you and your children the most memorable moments! It also helps develop fine motor skills, care and to make a box

How to make a wooden box

You can make the box yourself, or use as a blank the old product, which is tentatively need to be cleaned from varnish and paint, sanding and Polish. How to make a box yourself:

  1. how to make a wooden boxTake an ordinary rail, the width of which is the height of the structure (you can use the casing of a suitable size).
  2. Make the cut slats into pieces, which will consist of a box. If its length is 18 cm, then such parts need to do two. Still need two side pieces (10 cm length). The abutting corners of the parties to perform under 45⁰. You can not cut corners for the joints at 45⁰, and make them smooth to the connection they were a 90⁰.
  3. how to make a wooden boxGlue the sides and cut out for billet base. It can be made wide to the edges of the bottom appeared under the walls of the box – this is a very nice and original.
  4. All sides of the product can be pasted oak or walnut veneer, it is sold in any hardware store.
  5. The Lid of the product is performed as a basis.
  6. On the side wall of the box cut out the slots for the fastening loops.
  7. how to make a wooden boxOn the cover is also necessary slots.
  8. Screw the hinges to the screws, and connect the lid to the jewelry box.
  9. How to make a box beautiful and original? Need sanding sandpaper all imperfections and rough spots, then cover it in lacquer.
  10. Inside the box can be covered with velvet.

How to make a jewelry box?


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The Box can be equipped with a decorative lock and mirror, which can be glued to the lid. It is possible to cut thin partitions which divide the bottom of the box into compartments. How to make a box for storing rings and earrings, read below:

  1. Twist a few cushions of velvet.
  2. Lay them on the bottom of the box so that they fit tightly to each other. They can be fixed with a stapler and glue to the base of the box.
  3. Now you can store any jewelry. They will be fixed, and you will easily be able to find them. Jewelry will not be scratched, play together enough against each other.

how to make a jewelry box

The Cover of the product can be decorated for any taste. For example, to paste it with flowers or beads, stones and cut out a jigsaw pattern. It all depends on your imagination and free time!

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