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For various celebrations with friends, or at work really want to organize everything so that the party was not trivial and will be remembered by all for a long time. One of the best solutions for this holiday is staging small scenes.

If you have no experience in organizing such events, it is possible to use as the basis for a simple story for the little ones - ‘Turnip’ and put on a real spectacle “Turnip in a new way”. The script knows everyone, a lot of heroes, but the words can almost not be taught. Existing characters to really choose at the most important event. How to carry all this?

The First thing on separate pieces of paper write the lines for each character.

Turnip. Is not enough!

Grandfather. Squad, fall in!

Grandmother. Hang in there dear!

Granddaughter. Don't make a cult out of food.

A Bug. Meat-not reported.

Murka. Not my fault, he came.

The Mouse. Hey uhnem!

To be safe it would be good to take a book with this tale. Although it will be shown ‘Turnip in a new way”, the script and the main text in a conventional. Besides on your shoulders, as a Director, will be another challenge to be one of the main characters, namely the Storyteller. Therefore, it is necessary to take a story and with expression to read it three times aloud. Once again, you need to read not once, not myself, but three times and always aloud. So, without noticing it, you will remember every word and not be confused in front of the audience.

Now you have to think about outfits for the characters. Here you can go two ways. The easiest way to make a little paper hats, like the painters on which to write the name of each of the characters. In another case, to the choice of attire will have to come more thoroughly. Try  to stock up on masks, tails, handkerchiefs, the course can go blazers, blouses, caps, that is all that is needed to create a memorable image.


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Any of these options are interesting, but the more the suit will reincarnate artist, the better. How spectacle, often depends, at least half of the success! And about the orange sweater on the turnip, the audience will remember for a very long time. And also take a tablet, where it will be fully written script of tales of the ‘Turnip’.

Take the time and first write down all that you think is necessary for each of the characters. Carefully collect all the props and don't forget to take it with you on the day of performance. It is possible for this purpose to choose his aides who–a family member or friend or colleagues. This person will be your assistant.

Now on to the rehearsal - it is, as such, will not be. The entire scene is played without preparation.

So, the Turnip scenario.

 the audience leaves the Storyteller with the story in hand.

The Storyteller. Dear guests! I want to offer you new entertainment to surprise everyone! For participation are invited to enter one of the brave!

On the improvised scene there is one man. This is the first character next – Turnip.

The Storyteller (to that person). Now I ask you to choose the most senior of the men present.

Turnip brings to the stage the following character - Dedkov.

The Storyteller (Dedkov). To the wise a different task: it is necessary among the girls in the room to choose the most persevering.

2 the hero brings to the stage, as you have already understood the Grandmother.

The Storyteller (the Grandmother). Now you need to invite to the stage a very brave girl.

Grandma invites Granddaughter.

The Storyteller (Granddaughter). And you will be among men is to find the most economic.

So the participant in the performance brings to the stage a future Bug.

The Storyteller (Bug). Most household have to choose the most fashionable girl.

Now, on stage bring the Cat.

The Storyteller (the Cat). Now you have to choose the most powerful man in the hall.

Thus choose the Mouse.

The Storyteller. Here's to you, dear viewers, the characters ‘Turnip in a new way”. The scenario is not quite simple, everyone needs to learn their words and change.

Assistant or you are handing out costumes. Artists change right in front of an audience, a wish can help them.

The Storyteller. Attention all artists! I'll have a tale to tell, and you to help me. As soon as I say the name, immediately he let his words says. Let's try. Grandfather planted…

Grandfather. Squad, fall in!

The Storyteller. A turnip!

Turnip. Is not enough!

The Storyteller. Has grown big, enormous turnip!

Turnip. Is not enough!

The Storyteller. Became a Grandfather…

Grandfather. Squad, fall in!

The Storyteller. A turnip!

Turnip. Is not enough!

So for each name of the hero participants to pronounce their lines. You can ask each of them to say before the tale my words as an exercise. While reading, you will need to support participants of the show “Turnip in a new way”. Scenario all the time keep in front of their eyes. Sometimes, in a moment you can forget the simplest words.

So, with a simple children's story can make any family celebration or corporate party unforgettable. Especially because so many are keen to demonstrate acting talent, even in a small Amateur production.

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