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Without this accessory does not do any trip, business trip or long distance move. Anyone had one of those life adventures, thought about how to choose a good suitcase. Because I want it to last a long time, despite the fact that he had to endure a lot: the plane and the train and the bus.

how to choose bagsBrand and cost

Let's Dispel the myth that the most expensive branded items differ special durability. It is clear that quality cannot be cheap, but, as practice shows, in respect of travel bags such ratio as “the brand - durability” it is not justified. People who frequently go on a business trip, and avid travelers have noted that even the most expensive suitcase, on average, can withstand a total of 12 flights. The duration of the life of the faithful “satellite” the traveler is determined by the features of Luggage transport: frequent and strong shocks, jolts, jerks, scratches. So the answer to the question of what kind of suitcase is best to choose simple: you can choose any, relying only on its quality and your style, brand – not an indicator.

how to choose a good suitcase

Shelves lined leather, textile, plastic coated bags... How to choose? First – expensive and stylish, they perfectly fit into the atmosphere of upper class society. Travel bags leather weigh much, but with the filling they become even heavier. These bags are quickly deteriorating. Luggage plastic coated bright colors and interesting textures looks modern. These bags lightweight, but loading half or not fill to the top with a sharp pressure it can easily crack. The plastic cover is susceptible to change, it can cause scratches and dents, because the airport personnel did not particularly stand on ceremony with Luggage. Finally, textile bags: how to choose, when the range is full of variety? By the way, these bags are durable, light weight and ease of storage. Besides high-quality textile suitcase different water repellent durable fabric.


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As you can see, they are so different - those suitcases. How to choose the "right"? Pay attention to the design. An excellent option when travel bags 4 wheel: it can be supplied, but if one wheel is unusable, a second pair can always save the situation. The choice of wheels is better to give preference to silicone, not plastic. Very comfortable bags with telekompanii handle that can be hidden in the body. When buying, pay attention to its mounting: it is better when the handle is not only fixed a nylon thread, but also attached with additional rivets. 

what case is better to chooseMulti-format bags: how to choose? A hard suitcase will keep the form in any situation, so there you can safely place documents without fear that they'll get wrinkled and neatly folded shirts. Currently very popular soft travel bags-suitcases on wheels (or bukaki). It's hybrid trucks and the usual tourist backpack. The price is lower than the others. While it has many external compartments, it weighs little and it should not be worn on the hands, if you can not roll over them. However, this miracle does not fit all, because Beketov quite unpresentable appearance. Choose the suitcase with your mind, and then it will last you a long time.

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