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The Dream of many to have aquarium fish - breaks about the need to contain something similar to the medical device from the intensive care unit (pile of wires, hoses, filters, etc.). But you want, as a child, crucian in the Bank… Few, however, remember what happens to those crucians (the fate of their unfortunate). Almost all underwater creatures in captivity required a ventilator, and just Bank them if you don't mind. And the dream still remains. What to do?

fighting fish bettasBring home a small, but incredibly beautiful Betta fish (fighting fish bettas). Breeders (thanks to them for that much!) brought such a number of shapes and colors, not to please someone or simply impossible. And the main advantage of them is the ability to live without a compressor - they breathe atmospheric air. Saturated with oxygen, often with a strong current from the filter, an aquarium, they really don't even like. No one argues that these fish should be kept in a three-liter jar, but the fact that they do will feel in a small container without filtration and aeration, is the fact. The only difficulty may be the breeding fish males, but not everyone wants to be a professional–by the breeder. Almost all contain Betta just for the sake of enjoying the beauty. Therefore, we will discuss the question solely from this point of view.

Bettas-fish: the content in the home.

Members of the family macropodid unpretentious in the fullest sense of the word. They will forgive you of stale water and rare food, thanking frightening positions that we take with pleasure as an indescribable sight. However, do not think that fishes can change the water every six months and to feed “when-ever”. No! To mock those who tamed – blasphemy. We are responsible for them.

pet cocksLove the end of the line? Fish (captive) require warm standing water. Ideally, the temperature regime must be maintained in the range from 24 to 28 °C. If your apartment is warm all the time, you can not set the aquarium heater, otherwise it is vital. Moreover, the temperature difference should be minimal: Betta able to catch a cold, swallowing cold air. If the difference is significant, cover the container with rooster lid, but not too tightly, to allow the circulation of fresh oxygen.


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That eat bettas-fish? The contents in the aquarium involves the use of live food as the main power source. Ideally, it is mosquitoes, gnats. You can buy frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp at the pet store. At least come dry a specialized diet. Overfeeding fish is forbidden! They require moderate power. Hungrier than males, the stronger their immune system, so the longer they live. But from overfeeding Betta gets fat, becomes lazy and ceases to hold a nice show fights. What there can be males.

Fish, which we are considering, tolerate the light of day. Therefore, it is desirable to set the aquarium in a well lit area. Direct sunlight, however, should not get into the tank - this will begin to bloom water. In the bottom of the aquarium it is advisable to plant a small plant that will provide the aquatic environment with oxygen. Be sure to install a decorative ornament in which fish can from time to time to hide.betta fish content

What else is different cocks? These fish are very aggressive representatives of the water world. Therefore, it is desirable to keep them in a separate tank, so to speak alone. Otherwise, someone from the “guests” will have to lay my head during the systematic fights. In order for your cock to not get bored in the "solitary confinement" hang him in the mirror. He will fight with its own reflection. It is safe and very beautiful. But don't do it often. The cock will get used and will cease to react to it.

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