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Unfortunately, what often happens is that due to injury or serious illness of the person for a long time forced to remain in a wheelchair. It threatens the patient the phenomenon of bedsores. So-called education on the skin, leading to the death of tissue cells. They tend to the sick, confined to bed or a wheelchair.

The Most effective to date in preventing their occurrence are mattresses, pillows, possessing anti-bedsore effect. In addition to prevention, they contribute to the rapid elimination of existing entities. It was such a simple invention as a cushion anti-bedsore, helps to restore normal blood flow to inactive parts of the body, produces a soothing effect, eliminates the friction and the displacement of the tissue, thereby preventing the appearance of bedsores. In this article we will introduce you to the types of pillows and mattresses, will discuss their action, a detailed look at some models. bedsore cushion


Many people who had to care for the seriously ill, know that prolonged immobility often leads to sores on the skin. To this category of patients includes not only disabled persons with disabilities, but also people who have suffered serious cardiac disease (stroke or heart attack). Sometimes various injuries, cancer man chained to the bed for a long time.

The Constant exposure of the human body on the skin leads to poor circulation. The clipped areas are covered by non-healing ulcers that bring the patient great suffering. Moreover, this disease can lead to blood poisoning. Most of these formations appear on the feet and around the buttocks. mattresses and pillows


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To prevent this disease, use of special mattresses, pillows. They can help sedentary patients, as well as people with severe arthritis, after burns, ischemic ulcers, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as paralysis. It should be noted that you can use pritvoryaetsya pillows for bedridden patients and prevention. They perfectly relieve fatigue, reduce pain caused by strain on the spine. They are used by people dealing with sciatica, low back pain. Bedsore cushion can be used anywhere - in bed or in wheelchair, office chair or chair seat of the car.

Pillow menu

Bedsore Cushion may refer to one of the categories, which are divided into:

  • The surface
  • Filler
  • The form
  • Risk.

Depending on the risk areas they have the following subcategories:

  • For the heels and elbows;
  • To.;
  • For the back and buttocks.

They can have different shapes:

  1. Square (it is considered a classic). It is suitable for patients not in need of additional support posture.
  2. Anatomical. This pillow repeats the shape of the buttocks, helps to maintain posture.
  3. Conical. They have a special cutout for the tailbone. Suitable for people undergoing gynecological or associated with pelvic surgery.


From this indicator depends largely on how guests will be selected bedsore cushion. It also affects the price of the product. The main fillers used today are:

  • Foam. This is the most common material, and it is one of the most affordable.
  • Silicone Gel. It not only contours the body but also contributes to less perspiration, because it has cooling properties.
  • Foam “memory” foam. This material in recent years has become very popular due to its property to “remember” and accurately replicate the contours of the body.This completely eliminates the risk of compression of tissue in problem areas.
  • Latex. the Material is natural, well lets air and characterized by viscosity and elasticity.
  • Air. we are Talking about static air cushions that help, thanks to the air layer and numerous cells filled with air, to cope with illness. With this solution, the air smoothly flows into the cells and creates an optimal pressure distribution.

Bedsore Cushion may have a smooth or raised surface. gel cushion


Making the right choice of pillow need to understand what is required of the patient during this difficult period. This will help you to choose the appropriate model.

Gel cushion

This model with gel filling is ideal for those who are interested in low production costs and ease of operation. Also, these models have a minimum level of posture, and this should be considered when buying.

Gel cushion WC-G-C the filler has high-density foam and silicone gel. Its dimensions - 40x40x5 see There are mounting straps and anti-slip coating. The weight of the cushion WC-G-C - 2.5 kg. Price - from 2500 rubles. Manufacturer - China. Warranty - six months.


The Air content ensures low weight, the ability to adjust the level of rigidity, using a pump air. However, this bedsore cushion is unlikely to be suitable to patients who need support for posture. They need another option.

This bedsore cushion is designed to prevent skin ulcers in people with disorders of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. It provides comfort in a seated position. Anti-bedsore cushion air Armed-CQD-P is made from visco-elastic polyurethane foam and has the effect of a shape-memory. The cushion cover has a zipper made from water-repellent and water-resistant fabric. Price - 2040 roubles

Pillow Vita Care

Foamed materials of any kind encouraging low weight, comfort and resistance. They have an average level of posture.

This model is developed based on a patented innovative system which allows you to evenly distribute pressure to the areas that are in contact with the body. Anti-bedsore effect is achieved thanks to a special visco-elastic polyurethane foam which has the ability to remember the shape, as well as air-chambers inside the product. They allow you to change the height of the pillow and its softness.

Anti-Bedsore cushion in polyurethane Vita Care has a panel of anti-slip material which allows you to hold it in place, and with Velcro can be glued to a chair or wheelchair. Cover: 100% polyester. This anti-decubitus cushion, price is 3450 rubles, can greatly relieve suffering.

Pillow Roxo

The Company Roxo (USA) is on the market for funds for rehabilitation over a decade and is a developer of modern and high-tech anti-bedsore cushions and mattresses, which provide patient comfort, effective rehabilitation, maximum convenience. cushion roho

These models are designed to redistribute the weight of the sick person and reduce pressure on problem areas. The effectiveness of this enhancement has been observed when 1, 2 and even 3 stages of pressure ulcers. The ability to redistribute pressure increases blood flow and reduces swelling, which increases the effect.

Roho Quadtro Select Low

This model is designed to accommodate a wheelchair. It is adjusted by pressing the button. Thus it is possible to change the shape. With the help of this pillow, the user can change position during the day.

This cushion Roho does not require complex care. It is easy to clean with soap and water. This product is ideal for patients with limited mobility who need comfort and support basic posture.

Roho Mosaic

This is an excellent model inflator with a basic level of skin protection. It distributes the pressure force at the contact area. The result of the application of this pillow wound healing is much more efficient.

Roho Group

Specially designed pillow Roxo size of the chair. It protects the back of the coccyx. Thanks to a deep dive, which is achieved by maintaining the internal air pressure prevents the parts of the body (especially the bone protrusions), touch the base of support.This pillow is designed with a backrest - is a great choice if padding of the stroller is slack and is not a support for the body. anti-bedsore cushion price

Anti-Bedsore mattresses

Now we will introduce you to anti-bedsore mattresses, which are made of PVC and rubberized fabric. These materials have both positive and negative sides. That is why the experts find it difficult to answer which one is the best. For example, mattresses made of rubberized fabric good at keeping you warm. This can not boast of polyvinyl chloride samples. But they are more easy to care for, they can be repaired. anti-bedsore mattress price


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