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With the advent of autumn, moms begin to think about preparing one's wardrobe for the winter. This jackets and jumpsuits, blouses and sweaters, insulated pants and tights, hats and scarves. But what to do when you have to choose gloves or mittens? If mom knits itself, it is not a problem. Enough to pick up a ball of yarn and knitting needles and sat down comfortably in front of the TV for a couple of evenings to tie your baby beautiful accessories. And if they need to buy? Yes, even if it is not possible to try them (in case of purchase through popular online shopping). How to accurately determine the size of children's mittens or gloves, because he's not like the sizes for adults are aunts and uncles?

Why the need For the notorious accessory?

Mittens and gloves — for kids, leggings and mitts — for older kids... All this is necessary in order to warm a handle daughters and sonnies with the onset of autumn promezhnosti and winter cold. But parents need to remember: these warm and beautiful things should not only warm handle toddler from wind and frost. They in any case should not interfere with children actively explore the world around them, which constantly beckons and beckons. The size of baby mittens, hand-picked correctly in accordance with the age, will allow young explorers to have fun on each outing on the coldest of days. These gloves will not prevent the child to participate in a variety of winter fun-playing snowballs, make snowmen, build FORTS, and sledding.


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the size of children's mittens

However, not all parents know How to determine the right size of children's mittens. Need to fix this.

Determine the size

Today on various online sites, online boutiques and the shelves of ordinary shops presents such a variety of children's gloves and mittens that parents can in the first few minutes to get lost. Adults, with ease searching the glove itself, the choice of the same accessory for your little one will doubt and in the colors of the mittens and the yarn is, and what the model will fit the most comfortably, and what absolutely will not work. But the decisive factor, of course, will be the correct size computation.

To correctly determine The size of children's mittens or gloves (it's whatever you like), you need to measure your circumference palm hand at the widest part (just above the bones, almost on the line of bend of the fingers), with the thumb of the child to capture is not necessary, but tape is not to delay.

children's mittens sizes by age

Attention! It is necessary to measure dominant hand: right-handers — right-and left-handers — left.

However, parents should understand that certain parameters may be flexible, so the best way is to go to the store for a couple with a child and before buying, try on mittens on children's hands.

Pay attention to the differences in the standards

I Must say that a single standard that applies to the size of mittens and gloves for kids, just yet. On the territory of the former Soviet Union countries the size of these accessories is determined, as mentioned above, according to the girth of the palm of the child in centimeters. Thumb to ignore. For example: if after measuring her hands on the measuring tape mom saw the value equal to 10 centimeters, the size of the mittens is 10. In the Patriotic sign of children's mittens sizes so the size refers to the age of kids under the age of six months old.

If you want to know The size of children's mittens and gloves on the international scale, you can do, like examining tables available on the websites of foreign online stores, and focusing on the child's age. For example, if a child is aged two to three years, then mittens should buy the second size, but for a toddler of four or six — the third.

Check table

Different countries have completely different numbering system malyshkovym mittens and gloves. They may bewilder not only young mothers, but also experienced enough. So you can easily determine the suitable for the baby size, the result of the above measurement should be compared with the data from the table sizes of children's mittens and gloves.

For Example, if the circumference of the brush is 14 cm, the product of the domestic manufacturer have to find the figure of “3” if 17 cm, “6” and so on.

In order to know the baby sizes of gloves and mittens According to the international alphabetic system numbering is also useful sign. For example, the circumference of the brush toddler 14 cm correspond to the notation XS 15 cm S 17 cm - L.

Quite often on the gloves and mittens (especially if the production of Chinese), you can see the indication of the age of the baby (1-2 years, 3-4 and so on). But whether the size of children's mittens-age with labels actual size handle a child? Not quite and not always. Babies are different and they grow differently. Therefore, with absolute precision to pick up gloves unrealistic. And it is better to try them on the spot.

Tips for parents

Like other things children's clothing, mittens and gloves for kids right to buy one size larger than child wears now. For the season, the hands of girls and boys are able to grow, and purchased stock, the product will last much longer. But too large gloves ought not to be: the child will be uncomfortable in them and they look ridiculous.

children's size gloves and mittens

Mittens and gloves, chosen correctly, will gently cover the palm of the child will not reap, fly or ssoritsya. Children up to four years is better to buy mittens: they're warmer, and gloves due to weak development of fine motor skills in toddlers to pull uncomfortable. For newborns fit solid models that do not contain a compartment for a thumb. It is only necessary to ensure that the elastic snugly plump and mittens does not fly.


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