SARS in pregnancy


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A woman's Body during pregnancy affected a large number of dangers, among them acute respiratory viral Peccei (SARS). Viral diseases are especially dangerous for pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy. Because SARS is transmitted by airborne droplets, to avoid the disease is quite difficult. Prevention of disease involves taking vitamin complexes and a slight hardening for improving immunity. In that case, if a pregnant woman noticed the symptoms of SARS, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

Symptoms of SARS in pregnancy

The Body of a pregnant woman is especially sensitive to acute respiratory viral infections. Symptoms that occur when the disease of a pregnant woman are of a typical nature and is different from the ordinary case. Typical signs of illness that always appear is:

- cold,


- fever

General weakness.

However, there are symptoms which are often characteristic only for pregnant women who become ill SARS:

- the aching joints and bones,

- nausea

- vomiting

- dizziness

- lack of appetite.

In this state, the woman's body is particularly weak. Because of cold woman can't breathe. Not enough oxygen and female body, and children. The child begins to suffer from hypoxia. A woman's body feels the increased load. The most common uterus, heart and kidneys, which causes a severe risk of miscarriage. Pregnancy – a process during which all systems of the body and so work wear, and when you join this state of acute illness health is much worse and requires immediate treatment.


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Like SARS in pregnancy affect the fetus? Quite often the pending birth of the baby women are mistaken, that to move a cold on feet during pregnancy is as easy as in normal times. However, this is not the case, as according to the statistics of observations of pregnancy during SARS in pregnancy during the first trimester, the disease results in 35% of cases the miscarriage.

The SARS Disease at different stages of fetal development can affect its state:

Trimester 1st. SARS can cause miscarriage or significant fetal malformations.

Trimester 2nd. The disease can lead to underdevelopment of the nervous, digestive and respiratory system of the child.

Trimester 3rd. The disease can lead to premature birth.

SARS in pregnancy treatment

It is not recommended to treat SARS in pregnancy on their own. During the waiting period they have a baby, antiviral drugs the woman is contraindicated. Used such medicines only in the case when the threat to the life of the child and the mother more than the risk of pathologies of the fetus.

Up To 14 weeks of pregnancy antiviral drugs is completely forbidden, after this period a pregnant woman may take interferon. This drug does not cause adverse effects on the fetus, does not lead to pathologies, has absolutely no side effects. The formula includes alpha-2b interferon + antioxidants. Besides, it is enriched with vitamins C and E, which are so necessary for lifting immunity during disease. Viferon blocks the multiplication of viruses and increases the body's resistance.

In the case of SARS in early pregnancy is manifested by acute period, you should immediately call an ambulance, as you may need hospital treatment. In the case of SARS in pregnancy occurred during the second and third semester, you must go to the doctor and not to self-medicate.

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