The mode of the day in the preparatory group for the GEF. Gymnastics, walks, quiet time, games


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The day care are tailored to the proper planning time for the full development of children. It implies the presence of a classroom curriculum, work and recreation for children. The overall schedule can be divided into certain intervals, which are the main mode of the day. Such parts in pre-school institutions are called "sensitive points".

Shaping secret moments

The mode of the day in the preparatory group for GEF forms the sensitive points in the DOE in accordance with the educational development programme. Proper organization of routine leads to the prosperous development of the child both in mental and in educational terms. Moments of regime develop in children the diligence and attention that are an important part of the pedagogical process as a whole.

Conversation classes and various games in the develop in children a cognitive activity, discussion make the child responsive and active, helping to prove their point of view, do not hesitate.

preparatory school

Modal aspects related to workload, create kids the ability to work and self-care. Show how to carry out hygienic procedures, dress, help an adult to respect his work.

The Formation of the regime moments throughout the day creates a friendly atmosphere of cooperation based on individual approach to each child.

Meeting of the children and morning regime highlights

Children are accepted in the garden in the group phase or indoors in the cold season. At this time, the task of an educator is to provide a positive charge to the child throughout the day through play or to interest him in conducting certain activities in the employment plan. Together with the children are trained to dusting with toys, independent activity, reading or other activities planned by the teacher for the day.


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The mode of the day in the preparatory group for the GEF in the morning from 7.00 till 10.30, provides children with mental load for the full adoption of the material in the classroom.

walks in the preparatory group

For the morning performance highlights also include mandatory morning exercise, which starts at 8.00. Gymnastics in the preparatory group shall be held not less than 20 minutes and activates the entire muscular system of the child, which has a positive effect on General health. In addition to charging, the teacher can spend correcting or acupressure, to show children the advantages of physical activity.


In kindergarten with a twelve-hour work day, the children eat three times. For Breakfast, lunch, dinner time is given according to age category, on average, preschoolers eat 15-20 minutes in the older groups and up to 30 minutes in the nursery.

Before each meal the children hygienic procedures with the obligatory washing. The caregiver meets on the rational use of water and the rules of conduct in the washroom.

preparing lunch

The mode of the day in the preparatory group at the GEF involves the development of preschoolers the rules of etiquette. Therefore, assigned duty in the dining room, which help the nurse to carry out the table setting in accordance with the requirements, and after the meal to clean the dishes in the sink. Preparation for lunch is also done with children, such events reinforce the rules of table setting, teach them to order. Breakfast in the DOW usually goes at 8.30, lunch at 12.30 and supper at 17.30. This time may vary according to the age group of children.

For Breakfast, lunch, dinner, meal times may vary depending on the nature of the child, if the child is unable to cope independently, it is mandatory supplementation nanny or caregiver. Also the staff of the preschool watching the posture, the correct arrangement of Cutlery and flavorful meal.

Educational activities

After the morning meal in the preparatory group begins the block of educational sessions. They are held from 9.00 to 10.30 on account of the scheduling of the teacher and contain all information necessary for the mental work of the child.

With the senior preschool children in the first half of the day there are 3 sessions of 20 minutes with the game breaks up to 15 minutes. At this time, the children of the preparatory group learn the basics of logical thinking, mathematics, literature, drawing, modelling, and applications.

the day in the preparatory group on the GEF

When preparing for holidays or parties is memorizing poems or rehearsal of individual parts of the future events. Children conduct interviews, talk about holiday traditions, his attributes, allowing preschoolers to correctly set benchmarks in the time of the event.

Preparing for the walks in the fresh air

All the modal aspects in preschool through the stage of preliminary preparation. From 10.30 until 10.45 am before the walk, the boys establish order in the group after the educational unit. Cleaned toys, and materials into place, afterfine activities wiped off the tables. Then the children go to the locker room and put on clothes for walks in the fresh air. The teacher indicates the correct order of dressing and draws the attention of the preschoolers to the appointment of a garment. Before going outside, children are taught to pay attention to the full appearance and in case of improper dressing indicate the error. Caregiver or nanny correct and button clothes, if the child is experiencing difficulties.

Walk and her organization

Walks in the preparatory group have a duration of 4 hours in the cold season and 5 hours during the summer. Children walk 2 times a day: before lunch, before 12.30, and after the quiet hour, from 17.30 to go home. The mode of the day in the preparatory group on the GEF and educational programs are recommended to spend time in the fresh air at a temperature of -15 and a wind speed of 15 m/s if the data is exceeded, then the children remain in the group.

Breakfast lunch dinner time

While walking the educator ceases to be engaged in educational activities and divides the time spent in the fresh air, in such parts:

  • Observation of others.
  • Games rolling plan.
  • Work in the group area.
  • Working with children on physical abilities.

Walks in the preparatory group involve self-play activity and physical activity during such moments children choose independent types of games.

Day relax and prepare for sleep

Quiet hour starts at preschool after lunch. Usually this time is from 13.00 to 15.00. It is preceded by a quiet relaxing activity. All motor activity stops for 30-40 minutes in advance of the bedroom. During this time the baby's nervous system is restored, giving restful sleep and total rest for the body.

quiet time

Before going to sleep the bedroom is ventilated to reduce the temperature by 3-4 degrees. The bedtime routine is accompanied by quiet conversations, reading stories, listening to relaxing music. The teacher controls the convenience of the location of the child on the bed, tucks me in, if necessary, carries out individual strokes of children. During sleep, the nanny or caregiver is closely located in the bedroom in order to avoid accidents.

Activities after quiet hours

After a gradual rise at 15.00 the children are tempering procedures, exercises waking up, getting myself dressed and tidy hairstyle. After dinner, which starts at 15.30, children play games with a tutor or as self-employed.

It is time for individual work with children, not for the achievers program is either lagging because of skip a class.

After a quiet hour, the teacher holds a reading and analysis of literary works, staging, watching cartoons or educational programs.

Individual work

The Second half of the day, from 15.40 to 17.00 in the preschool aims to consolidate the material studied in the morning, or the repetition of previously acquired knowledge. Individual work with children is aimed at improving speech, creative and physical activity.

games in preparatory group

Music Director, the speech therapist or educator working individually according to the planning or seeing the overall failure of the child. The preparatory group in kindergarten, more children attending it undergoes sessions with a psychologist, who shall adjust the mental abilities of each child.

Evening walk and the children go home

In the Evening, after all the necessary operating points, the children go to the 2nd walk, usually this time of 17.30, and meet with parents. The main task of the educator is to inform adults about how the day went for their child, about his success or shortcomings. Displaying the work of children done in the first half, provides advice for parents regarding the General behavior of a preschooler, or advice on how to adjust mental ability in the case of misunderstanding by the child of the material obtained.

Pay attention to the observance of the rules of etiquette. Child before leaving home, says goodbye to his caregiver with the children remaining on the site. The teacher creates a positive attitude towards the preschool institution and sets the child on the next visit.

In the event of bad weather children spend labor activity in the group space. Is a plant care or living area, washing toys after a day of work, General cleanup.

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