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The anniversaries can be treated differently. It is possible not to notice them, or you can mark solemn and pompous. This is when it comes to anniversary one person, but if at stake is the conduct of the company's anniversary, the question is not discussed. Not because it is customary, and not because I want to spend a cheerful evening in the company of staff. Any anniversary of the company - a year, ten or twenty years – a result of diligent work of the entire team, and all employees have the right to enjoy their achievements and congratulate each other in a festive atmosphere.

company anniversaryOf Course, this evening can not do without the summing up, without listening to the reports that have many figures, without discussion of plans and prospects. It is the anniversary of the company is not limited. At first let's define - what is it and how is it different from any other holiday? The anniversary of the company, even the most modest – the large-scale event, a milestone, therefore, his conduct should be treated very carefully and tenderly.

This is a serious and justifiable reason to make a happy holiday to all members of the team that earned him his dedicated work, responsibility and serious attitude. On the anniversary, you can invite your customers, demonstrating that its good for them the location. This you will show your competitors your growing power.

Well spent anniversary of the company – is a measure of the stability of your company. It is necessary to make a solemn and memorable for all. In the first place the question arises: “Where to hold this celebration?» Stop your choice on the best restaurant of your city, you can use the services of the suburban restaurants or night holding company's anniversaryClubs.


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If your town has a navigable river, spend your anniversary of the company on Board. Believe that such a holiday to remember. You must make arrangements to beautiful bouquets and baskets of flowers to their employees and partners. Organizing the company anniversary, it is necessary to think over all the details. You should worry about the presence of professional photographers, who are memorializing a significant event.

In many companies there is a good and a very good tradition, when its employees, collectively or individually, for the anniversary of his company are preparing a gift.

A Gift for a company anniversary should be special, though, because it is not for one person but for the whole team. There is a place for creativity. Choose better get collectively, thus, the result of public discussion the mass of the proposed options will be chosen the best.

anniversary gift companyOf the many often used, but has not lost its originality gifts can highlight one interesting idea. It is completely original and meets the solemnity of the moment. Present for the anniversary of the company its leaders a collective portrait of all the staff with their wishes for the anniversary. This portrait can be created based on individual pictures, and you will not have to gather everyone together to pose for the artist.

Long-used, but nevertheless a win-win situation – the comic presentation of commemorative medals, specially commissioned for the anniversary.

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