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To Create a stylish and voluminous hairstyle are the owner of thin hair can now by yourself effortlessly for 10–15 minutes thanks to a special nozzle ripple. It can help to make your hair style in several ways: visually increase root volume of hair tongs-ribs, or use them to make a beautiful blow waves all over hair and separate the strands.

ripple tongs for hair

Crimper-bead hair description

A Distinctive feature of the Curling iron is the ribbed surface of the two plates in the form of waves or zigzag. It allows you to give her hair the original volume and appearance. The ribs of the plates can be small, medium or large that allows you to create hair waves with the desired size. It is also the fact that styling your hair this way in many different ways looks very natural, and in the case of increasing volume to the roots using the nozzle ripple altogether imperceptible.

History ripple

This styling technique and hair ripple hair actually are not new; a recent invention. The popularity and wide application among fashionistas began in the nineties of the last century. The unusual hairstyle and the volume was like at that time many girls. After a few years, because of harmful effects on the hair and a significant deterioration in their appearance, fashion packing this way gradually passed, and the tongs-ribs, ceased to be in demand.

hair styling tongs ripple

Today, the developers and manufacturers of equipment for hair care products has developed a new way of styling with Curling irons and irons of this type, allowing you to increase the volume of hairstyle for women with thin hair.


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Types of ripple

Manufacturers offer several variants corrugated hair styling depending on the size of the waves and zigzags on the surface of the plates. To find the optimal way of stacking, you must know three types of ripple:

  1. Small. It is used for the formation of the root hair volume. This method is suitable for smooth, fine or damaged hair, and is not suitable for thick and lush. The surface of the plate-ripple has small zigzags and waves, the size of the Curling iron is typically small (12-17 cm).
  2. Secondary. This option is suitable for creating waves throughout the length of the strands or the root volume of hair of any type and of any length.
  3. Large. Hair styling tongs-ripple allows you to design hairstyles with luxurious volume and curls most effectively looks at a thick and long hair.

Curling-ripple hair, reviews

How to use the tongs-ribs, to increase root volume of hair?

You must perform the following steps:

  • Comb the hair to make smooth partings, the upper part to secure a barrette;
  • To seize with forceps alternately small sections of hair directly at the roots for 3–5 seconds, this is not to crimp the upper, lower and front hair, the hair will look natural;
  • Lightly touch up your hair with your fingertips.

Curling iron hair ripple

How to make laying throughout the length of the hair with a nozzle ripple?

In this case, you must perform the following steps:

  • carefully hair comb to make partings, the upper strands fasten with a pin;
  • Alternately, grab small sections of hair flat irons with corrugated nozzle, moving it from roots to ends of hair, and keep on each site no more than 3-5 seconds;
  • After installation to tweak the curls with his fingers.

What you need to know when choosing irons and tongs-ripple?

When choosing a flat iron or Curling-ripple it is important to pay attention to the material of manufacture. Plate with a metallic coating is very harmful to the hair, allowed their use – no more than two times a month, otherwise the hair can be spoiled very quickly. Because of the damaging effects on the hair structure, the prices of such devices are attractive enough. The most safe are forceps, the surface of which ceramic plates or tourmaline, as a function of ionisation to prevent damage to strands, because the shirring is performed in a sparing mode.

When choosing a flat iron or Curling-ripple is also an important indicator of the presence of a digital thermostat that will allow you to choose the correct temperature. Remember that thin and weak hair should not be exposed to temperatures above 180⁰.

Features when styling hair tongs-ripple

We Offer some recommendations to future users on the basis of customer feedback:

  1. After 1-2 months after use of Curling iron or tongs-ripple appearance and the hair structure deteriorates considerably, they become faded, dry, stiff and lifeless. To avoid this, you need to use different balms and conditioners, at least once a week to do restorative hair mask. Also in the process of laying is obligatory to use special protective mousses or sprays.
  2. Ripple should be done on clean dry hair. Styling wet locks can have a negative impact on the structure of the hair, to dry it up and damage them.
  3. To improvethe effect and extend the durability of the installation, you need to crimp small sections 5-10 mm.
  4. With proper selection and use of termopribor crimper-bead hair get healthy Shine, smoothness and silkiness.

Curling-ripple Babyliss hair

The Tongs-ribs, Babyliss Pro BAB 2151E

One of the leaders produced by appliances for hair care is a French company Babyliss. Pliers-bead hair Babyliss Pro BAB 2151E are very popular among owners of thin hair. The device is great for increasing the basal volume of hairstyle and create thick hair. Pliers-bead hair can rightly be compared with similar professional tools.

Small in size, with a total length of 15 cm, they are not suitable for long thick hair, but it is quite effective when applied on thin hair, manoeuvrable to use. Nanoceramic coating plates creates protection for hair and protects them from damage, and insulating the tip will help to avoid burns. Its advantages are: fast heating, long cord 1.8 m, power supply system, which allows you to operate at 120-240 watts. The disadvantages of this model include low power (60 watts).

The Tongs-ribs, Babyliss Pro BAB 2512EPCE

This model tongs are suitable for any type and any length of hair. Technology EP 5.0 offers significant advantages compared to other similar devices. A special feature of the Curling iron is the lack of chemical components and micrometallics, titanium-tourmaline coating of the plates. This technology provides enhanced hair protection, a smooth sliding, the absence of friction and even heat distribution.

Other advantages of the model include: heat velour cover, the presence of indicator lights, 5 temperature regimes (120⁰, 140⁰, 160⁰, 180⁰, and 200⁰), high power (125 W), long cord (2.7 m). Tongs are perfect for giving a packing of volume at the roots of hair and create waves.

hair tongs-ripple

Hair ripple for hair reviews

Most women respond positively to the above devices. Their advantages include convenience and ease of use, the ability to create a variety of stylish, original and voluminous hairstyles in a short time. Also note the improved appearance of hair, appearance of Shine and smoothness like after visiting the salon. Flat irons and Curling iron hair ripple allow daily to create a variety of hair styles effortlessly. Women who use devices of this type, say also lasting styling that lasts up to two days. For reviews of buyers, some models of tongs and irons-ripple in its capabilities completely replace going to the hairdresser.

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