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Hair Care has always been an important part of the image. To create a beautiful shape of moustache or beard, and also to get rid of unwanted hair, you should use modern devices, for a couple of minutes would translate to life.


Remington Trimmer – this is a special item razor or a separate device, which is used for trimming beards and mustaches. Also included are additional tips for nose, ears. When working with the trimmer you can set the length of the haircut, it can be 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm. it is best to buy the trimmers, whose body is made of stainless steel. Such a device will serve a long time. Remington trimmer runs on battery. Models of machines for haircuts from this manufacturer significantly improve the possibility of hair care. Now a professional device for cutting hair can use anyone.

remington trimmerTrimmers are very popular because they allow the person to independently implement his ideas. Trimmers from Remington have attractive, individual design and ergonomic shape.

This firm produces stainless steel blades, titanium, Nickel and ceramics. They differ from other models that do not require lubrication. In each set contains the most necessary attachments for the face and body. The Remington trimmer has a battery status indicator. Almost all models of trimmers are different in that you can work with them in the bathroom. You can pick up the device powered from the mains or batteries.


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Remington PG6050 Trimmer

This model for haircuts very versatile, as it includes 13 attachments. The set will be able to provide the necessary care from personal care to haircuts. The blade of the clipper is specially polished. They are also covered by titanium coating with the addition of chromium that makes the blades stronger and sharper. The kit includes nozzle–comb attachments for nose and ears, nozzle body, a nozzle, detailed and wide trimmer. The battery charging time is equal to 840 minutes. The operation of the device without additional recharging is possible within 40 minutes. Also, the device is equipped with the ability to be charged via a USB port.remington trimmer reviews

In order that the machine will not slip out during operation, it is rubberized. The set is made in rich black color. The kit also includes charging stand and adapter. The trimmer is controlled by a slider.

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Remington Trimmer reviews, which differ in a positive direction, appeared on the market for quite some time. While its popularity is constantly growing. Buyers note that multipurpose set is great for a gift. Users put emphasis on the fact that the device is convenient to take with you on trips.

We should also highlight the quality of the blades that efficiently cut the hair on head and chin. The trimmer operates at a low noise level. It is pleasant to the touch and comfortable in the hand.

Remington Trimmer NE3750

This model of trimmer runs on batteries. It is very convenient, because with regular use, the batteries will work for very long. The kit includes comb, vertical trimmer for eyebrows, precision trimmer and comb (1-5 mm). Without charging the car can run up to 220 minutes. The blade is made of steel.

With the help of this device it is possible to monitor the vegetation on the face. In just a few minutes you can get rid of unwanted hair in nose, ears and eyebrows. It should be noted that the vertical trimmer for eyebrows is equipped with antibacterial nano-coating, which does not allow bacteria to multiply. The treatment also soothes the skin after the procedure, because it contains silver ions. It can also be used in the shower. The device comes in black and blue color scheme.trimmer remington pg6050

The Advantage of this model is that the housing has an ergonomic shape, in addition, it is waterproof. Handy tip for the ears and nose will help to remove hairs from the most hard to reach places.

To summarize, we should say that the trimmer Remington – is a great choice in case when you need to efficiently and quickly remove hairs on the face. When this machine will help to create hair in any style.

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