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Kids sewing machine Sew Cool – is a fun toy designed for safe sewing. Beautiful appearance will appeal to any girl, and functionality will transform the practice of sewing in a fun hobby.

Basic information

The Sew Cool Toy – sewing machine – is absolutely safe system of sewing using quality felt material on the thin basis. The design includes 6 needles, through which the sewn material with maximum strength and accuracy. To ensure complete safety sharp tools are kept in a special cap that protects against accidental injury when the device is operating.

Children's sewing machine Sew Cool

Kids sewing machine Sew Cool – it is the set that includes 8 patches, a few patterns for making toys, hypoallergenic material-filler, pattern paper, buttons, a small applique fabric and instructions for use. Work toys carried by 4 AA batteries. It is not recommended to use any other tissue, unless specifically designed for.

Description and capabilities

The Toy from the canadian manufacturer can be purchased in the shops of “computers”. Sewing machine Sew Cool is designed for those who like to create beautiful things with their hands. The distinctive feature – is not the right thread or additional needles, only need to click on the button “Start”, and the Sew Cool will start working. Using supplies from a kit, you can create:


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  • 8 different felt products;
  • 3 soft homemade toys;
  • 14 applications of tissue.

Children's sewing machine Sew Cool reviews

Button to run the job located in the side of the machine, and resembles a button. Children's sewing machine Sew Cool reviews, which unanimously positive, has received well-deserved praise for the safety and ease of use.

Device sewing machine fully thought out: the protector, which contains several needles, protects children's fingers from damage. Three needles located at the top, the others – from the bottom. When oncoming traffic the thread is drawn out of the fabric gradually stretches and tucks into the adjacent flap, so that the pieces securely scaliwags between them. This mechanism ensures a constant presence of threads and makes it possible at all to change the coil.

What can make

Kids sewing machine Sew Cool gives the child the opportunity to show imagination. In order to start working, only need to put one or two pieces of felt fabric onto the panel in the case of needles, click on the blue button “start”, to move in two directions of the fabric and press again on the button, the toy ceased to sew.

With the help of special fixing buttons to the finished product, you can attach decorative pieces of cloth and a variety of bows. Patterns and instructions to help you create interesting things, or you can give a chance to the young master of the dream itself. Stuffed toys you can sew already outlined on the fabric lines, then the product is stuffed in a nested set of filler.

Children's World sewing machine Sew Cool

From the blanks you can try to sew even a small purse. As decorative elements will serve as buttons and appliques from a fabric. Of felted pieces of rectangular shape can be beautiful cloth with various ornaments. If finished fabric of the set is over, you can replace it with felt small thickness. So the toy is suitable for long operation.

Great gift idea

The Sew Cool – is the perfect gift idea for any girl who loves to play with dolls or do creative work. About how much is children's sewing machine Sew Cool, needs to be clarified in the nearest toy store. Approximate price – about 3 000 RUB. for the entire set. The developers have thought carefully about all design cars, the toy develops the child's following skills:

  • Coordinating;
  • Imagination;
  • Fine motor skills;
  • Eye.

how much does children's sewing machine Sew Cool

The Toy is Packed in a colourful box with a carrying handle which serves to carry the products even after use.

Customer Reviews

Kids sewing machine Sew Cool feedback has been most positive. Negative comments people leave because of ignorance of the fact that the product can work for a long time after use standard fabrics from the set. It is easy to replace with the similar – fleece/felt. Parents noted the complete safety of toys, ease of sewing, getting incredible experiences in the child who has created something beautiful with their hands.

The Simplicity of operation of the machine allows the girl to understand the principle of operation of the toy the first time. Colorful fabrics, interesting idea of pattern contributes to interest and prolonged passion for the Sew Cool. Quality materials from which made the machine completely safe even for a child prone to allergic reactions.


Kids sewing machine Sew Cool has the following features, allowing you to understand what ais the toy as a whole:

  • Purpose – toys for girls;
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries;
  • Weight 1.2 kg;
  • Dimensions – 13 to 29 and 35 cm;
  • Colors may vary – pink/red/mauve;
  • Recommended age – 6 years;
  • Type – a set of several components: a starting point for creating stuffed toys, fabric scraps, patterns made of paper, appliqué flowers, filler, buttons.

Sew Cool Toy sewing machine

The Toy is a great gift for those girls, which is already difficult than a surprise, and also for beginners masters. Safety at work and quality workmanship is a canadian manufacturer of children's sewing machine guarantees.

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