Cystitis in children: symptoms and treatment


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Cystitis in children is a fairly common problem. In the course of this disease starts, the inflammatory process, the localization which occurs in the mucous and submucous layer of the bladder of the child. Cystitis can be as a result of any infection in the urinary tract. Unfortunately, our doctors are still unable to quickly and accurately deliver such a diagnosis. Therefore, most of the children cystitis and remains undertreated, which leads to pyelonephritis, but its cure is much more complicated.


Most Often, when the diagnosis among the children, and adults too, is found the manifestation of infectious cystitis, which is caused by one of the following infections:

  • Various bacteria (Escherichia coli, chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Streptococcus and many others);
  • Herpesviruses, adenoviruses, parainfluenza virus;
  • Different types of fungi.

There are several ways of their penetration into the human body:

  1. Upward way, when the infection enters the body through sexual contact.
  2. The Downward path, if a person has been infected with the kidneys, then the cystitis can not be avoided.
  3. Hematogenous and lymphogenous way - entering through the blood.
  4. Contact way when in nearby bodies of any infection.

Generally, the mucous membrane of the bladder has a pretty good defense, and even if there are any bacteria or microbes, the occurrence of cystitis may be avoided. However, the development of this disease can be affected by other (facilitating) factors.

  1. The flow of urine is disrupted. This can be caused by various congenital abnormalities or way of life, not just when it defecates in a timely manner. Not excluded, and functional disorders in the body.
  2. Protective properties of the mucosa cells may be impaired. It is influenced by several factors: the presence of salts in the urine, the prolonged use of antibiotics, vitamin deficiencies.
  3. Even with the decrease in the protective forces of the organism may occur with this disease. This happens with colds, people who are sick or under a lot of stress, strong fatigue.
  4. In the pelvic organs may be impaired blood circulation, resulting to the bladder mucosa is poorly supplied with oxygen and other nutrients. This is possible in cases when a person suffers from frequent constipation, leading a sedentary lifestyle.
cystitis child

Acute - chronic

Quite often, the acute form of cystitis becomes chronic, it affects several factors:


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  • First and foremost, this transition is due to the fact that the patient is not timely appealed to the doctor, or the doctor for too long been diagnosed, it is quite possible, and treatment is not started in a timely manner;
  • Maybe people who have congenital or acquired diseases of the genitourinary system.

The Symptoms of cystitis in children

To begin, I would like to consider the form with which it starts is acute. First and foremost, you should pay attention to the urination of the child. Generally, cystitis symptoms in children (girls and boys) are almost identical, although some doctors try to argue with that.

So, the child usually begins to walk to the toilet and has severe pain. And can be painful not only during but also before and after urination. In practice there were cases when the pain did not pass, and during bowel movements just amplified. It is possible that the baby may spend a long time in the toilet due to the fact that he hurts to empty my bladder until the end or have to work too hard at it. Parents of boys need to be careful because the male half of blood can appear in urine.

Cystitis in a child 5 years of symptoms virtually identical to the adult. If your baby has a mild form of cystitis, it can go to the toilet more often than usual, and you do not immediately notice it, but in severe forms of the desire to defecate occurs every ten or fifteen minutes. Is it possible that the urge to urinate about, but it is possible that the child does not have time to walk to the toilet and incontinence occurs. Someone thinks that cystitis year-old child has the symptoms of such, but even teenagers are sometimes unable to restrain themselves. Not all children urination becomes more frequent, it happens so that the child is much less likely to go to the bathroom. And it's also a clear sign of cystitis.

children's symptoms of cystitis

Other symptoms

During this disease in the urine of the patient contains many leukocytes and bacteria, making it muddy. In some cases, it even acquires a brownish-red color. Perhaps even the presence of pieces of mucus.

Cystitis does not manifest itself by fever, General weakness or any other symptoms. Most often it is limited to a change in the frequency of urination and sharp and cutting pain in the abdomen.

Features in babies

When you have cystitis year-old child the symptoms and treatment are somewhat different. Diagnosis is complicated and, because the kid can't tell that he hurts. But at this age, children may increase the temperature, disturbed appetite,appears lethargy and drowsiness, possible even vomiting. Many doctors rush to a diagnosis and say that it is pyelonephritis. But if you get a full diagnosis, you can get to the real cause.

Chronic cystitis

Chronic cystitis in a child the symptoms and treatment is a bit different. And indeed can occur in two forms.

  1. Recurrent form. When with some frequency there is a worsening of the disease. This usually occurs in spring and autumn. This almost completely repeat the symptoms of acute cystitis.
  2. Latent form. Almost has no symptoms. When a latent form of chronic cystitis in a child the symptoms and treatment of difficult to compare. Although, to be closer, they are not so disguised. The fact that sometimes in children the incontinence occurs. But not all parents pay attention to it. Someone writes off fatigue, and someone on the characteristics of age, especially if chronic cystitis in children 6 years of age, symptoms of which may well coincide with the unformed psyche.
how to cure cystitis


If you have a good doctor, he will suspect cystitis, is in your complaint of frequent urination, but to prescribe treatment based only on your words, no one will. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a number of tests to be sure of the correctness of their assumptions.

  1. Urinalysis. In General, assigned to almost any disease. In it you can see the leukocytes, whose number is at this disease is greatly increased; may appear in urine and red blood cells, which in different forms exist in different amounts; laboratory testing is clearly visible traces of protein; moreover, the urine contains salts, pieces of mucus, epithelium, and various bacteria. During the assignment the analysis, the doctor should instruct you on how to properly collect the urine. Even as it can greatly affect the diagnosis. Before collecting you need to carefully wash, the child should urinate into the pot, then in a jar and leftovers back in the pot. Collect all the tests in the morning after sleep.
  2. The Child must pass a General analysis of blood.
  3. Duhsasana a urine sample. Takes two containers. In the first capacity, the child passes no more than five milliliters of urine and about thirty in the second. The collection differs slightly from the General analysis, since there is in the pot the baby needs only to finish urinating.
  4. Seeding for sterility, sensitivity to antibiotics. To collect this urine can only be in a sterile jar, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Technology corresponds exactly to the collection for General analysis. In the laboratory, engaged in the cultivation of colonies of microorganisms, and then test their sensitivity to various antibiotics. This method of research is more suitable in determining chronic cystitis and greatly assists with assignment of treatment.
  5. It is Advisable to get an ultrasound, which is carried out before urination and after it.
  6. Endoscopy. Often performed in those cases when it is necessary to clarify the presence of chronic form. When cystitis in a year-old baby girls symptoms are bad and there is a need for such a study, however, at this age the procedure is only possible under anesthesia. Forbidden to perform endoscopy when the disease is exacerbated.
  7. There are other methods of research, however, resorted to them rarely. But if there is an urgent need, and all previous analysis is sufficient to identify the diagnosis, are appointed by additional tests.
treatment of cystitis

Cystitis or pyelonephritis?

Quite often, these two diseases are confused, although the symptoms are quite different. For pyelonephritis violation of urination is the main symptom. Here there is a sharp increase in body temperature, complete loss of appetite, even if the patient eats something, it immediately appears gag reflex. The skin becomes pale, there is a complete lack of strength. All this accompanied by constant pain in the abdomen and lower back. Pyelonephritis is also possible to determine the results of General blood analysis.

During the diagnosis, the doctor needs to be very careful. Because the treatment of pyelonephritis is much more complicated and requires the use of other drugs. So do not give up additional tests and ultrasound.

pyelonephritis or cystitis

SARS or cystitis

Probably every mom knows, that colds or the flu, drink lots of water, and tries to give the child as much fluid as possible. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the child usually begins to walk to the toilet. And some moms start to panic that the baby has problems with urinary. However, diagnosing SARS is much easier to inspect in the mouth in children, symptoms of cystitis do not appear there. As for diseases of the bladder, it is even accompanied by severe stomach pain, colds, such symptoms were recorded. And does not occur during flu enuresis.

As you can see, to distinguish cystitis from other diseases is quite simple, even if they, too, are related to urinarythe system, such as pyelonephritis. The main thing is to carry out a correct diagnosis and pass all required tests. Cystitis in a child of 4 years the symptoms is the same as that of an adult. Vary can only be found in nature. Adults more likely to have STDs, but the child's disease can occur from hypothermia.


Usually in the treatment of acute cystitis in children not hospitalitynet. They just periodically visit a nephrologist or physician and pass all required tests. But cystitis year-old child has ambiguous symptoms, and therefore, there is a need to be under constant supervision of doctors.

In the first place, acute cystitis child requires constant drink. If the baby is not yet a year, he should drink at least half a liter of water a day, slightly more than a liter for those who are over a year old and more than two liters of students.

You do Not need give your child to drink only water. On the contrary. Let us a variety of fruit compotes, fruit drinks, tea with lemon and currants are particularly conducive to leaching of salts and other bacteria out of the body rose, fresh juices. To drink the baby needs not only during the day and night.

The Child sits on a diet. There are a number of products that can irritate the bladder, to increase blood flow and greatly aggravate the symptoms of cystitis in children.

You can't eat anything spicy, smoked, to avoid very salty foods, mayonnaise and chocolate.

As for drug treatment, most often manages to do just urocoptidae, but some doctors recommend the use of antibiotics, although acute it is not necessary. The course of treatment can last from three to seven days, depending on the severity of the disease and its neglect. It is impossible to prescribe treatment alone. It can only do surgery only on the basis of the results of all required tests.

symptoms of cystitis in a child

How to cure chronic cystitis

Chronic cystitis is a more serious disease, and doctors recommend not to refuse inpatient treatment. There they have the opportunity to constantly observe the course of the disease and prescribe the most proper treatment.

The treatment process is not particularly different: medications, diet and drinking plenty of fluids. However, it is important to understand where a chronic cystitis and after fixing the cause should be immediately taken for its elimination. Here, however, rely more on antibiotics, and for one course of treatment, sometimes three on a drug. And after such intensive treatment can be assigned uroseptic. The dosage will be minimal, and the course of treatment is long. Here it is more useful for prevention of a recurrence.

As you know, prolonged use of antibiotics causes in children goiter. In this regard, the doctor must prescribe pre - or probiotics.


On cystitis in children, symptoms and treatment Komarovsky says that diseases can be avoided. And no particular preventive measures to take in this case is not necessary. Enough just to avoid peremerzaniya, to monitor the hygiene in the genital area, time to change underwear. You can't ignore diseases of the genital organs and timely access to specialists. Don't forget that you need to constantly consume plenty of fluids, especially those who have in the urine detected a large concentration of salts. This applies to both adults and children.

symptoms of cystitis in children


As you can see, cystitis is a fairly common disease, especially common in girls. This is due to several factors. First, they have a much shorter urethra than boys, and second, the reservoirs of infection (anus and vagina) are located close. More common among them are infection in the genital tract, which, as we have said, reduces the protective function of the mucous membrane. However, if preventive measures and if any changes in the child's body to go to the specialist for serious problems and consequences can be easily avoided.

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