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Some people by the nature of their activities are required to wear badges. They are also required during certain events. Here you can specify various information. What should be the size of the badge? Are there any requirements and standards?

vertical badge size

The size of the badge. What can it be?

So try to understand. Actually, there is no standard size classic badge – to 8.5 × 5.5 cm. they Occur most often at the various conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other public events. Format can be both horizontal and vertical.

However, there are other options. The size of the badge in cm may be, for example, of 8.2 × 10,8 11 × 7,8. For accreditations and passes are also valid options 12 × 10 cm For the guards and servants used badges 9,8 × 7,6 cm in short, the dimensions can vary depending on the destination or just the personal preferences of the organizers or the authorities.badge size in cm


So the length and height can be different. But do not forget that this seemingly little thing needs to be taken into account. The size of the badge for a large event is of great importance. After all, if it is mounted on the clip, also still not very large, consider the inscription on it is problematic.

It is Desirable to use large badges on the ribbons, which divide by color. They can be easily placed all the necessary information.

One More thing. At various events are the organizers, speakers, attendees, sponsors, press. Badges they can be separated according to size. For example, for the organizers – the largest. So they will be much easier to find. Need to get a grasp of the names of every passing man just disappears.


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size of badge

Information on the badge

But that's not all. The size of the badge depends, of course, and from the information located on it. More precisely, from its volume. As a rule, the badge shall contain the name and the person's name and position and company name. In principle, for this information he made. First and last name are usually printed in bold large font, the name of the company – smaller.

At various conferences and other events used large badges. They must include the name, date, logo, etc.

However, to date, quite often began to meet and double-sided badges. In this case, the size may be slightly smaller. For example, on the reverse side can be specified topic or any other desired information. It is important not to forget the print name on both sides. Although to stay better on simple large badges. Much easier to see all the information at once before the eyes.

size of badge

The Photo on the badge

And the last important point. What else can affect horizontal or vertical badge? The size also depends on the availability of photography. The standard version involves the use of cards 3 × 4 cm Photo must be clearly visible. The distortion of the characteristic features of the face is simply unacceptable. Of course, in full-length or waist-pictures are not used, however, the badge should still allow you to conveniently place the image. The important thing in its manufacture - to monitor the clarity. Free top box above the head should be 0.5 cm

So, the size of the badge depends on several factors. It could be a number of this information, and purpose, and the availability of pictures, and all of the above together. However, it is neither affect the size, the badge should be clear and visible. Therefore, during manufacturing it is necessary to think carefully about every detail and calculate the amount of space that you need. In short, you must take into account any detail.

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