Puzzles about the phenomena of nature is a fascinating activity for children of primary school age


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Each nation has its own folklore. It is very original, as it affects the whole mentality of its Creator. Came folklore from ancient times – from the time when writing was not yet. Many generations had passed from mouth to mouth a variety of works, including the mysteries of natural phenomena. With the appearance of writing they continue to emerge, surprising people with his expressive and accurate language.

Puzzles about the phenomena of nature for the younger generation

By the way, the kids should definitely show how it was perceived and described the world by different people. Puzzles about the phenomena of nature were stored in the memory of many generations. They told to this day the soul of the people, his living word.

Puzzles about the phenomena of nature are one of the most famous genres of folklore. Introduce them to kids starting at an early age – immediately after lullabies, nursery rhymes and fairy tales first. Puzzles entertain the children, entertain them, give them the opportunity to learn about the world and language. Most importantly, that their contents was available for children.mysteries about natural phenomena

Tell us about the history of puzzles

Familiarity with this genre leads the kids enthralled. Because the riddles about the phenomena of nature from ancient times was used as one of the techniques of secret language.

What does that mean? Since then, as people learned to speak, their speech appeared the so-called word-taboo. They were forbidden to pronounce. Otherwise, people could bring a small setback or some kind of big trouble. That is, a certain phenomenon or object is called as the conditional, metaphorically.

From time immemorial, with human mysteries experienced on a wide variety of quality – for ingenuity, resourcefulness and intelligence. Used them in various ceremonies – everything depended on folk traditions.

Riddles sagatavots the main characters in many fairy tales. The ability to solve them often allows the fairy-tale characters to defeat evil.

In short, explain to the children that puzzles develop the imagination, intelligence and wit. In addition, they are also a way of learning to count and mastering the so-called people's living arithmetic.alphabet mysteries about natural phenomena


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Features of the mysteries about the phenomena of nature

Let's Consider a few more things. The ABCs of the mysteries about the phenomena of nature offers a variety of options. What are their characteristics?

Like all mysteries, they are incomplete, but very accurate descriptions. This is a figurative expression, which is often figurative meaning of words, metaphors, paradoxical statements. The ABCs of the mysteries about the phenomena of nature contains many such descriptions.

This literary genre is incredibly attracts the attention of children. Many children, by the way, love is not only a brief detailed description, but whole stories in verse.

The Various phenomena of nature are daily surrounded by every person. To understand and correctly evaluate everything faster will those who from childhood accustomed to solve riddles. So with kids it is advisable to do from an early age.mysteries of the phenomena of nature for class 1

The Mysteries about the phenomena of nature, there is a huge amount. They can match the theme of different seasons. Can differ in their size and shape. But in any case, children will be very interested to solve this so-called small piece of the huge pie of folk wisdom.

The Perfect way to acquaint with nature

In short, if you want to tell the child about certain phenomena – regularly conduct such studies. You can not only engage in oral lessons. You can also and special presentations. It's the perfect way to make riddles about natural phenomena for 1st grade. All the answers are displayed in colorful, easy-to-remember symbols. In the aggregate the same information will be interesting and quite accessible to children.

For example, puzzles about the phenomena of nature for children on the theme of winter you can easily combine in a beautiful and interesting presentation. Select a picture with, say, frozen river. mysteries of the phenomena of nature for kidsAccompany it with the words:

The cold came,

And nature all tired.

And took refuge again the river

White light blanket.

The Kids immediately give the correct answer. Not only the words but also the picture given to understand that it's ice.

Or: photo with a winter forest. And the words:

A gentle, Gentle, light blue

On the branches hung… (Frost).

In a word, no matter what natural phenomena are you going to think the kids and in what form the courses will take place. Most importantly, it will not only be interesting to your children but also useful for the development of their memory and intelligence.

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