The feed dispenser with their hands. The feed dispenser: description, classification, types and reviews


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Dispensers dry food indispensable if you live in the house several cats, or dogs. This modern device simplifies feeding and absolutely does not take away time from the owner. There are many variations of dispensers, ranging from budget to more expensive devices. Their advantage is that pet can be without a master for several days and to eat independently. Plus the fact that the dispensers are easy to make at home.feed dispenser

What is the feed dispenser?

This is an automatic device used to regulate the flow of food in the bowl of a pet. The feed dispenser – a useful and indispensable thing, especially if it is not possible to control the process of supply. Expensive models automated feeders have the option of programming the mode of food intake and even voice recording of the owner, which is important for dogs. Voice control notifies the pet of the time of feeding.

So, with the help of a modern system you can create an illusion of being on its own with a pet. This allows the dog or cat will not feel lonely and do not stay hungry for the whole day. For example, if the owner is at work. The feed dispenser with a timer is a great option if the animal is sick, and he needs to eat hourly.dry food dispensers

The Principle of operation and internal structure

All automatic dispensers are produced in the form of containers that have two or more departments for dry and wet food. The containers come with a timer and without it. The first option helps to set the time of serving food. Tanks for feeds can be of different sizes, depending on the type of animal and its needs. The feed dispenser is equipped with a special loader of food, reminiscent of a cooler, or bowl with lid.


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Bulky dispensers are designed for larger Pets that feed large portions multiple times a day. A small segment feeders are suitable for miniature breeds of dogs and cats. This feeder looks like a round covered bowl with departments that poured different kinds of food, including filled with water. The complexity of the internal structure of the dispensers depends on the manufacturer and price. The advantage of automated feeders that they are durable and easy to care for them.

For Example, a single dispenser with a hinged lid operates as follows. The container is placed a pound of moist or dry food and worked the cover open. In this feeder, the food is not Severinets, but her need to constantly fill throughout the day.

Classification and types

At the moment, produce several types of dispensers for small and large Pets. This is a dispenser for wet food, the bowl with the segments, with a hinged lid, a programmable device for large animals and large volume of the container. Classification of dosing of the feed can be carried out according to the degree of automation devices, which are designed for different types of food.

Minus human feeders: they pack on the pet's weight with a good appetite, do not regulate the number of portions you do not have a delayed start. Plus – such dispensers are budget and easy to use.feed dispenser with their hands

How to make a dispenser for food?

If you want to save money, you can make a simple feed dispenser with their hands. Take a large plastic bottle, carefully cut the top and bottom. Secure it to the bowl of the pet, leaving the bottom of the hole from which comes the food. Power will crumble in a bowl as eating servings. For adult dogs of large sizes, the instructions for making the feeder more difficult. In this case you will need some tools, a lot of time, materials, skills and availability of the Studio.feed dosing system for the aquarium

How to choose an automatic feeder?

The Choice of feeders in specialized stores huge. Before you buy a dispenser for animal feed, decide which model will suit your pet. Available are inexpensive devices that have no timer and can not provide long-term storage of food. Automatic devices operate on a delayed balanced feeding, long-term storage of dry and liquid food.

When choosing the dispenser, guided by the following key figures:

  • Size pet.
  • Daily system power.
  • The batch Size.
  • How long pet is one.

Electric dispensers provided with a timer and electric signals. Most models work on standard batteries. They are safe for animals, as it reduces the risk of short circuit and sudden power. The latest models of dispensers have the ability to record the voice of the master. This feature adapts the animal, so it quickly gets used to eat from the new bowl. Automated feeders are Autonomous, so they can be installed in any convenient location. Consider the cost, functionality and purpose (of animal).wet food dispenser

Helpful tips

In the event of the prolonged absence of the host fish provides a feed dispenser for an aquarium. It is selected on the same principle as for cats, dogs. Automated devices are filled with food that is poured into the aquarium at a certain time and filled again.

The trough of dosing selected based on the needs of a pet and its owner. If it is possible to fill in section of the dispenser as they are empty, buy a small volume of a segmented trough.

If the owner of the pet is almost not at home because of work, long trips or vacations, get an improved model of the dispenser. Such a device can competently serve wet or dry food in the time allotted.

Buy for the feeder-dispenser stand. This will keep the feeding place clean and will not spoil the posture of the pet while eating. If you have the opportunity to make a bird feeder by yourself, try to save.classification of feed dispensers


According to most reviews from owners of dogs, cats and other Pets, feeders for feed - irreplaceable thing. They allow you to control the procedure of the meal. Automatic feeders are suitable for those Pets that are left alone at home for a long time. They can at any moment to satisfy hunger. Users report that they are not afraid to leave the dog or cat for a long time, since the dispenser efficiently calculates the portions.

Of the shortcomings that set buyers – the high price of automated devices, and dimensions. If Pets a lot, everyone needs to purchase a separate dispenser, taking into account the size of the pet. In General it is a useful device that really can do it yourself.


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