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Every mom looks forward to when her baby learns to utter the first words. But after this joyful event the alarm is not getting smaller. Is it critical that if in two years the child does not speak in sentences? How to do if the child says the sounds distorted, simplify the words? Let's talk about how to teach the child how to talk without speech therapy, as well as about some of the common mistakes parents.

Why the kid is silent?

Speech therapists in different countries have noted that today's children start to speak later than their parent's generation. In addition, they have observed more violations with the pronunciation of sounds. Very often at the reception parents come with a question about how to teach a toddler to talk. Although, according to the law, in this age it is already necessary to speak in simple sentences.

baby sucks his thumb

Reasons for the lag can be as follows:

  • Violations of psychophysical development. These include hearing problems, abnormal anatomy of the vocal apparatus, neurological and psychiatric diseases. This is due to poor health moms and dads, birthing injuries.
  • Underdevelopment of the muscles of the tongue, lips, jaw. The reason may be the constant sucking nipples, food soft food.
  • The Adverse situation in the family in which the baby does not feel safe, is closed.
  • Lack of attention. Sometimes all contact with the child in the family is to care for, the rest of the time he stays by himself, or sitting in front of TV.
  • Multilingual environment. If mom speaks Russian, and my father - in English, the child later will say their first words. But soon - in two languages.
  • "Verbal negativism" when the baby does not speak because of stubbornness. Usually this is due to the excessive pressure of adults who forced him to repeat words and was blamed for the error.

Speech Development in babies

To prevent lag, it is necessary to have an idea about the conventional norms. A newborn baby is able to report their problems in one way - with a loud cry. However, in the months of age, babies begin to say vowels. And they were doing it and toddlers with hearing loss. From 3 to 6 months, babies are actively developing goo goo. The sounds "Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah" and "huuuu" and others they pull from different influences. Interestingly, speakers of different languages can easily learn the "goo-goo" of their little compatriots.

the mother says with the child

After six months the children will have the talk. Now they learn to pronounce syllables of consonants and vowels. Can accidentally slip combinations, similar to the words: "Mama", "Baba". However, the baby still does not give sound shell value. Babble is not observed in children with hearing problems. His absence is a reason to contact the experts.

Also in 7-9 months babies are developing an understanding of the question. They can show where the mother or a favorite toy. Children clearly determine a person's mood by his tone, trying to repeat the words. To teach the child to speak properly dealing with it. Then year be meaningful words. In the speech of kid can be from 3 to 10.

What about an adult?

How to teach a child to talk? First of all, he needed regular communication with family and friends. One can begin when the baby is still in the tummy. It is proved that newborns recognize the voices of parents, quickly calm down under song, which was heard prior to his birth.


Speaking with the child, comment on their actions, call things. Well accepted by children songs, rhythmic poems. Speak emotionally, clearly, change tone. Shock vowels better a little stretch. Lean to the baby that he saw the proper articulation, exaggerated widely open your mouth or stretch your lips. From the first months involve little dialogue, giving time for a response.

With a six-month old baby start roll call, repeating his babble. He will answer you. When contact is established, offer to repeat new syllables: "ha-ha-ha", "tuk-tuk-tuk". At this time, learn the names of toys, objects and the sounds they make: "It's a cat, she says "meow meow". And here machine. She hums: "bi-Bi!". Covering the toy with a handkerchief, play hide and seek. Teach crumbs to show where familiar objects.

The Development of speech in kids

If by 12 months a child can not utter more than 10 words, then in six months their number increases 3 times. Often kids say to others in a strange language. At this age, typical:

  • The utterance predominantly of open syllables "mA", "di", "Tu";
  • The use of onomatopoeia or syllables instead of words ("meow" - cat, Ki - book);
  • Using a variety of intonations to Express their emotions.
mommy reads baby a book

At the same time actively expanding passive vocabulary. Kids understand the speech of adults, to show in a book named object. Carefully listen to the conversations trying to answer. Parents often wonder about how to teach a child to talk in a year, if he does not take anyattempts. Take a look at the advice of speech therapists.

Tips moms

Unfortunately, the magic methods do not exist. If you don't know how to teach a child to talk in a year, make it a habit not to remain silent. Communicate with the baby, drawing his attention to the objects around. Do not distort the words, speak correctly, gently stretching a stressed vowel. Remember that your baby needs to see what was going on. When you eat, talk about delicious porridge and a round plate. Getting ready for bed, learn the verb "to bed" and bedding.

Here's a few tips:

  • Keep in mind that your speech was not only from nouns. Avoid phrases: "This machine". Describe it: "Look what a big car! It is red and knows how fast to drive. Remember the buzzing machine? That's right, "bi-bi".
  • Actively use onomatopoeia, ask the child to reproduce them, changing volume, intonation.
  • Consider picture books, teach him new words.
  • Often ask the child a question, then pause ("Where we have a red cube?"). If the baby is silent, answer yourself for him ("Here he is! Give it to me!"). Avoid any coercion.
  • Play Along with dolls, toy cars, soft toys. Organizing the zoo, you repeat the names of animals. The truck transporting bricks for building towers, learn many new verbs, understand the directions, the concepts of "large-small", "fast-slow".
  • Correctly respond to pointing gestures of the child. Do not rush immediately to apply the desired object. Ask: "What do you want?" Pause, then continue: "You want to drink, right? Well, I'll get you some water."
men's conversation

Language Development in children at 1.5 years

Before that age the kids have little to say. They are dominated by passive accumulation of vocabulary. But with a year and a half, according to the rules, starts the active mastering speech. The baby repeats all of the others, confusing the syllables, omitting sounds or substituting them with others. The same word is used in different meanings and can be understood only on the basis of the situation. "Baba" may mean that grandma came to visit or Vice versa, is gone. Maybe it gave this toy.

Closer to 2 years children start to combine two words into phrases ("give ball"), to deal with numbers, cases, persons. All this requires the active participation of adults. How to teach a child to talk in a year and a half?

Play along

All recommendations concerning the employee's children, remain relevant. It is important to talk a lot with the baby, involving him in dialogue. Pronounce words clearly, but from stretching out the vowels it's time to give up. Don't be afraid to use difficult names. Say "Dolphin" instead of generic "fish". Avoid requests for "repeat", "say", not to cause a negative reaction. Much better children perceive the word "guess".

baby talking on phone

How to teach your baby to talk while having fun games? You'll appreciate the following ideas:

  • Buy the kid a toy phone, and periodically talk with one another on it.
  • Talk with your child on behalf of the toys, encouraging dialogue. Let your character confuses the names of objects. The kid will want to fix it.
  • Get Involved in the game that interested the child. If he builds a tower, count the blocks, "one dice, two dice" and to tear down the building with a joyful "Boo!". If the daughter rattles the dishes, offer to cook dinner for the dolls. Find out what you will cook - porridge or soup? Encourage the baby to try the dish enough salt, sugar?

The Development of speech in children under 2 years

By this age, kids should say from 100 to 300 words. During the year, their vocabulary is replenished verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech. Children speak simple sentences, ask yourself questions for adults. To three years the number of "strange" words is greatly reduced, the first "why". In the active dictionary has about 1000 words.

mom talking son

The question of how to teach a child to speak clearly, still is not put. It is permissible distortion sounds, especially in compound words of 3-4 syllables. Toddlers often mispronounce Sizzling and chornye ("R", "l").

What parents

How to teach a child to talk in two years? At this time, the children already understand verbal instructions, recognize objects by description ("take the red little ball"). To extend vocabulary well suited to integrated studies, when during the week studied one topic (the so-called "thematic weeks"). For example, you pass the names of fruits and vegetables.

Your week may include:

  • Information block (read fairy tales and poems on the subject, watching cartoons, presentations, games, flashcards);
  • Coloring pictures, sculpting vegetables from clay, create the simplest of applications;
  • Finger games;
  • Visit to a kitchen garden;
  • Help the mother to prepare salad or soup;
  • Role-playing, during which the baby helps the toys to harvest, cook soup Bunny.

Develop fingers

Speech therapists have longknow how to teach a child to speak in a short time. You need to pay close attention to the development of fine motor skills. Parents can grind and iron handle is two-month baby. With half a year there comes a time finger games. Buy toys with buttons, blocks and constructors. With about a year to cope with the ear, to two years you can buy mosaic, large puzzles, lacing.

kid drawing

As early As possible to draw with the baby, sculpt dough and clay to play with cereals, do simple crafts made. The more loaded fingers, the more successful takes verbal development of the child.

Read books

You kept asking about how to teach children to speak sentences? Stock up on children's tales, poems, poteshkami. You can use them from birth. Read the tales of emotionally imitating the voices of the characters. If the child is difficult to focus on the story, look at pictures. Tell me that is drawn to them, ask them to find familiar characters.

For the development of speech useful to learn a short poem, to dramatize the tale with the help of toys, cards. Have two years child can take on the role of one of the characters, pronouncing his words.

Talking pure

How to teach a child how to speak without a speech therapist? If the child is not physiological problems, it is enough to hear correct it without "melting down". Although focused work on language development will be useful too. One year old baby learn to drink through a straw, chewing hard vegetables, crackers. Build faces, imitate sounds: porridge sputtering - "PF" mosquito buzz "and".

Special articulation exercises will develop the muscles of the tongue. Simple exercises will be able to repeat the baby in 8 months, but regular classes started from 2 years. At this age they are used to prevention of violations. If the child after 5-6 years, there are certain defects of speech, selected special exercises to correct these deficiencies.

When you need expert help?

Let's be honest: there are times when the advice of a speech therapist required. What signs indicate this? Here they are:

  • The Baby is 8 months old does not come into contact with other people, do not understand the question: "Where mom?".
  • 2 year kid does not say a single word.
  • To 2.5 years the child says simple phrases ("want drink", "where daddy?").
  • 3 years the child speaks "your" language, while "adult" words in his vocabulary, almost none.
  • It appeared and then suddenly disappeared.
  • Kid 4-5 years speaks indistinctly, distorting the words beyond recognition.
  • Child stutters.
  • After 5 years not all the sounds are pronounced correctly.

If you are concerned about how to teach a child to talk, pay attention to one point. A very important psychological comfort of the baby. When a family discord, the child does not feel safe. He has no desire to Express, to make contact. So often hug his heir, say how much you love him, how proud of every achievement. And then all must succeed.

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