Arai helmet stylish ride. How to select the optimal model?


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The Choice of any helmet starts by identifying desired style, shape, level of protection and the correct size. All these factors should be considered when buying, and to meet the existing expectations. Brand Arai helmets which have a long, proven history of quality and reliability, takes into account the expectations of buyers. That is why for many it is a priority when selecting a desired model.


The Brand produces several varieties of helmets. Consider the most popular. The company Arai helmet integral which is designed to drive at very high speeds, produces the popular monolithic model. They have a very high degree of protection. They are used for speed racing.

Open face helmet for motocross (also known as paulicevich) is designed for city driving at low speed. It does not provide the same level of protection as integral.

Manufactured by Arai helmet for road riding has a rigid design and is suitable for driving on asphalt and off-road at the same time. In addition, you can also choose color, style of print and design that matches the personal preferences.

Arai helmet


Manufactured by Arai helmet has three options for interior shapes: long oval, medium oval and medium round oval. The selection is made by direct fitting, or the results of measurements of the head.

The oval has extra space in my forehead. It is suitable for those who are other helmets close at the top. Model a long line front to back and narrow from side to side. A typical example – Signed helmet-Q.


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Medium oval shorter lines front to back and wider from side to side. Typical model – Corsair V, Vector, Vector 2 and 4 XD. This includes all hats from oblong to round shape. No company is the manufacturer devotes as much attention to internal form, that primarily distinguishes the brand from the rest.

The Average round oval more short line from front to back and wider from side to side. Example – helmet RX-q Model is suitable for owners of round shape of the head, it ensures a secure fit and extra comfort.

Arai helmets reviews

Protection Level

Integral – the highest level of protection. This is ensured by the monolithic shape of the model. Open helmet (paulicevich) has a low degree of protection. This is sufficient to drive around the city for which it is designed. Version of the car has a high safety performance. It only slightly falls short of the integral.

Indicators of safety are the priority when choosing a model, no doubt about it. Produced by brand Arai helmets (reviews confirmed this repeatedly) are considered the best in the world. The company during its existence has received numerous awards for high standards of quality, comfort, security, design and ventilation.

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