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In order For the child had flat feet, which in adulthood can cause unpleasant effects and even serious illness, to take care of this you need to start right from the moment of birth, particularly when your child takes their first steps. For the full development and formation of the foot is indispensable pediatric orthopedic Mat.

orthopedic pad for baby

It needs to know everyone

First, we are talking about the foot massage which have to do mother, about the regular visits of the therapist and a podiatrist who will be able to suggest the correct action and to detect danger. If a child is already beginning to take its first steps, it is an indispensable means of prevention in this case will be a children's orthopedic pad. Also need to choose the right footwear and to ensure a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the diet of the baby.

orthopedic Mat for kids with their hands

This is important!!! Scientists have proved the relationship of flatfoot and rickets in early childhood. The use of orthopedic Mat will help to avoid both of these troubles.

Interesting and useful

Parents know that the child needed educational toys and other useful items, and provide that to the extent possible. Orthopedic pad for a child can become a favorite game that, besides entertainment, will bring huge benefits to its development. In addition to massaging the feet and prevent flat feet, this Mat can help develop fine motor skills, attention, memory, logic. It depends on its components. For example, an orthopedic pad puzzle not only helps to combat flat feet. Putting it together, the kid plays and develops through this game. Every day, he can create something new, because the parts are easily rearranged and provide complete freedom for creativity.


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How it works

That on the feet are the main acupuncture points and the nerve endings that transmit signals to the brain. Massaging the foot turns out, not only to ensure normal formation, but also to have a positive healing effect on the entire body. There is improvement of blood circulation, exercise the muscles, forming the ankle joint, relieves fatigue, decreases the possibility of development of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. The child of the expected effect is much faster. Orthopedic pad for a child is a necessary object in every family. Even if the baby was born with birth defects of the foot, in early childhood they are quite fixable, just need to seize the opportunity.

orthopedic Mat for feet

Please note!!! Use an orthopedic pad can not only children. Parents can also experience for yourself its healing effects.

How to choose orthopedic massage Mat for kids

Modern manufacturers offer parents a wide range of prevention of flatfoot. Most pediatric orthopedic pad is of varying hardness coating that simulates walking barefoot on the grass or sea pebbles. Children's products are different from adult. It is more delicate and soft and still has bright coloring and contains additional educational elements. Choose an orthopedic pad of a child is one thing, but baby this acquisition brought only pleasure, you should follow some rules:

  • Take into account the age of the child;
  • Choose the size of the Mat in accordance with the growth of the child;
  • Material must be natural;
  • Note the easy care surface.

Competitor store products

Orthopedic pad for baby can be purchased in stores, but often the range is not satisfied with young parents. Primarily this is due to the following:

  • Mat size;
  • The stiffness of the surface;
  • A high price;
  • The lack of educational elements.

Even the best orthopedic pad from flat feet, in opinion of producers and sellers, can not make caring parents. What then can I offer them? To do such a thing on their own. The more special skills and some special materials are not required for this. The result is a great option that can easily compete with the store-bought models.

orthopedic Mat from flatfoot

Please note!!! Orthopedic pad for children, made with his own hands, it is an opportunity to provide your child with healthy development. A minimum of time, effort and materials with the right approach will create a unique thing.

For those who are confident in their abilities

For Those who have decided to make an orthopedic pad for kids with your own hands, will be useful to our ideas. The options proposed are simple and accessible, but in the end give a great result.

A Rug for the kids

Given the age of the child and his sensitive skin, the first orthopedic model must be very gentle not to cause the baby pain. For this you need to prepare the ground. Perfect an old blanket, piece of carpet or linoleum, remaining after repair.Then you need to arrange clothes in closet. For the first time will suit all, having the structural surface. Faux fur, textured yarn, old corduroy pants, and more. Cut the chosen material into equal squares or rectangles and attach to the base with glue or thread.

orthopedic pad for baby

A Mat of sea pebbles

This is an option for older kids and their parents. When choosing shingles, it is necessary to pay attention to its surface. Use only safe options to help your toddler during the game couldn't hurt. Pebbles can be replaced with large beads or artificial stones, which are sold in hardware departments. To create the Mat again need the Foundation, the glue and the material for surface.

Developmental orthopedic pad

Using improvised materials, you can make not only an orthopedic pad, but to add such necessary child educational elements that ensure the full and comprehensive development. Make sectional option. For this you can use not only the fabric with a different surface, but also cereals, buttons, lids from plastic bottles. Think of the idea, starting from the preferences of the child and their personal (for example, use a favorite story), and make an orthopedic pad puzzle on the principle of those sold in stores.

orthopedic Mat from flatfoot

Hand-made things for the child are maternal warmth, they are absolutely safe and unique. And yet, creating a Mat orthopedic for feet, you can bring to this child and turn it into a fun game with a great end result.

For those who still have doubts

If young parents have doubts about the expediency of purchase or self-production of children's orthopedic Mat, here is another very important argument! Mat, stimulating receptors located on the surface of the feet, should not be viewed only as a subject necessary for the prevention of flatfoot. It affects the overall health and strengthens the immune system.

Ready to Buy a rug or to do it yourself - you decide, but be in the house where a small child, he must.

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