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Irons of the series, "Braun TexStyle 7" with a steam function iron very efficiently. They allow good to smooth inaccessible areas and various small parts. In this work these irons are easy and convenient. What characteristics help to achieve this effect?

Sole Saphir

In many ways this result is achieved by the availability of high quality steam soles created of stainless steel with a sapphire coating. It is resistant to various scratches. Its surface, according to the manufacturer, much stronger than the soles of ordinary stainless steel.

iron Braun texstyle 7 reviews

Easy to clean. You can even use a metal sponge. With this platform efficiently smoothes dense and delicate fabrics iron "Braun TexStyle 7". The user reviews say that it is easy to slip, tightening the cloth.

Not all models of irons "brown" have that kind of sole. The later is equipped with aluminum. An example is iron "Braun TexStyle 7 ts 715". Reviews say that it also copes well with the tasks.

Steam nozzle

The Hostess know that spout smooth out most wrinkles. But most irons are arranged so that the steam nozzle does not almost, focusing on the Central part of the sole. Different kind of irons "Braun TexStyle 7". Reviews say that steam through a large number of holes is closer to the spout. This improves the Ironing quality.

Working iron is in both the horizontal and vertical position, which is convenient for smoothing the clothes on the mannequins. This is one of the positive features that has the iron "Braun TexStyle 7". User reviews, however, suggests that the vertical smoothing steam blow very strong, and when the horizontal couple is almost there, mostly water.


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The power of the irons in this series - 2400 watts. They allow you to get pairs of high intensity. While it is distributed evenly throughout the sole. This power gives you the ability to process at a time large tracts, using iron "Braun TexStyle 7". User reviews indicate that this power can be both a plus and a minus. Not all apartments wiring withstand such a load.

The user Reviews say that the iron irons well only at full power.


Irons TexStyle 7 is equipped with a water tank, where it is placed nearly half a liter. It is sprayed, through the three active zones steam. Is a function of pre-wetting. In this case, the flow of iron material system, which has iron "Braun TexStyle 7". Reviews say that it doesn't always work. Users complain of overheating the iron melts, and water begins to flow so that stroking them is impossible. And without it, the iron is not continuous torture.

 Braun texstyle 7 reviews

The Water is consumed quickly. It turns out that the smaller it is, the worse the result.

Conveniently, the water tank is located closer to the handle. But the bad thing is that the color of the gray tank and not see how much water it flooded.

Some water flows if it is in a vertical position iron "Braun TexStyle 7". Consumer reviews say that instead of a jet of steam from the holes the water flows, and that a thin stream. To get to the right place, takes a long time to draw on him.

Many Aleuts that water for some reason sometimes runs dirty, rusty, dirtying his clothes.

It Happens that steam at the steam goes through the hands, burning them.

You Might have problems with water leakage happen due to the fact that the steam system needs to be cleaned. The instructions said to iron, how to do it.

Package contents

Iron has a system of ‘Antinakipin”. It allows you to extend the use of the device.

braun texstyle 7 reviews

The Cord is attached to the body of the iron with spherical mounts. It is not spread from one side to the other, it needs “switch”. It is unusual to users. They note that the cord seems to them weak. Length 2.5 m is not enough for convenient operation.

Iron is the handle. But she joins in the housing on one side only. It is easy to hold while working, but to fix on the Ironing Board fails. Can be placed only vertically. But this can lead to the fall of the iron when moving the clothes.

Iron provided with a number of nozzles. So, the red replaces the usual cheesecloth and gives an opportunity to iron delicate fabrics with the help of the iron Braun TexStyle 7. Consumer reviews say that it is convenient, but short-lived. The foam under the fabric fast is broken.

The Second nozzle, white, is designed for denser tissues. Some buyers are complaining that she holds the cloth. But many use it successfully.

Attachments are not available on all models of irons in this series. So, "Braun TexStyle 7 ts 715" without them. But users say that without her they are able qualitatively to iron any thing.


TexStyle 7 Irons have double protection against overheating and fire. The iron automatically turns off after thirty seconds in the horizontal position and after 8 minutes when vertical.

irons Braun texstyle 7 reviews

Users indicate that the iron cools down slowly. Therefore, it is necessary to hide from children.


Most users like the irons of the series, "Braun TexStyle 7". Theywell stripped, even dry underwear. Easy to slip on the fabric. They can help you to iron all sorts of things, including pants, using the Frother.

Buyers say that iron can operate it easily. But additional nozzles on some models loose, so often fly.

When you select iron pay great attention to its weight. It should not be very easy, because it will need much to put pressure on the ironed clothes. But too heavy is hard to work. Irons "Braun TexStyle 7" have a suitable weight in order to effortlessly smooth cloth. And at full load the water tank becomes even heavy.

iron Braun texstyle 7 ts 715 reviews

Some users complain that when they handle in a horizontal position the large things, the iron is completely disconnected. First steam, then starts to leak water. Is enabled only after “reboot”.

User feedback we can conclude that the purchase of iron from "brown" as someone lucky. It can operate many years without causing complaints. And may gradually lose its function. But most of the consumers are pleased with their work.

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