The ventilation grille with adjustable louvers: the forms, embodiments and applications


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The troubles that happen sometimes in the apartment, can be attributed to the disruption of ventilation. And unavoidable odors in separate rooms is not the only problem that accompanies this little emergency.

The Prolonged absence of exchange of air masses in the bath leads to the appearance of the fungus in the seams between the tiles (the most expensive price to fungi Fugue only slightly delay the appearance of mould). In addition to darkening and greening of the joints will begin to swell, hard to close, and then completely fall apart the furniture from MDF. And even the most delicious smells from the kitchen it is ridiculous to be felt in other rooms of the apartment.

ventilation grille invoice

All these troubles are multiplied many times if the family of allergies. For fungus and mold – almost universal and very strong allergens.

The Quality of the ventilation system depends primarily on the proper selection and installation of each of its individual elements.

Classification of air vents in the place of installation

Internal ventilation grille with adjustable louvers, fixed louvers, and other options of execution – habitual element of the interior of our bathrooms and kitchens. The place of installation of such gratings – inside.

The Outer grid, whose dimensions often do not exceed 300 x 300 mm, are of various shapes and execution and serve for communication of the interior of buildings with outside air. They are mounted on walls, Gables and other exterior elements of buildings.


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ventilation grids dimensions

Supply grille vent opens and closes at will are established in the buildings ventilation system which is built a little differently. Such ventilation works on the principle of cross-flow of air from room to room. Clicking on a specific project route, the air eventually gets into the exhaust grilles of the sizes of which depend on the size of the building, and through them comes out.

How ventilation grilles allow air to pass through

According to the principle of crossing air masses designs also vary.

The Usual vent grille invoice – the simple model. Blinds in such a system is made according to a fixed scheme. To change or cut off the flow of air, this design does not allow. In some cases such a system, the undeniable advantage which is the low price turns out to be optimal.

ventilation grille with adjustable louvers

Ventilation Grille with adjustable louvers allows a person to make adjustments in the work hood. As a rule, not very complex parallelogram mechanism allows you to change the tilt angle of all the louvers, simultaneously opening or optionally blocking the flow of air. There are more subtle ways to coax performance.

There is an inertial design. The easiest option when the louvers are in a vertical position, completely blocking the flow of air under the action of gravity. In the absence of a pressure difference in communicating cavities of (indoor) air flow is completely blocked, but once the air is set in motion, blinds, under his influence, raised by running the exhaust system in the work. Blinds can be opened in both directions or only in one, serving as a kind of valve.

Used in the manufacturing of materials

Made to the ventilation grille with adjustable louvers, or fixed can from a variety of materials, depending primarily on the intended installation location.

A Classic, of course, is plastic. This is primarily due to practicality of the material. Plastics are resistant to any natural disasters, not afraid neither heat nor cold, is a great mechanical fasteners and adhesive compositions.

A More expensive option grids are made of metal. More simple and practical option – aluminium. Grates made of cast iron or bronze beautiful and stylish look on the facade of the cottage, but the cost of them, respectively.

furniture closing

Ventilation grids made of wood are now used less often. The choice of the material is often caused by reasons of decor. This option looks harmonious on the building of roundwood or the structure of the trimmed block-house.

Ventilation grids: sizes and shapes

Round Design (coaxial), elliptical, other shapes are rare. The ventilation grille with adjustable louvers rectangular – the most common and the most practical option.

The Size of coaxial structures are defined by one digit – in diameter. The dimensions of the rectangular lattices – the width and height. For example, a range of standard size aluminum outdoor ventilation.

ventilation grids dimensions

To avoid confusion, the choice of a grid should take into account the fact that landing size denotes the geometrical parameters of the product, not the height and width of the opening. Therefore, buying the grill vents, you need to dothe amendment to the gap.

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