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When the family is expecting a child, already designated to make sure all the necessary events of your purchase. Portuguese company Bebecar for thirty-five years of its existence, has rightfully earned a reputation as the most innovative manufacturer of products for kids that complies with all accepted standards of quality and safety. One of these products – the stroller Bebecar.

All the strollers the manufacturer go through rigorous design and improvement in the production process. They are focused on the correct position and, consequently, the formation of children's musculoskeletal system in the first years of life. In multilevel developments in commercially available multi-functional, convenient and safe products.

Description strollers

The Company Bebecar believes that in the initial period of life is important for the child to be more horizontal. In turn, the parents must have continuous visual contact with the baby and monitor him. Therefore, all models of strollers Bebecar give the possibility to use them as the face to the parents and back, and also install the fully horizontal position.

The Stroller Bebecar has the following distinctive features:

  • Modern design, urban style;
  • Spacious and soft seat is a pleasure;
  • Ergonomic, height adjustable handle;
  • Curved shape cradles that can be used as a cradle;
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis;
  • The stroller fits in any Elevator;
  • Has built-in Travel System;
  • Modular type.stroller bebecar

The Stroller Bebecar easy changes appearance depending on which element of design installed on it: the unit for walking, carrycot or car seat. In any case, these strollers distinguish the owner from the crowd, as the standard of quality.


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Baby car seats Portuguese manufacturer characterised by a high degree of reliability and ergonomics.

Unique chassis ensures a comfortable ride for the baby and easy grip – comfort to parents.

Varieties of chassis

The Stroller Bebecar, a photo of which is presented in the article is a model of Stylo At. Even a cursory look noticeable quality and the quality of this stroller reviews

Chassis in strollers Portuguese manufacturer provide a solid basis and a few different functions depending on the model of the stroller.

  1. For lovers of classic fit chassis models Multipla, Grand Style Plus Class Stylo, Stylo. It is smooth-running carriages, which is provided by the front wheels with spring suspension. The latter three models for ease of care and storage of removable wheels. For folding the frame in the handle there was an automatic lock. In the Stylo Class also has a locking front wheels for maximum maneuverability.
  2. Combination of style and compact size when folded is a chassis models Vector, Rversus C, Rversus, Ip-op AT Prime, Ip-op. It features a telescopic handle, adjustable height, oval frame and front wheels with swivel and lock.
  3. The new generation is chassis models Racer, HBR, Icon, Icon. They have swivel 360º dual wheel. With the rear wheels performing the supporting function, the whole system creates superior maneuverability strollers Bebecar.
  4. Chassis model Icon HBR has pneumatic rear wheels that can be lock using the hand brake.
  5. High permeability in the conditions of bad roads will provide chassis Stylo At and Vector AT, having all of the inflatable (pneumatic) wheels.
  6. Chassis Vector Duo is for dual models. It is characterized by the possibility to install simultaneously two different building blocks and quick folding.

Newborn – carrycot Bebecar

The Stroller Bebecar, consumer reviews of which only the positive, you'll be convenient sleeping place – a cradle for newborns. Among the advantages include:

  • Insulated sleeping place;
  • Universal soft changing Mat;
  • Ventilation system;
  • Wide dimensions;
  • Tough durable bottom frame;
  • Large hood, cloak;
  • Built-in side handles for transport;
  • Adjustable back;
  • The possibility of folding compact;
  • Environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic fabrics;
  • The material does not fade in the sun.

All Bebecar bassinet when mounted on the back seat of the car are fastened with special belts.

Block for walking Bebecar

The design features of the stroller seat attached to the stroller Bebecar:

  • Installs in two positions;
  • Has the fully lie-the position of the back;
  • Equipped with adjustable footrest;
  • Comes with a five-point harness with soft shoulder pads;
  • Removable bumper;
  • The plating is removed without effort and easily erased;
  • The security system fully complies with standards ECE R44.stroller bebecar photo

Pushchair Bebecar will not leave indifferent even the most exacting buyers as manufacturers care about the kids and remember the needs of the initial stage of their life, and create a comfortable environment of child transportation for parent.

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