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If your child loves socializing, outdoor games, quests and mazes, then the club is “Jump” - what you need. We should not fear for safety: newest technology, durable fastening, experienced instructors ensure that the child is not injured. Lots of fun, positive, good mood – these are the emotions that will get a kid, visiting entertainment venues.

club jump

You might be interested in the entertainment center?

Entertainment club “Jump” is a great place for kids. A similar complex of this type is hard to find in St. Petersburg. Therefore, if you travel to the Northern capital, be sure to visit the club.

Many people ask: “What is complex?” just pay attention to the unique trampoline with foam cubes. Jump on it not only interesting, but also completely safe. There are special fencing mesh.

In different centers you can often encounter a similar situation: very young and older children are both on the trampoline, resulting in injury. Or on exercise equipment at the same time is a huge number of children. Of course, in these situations, without tears and bruises is not enough. Club instructors “Jump” ensure that such incidents did not happen.

The Maze is suitable for children over 3 years old. Small slides, soft inflatable figures, pool with plastic balls, mini-trampoline – this is such a wonderful and interesting area offers club “Jump”.

Perhaps your little one is fascinated cycle race? Then ride with the bike – for him. Large selection of models, easy to operate – what else is needed for happiness to the young athletes?

The Club for children “Jump” offers a truly unique “hole” in which children go after the high jump on the trampoline. Everything is left to chance, injuries excluded.

club for kids

Is it Possible to celebrate a birthday here?

The Club “Jump” invites you to celebrate the birthdays of the children within its walls. And for this purpose all conditions are created. Children will be dazzled and breathless from what he saw. Mazes, trampolines, play areas, slides, ball pools, air hockey and many other activities will not leave guys indifferent.

In addition, inside the institution there is a cafe. For kids menu, which includes only the most delicious and useful products. Prices will pleasantly surprise and delight. For adults there are also food for the soul.


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And most importantly, there is no age limit. Club for kids “Jump” can visit both small and older children. And believe me, each of them will receive a maximum of pleasure.

kids club jump

Study pricing

We would like to touch on the question of prices. Agree, nowadays it is a topical issue. Every parent should know what to expect when visiting such a place.

The Club “Jump” at the prospect of Fame offers the following conditions:

  1. Unlimited for the whole day costs 500 rubles on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, the cost is increased to 800 rubles. At the same time your child can use absolutely any amusement rides and sports equipment.
  2. There is a separate pricing program for kids who do not like a trampoline or because of age can't jump. In this case, the ticket price is the following: weekdays – 300 RUB, weekends – 500 rubles.
  3. If you used to visit the entertainment complex in the company of friends, you should take advantage of “Team”. Payment occurs once per four children. Weekdays – 1500 rubles, weekend – 2400.

It is Worth noting that Friday is also considered a day off.

jump club on the Avenue of fame

Customer Reviews. Positive aspects

Going to the entertainment complex for the first time, I want to know in advance all of his strengths and weaknesses. And find out these things can be, read the customer reviews. They are mainly positive. Of strengths can be distinguished:

  1. Large rooms for celebrating birthdays. The opportunity to bring cake, sweets and fruit.
  2. Excellent playroom for kids.
  3. Huge trampoline.
  4. Cafe with children's menu and reasonable prices. Visitors praise especially pizza and tea.
  5. Clean.
  6. Experienced instructors.
  7. Benches around the perimeter of the entertainment center for parents to be able to observe the children.

The biggest plus is the happiness in the eyes of a child, which appears after visiting the club.

entertainment club jump

Are there any disadvantages?

Cons include:

  1. An Extra ticket for the second and subsequent attendant, which is paid in the amount of 100 rubles per person.
  2. Poor ventilation, stale air.
  3. There is No medical room for first aid.

Note To parents

If you are Going to use the kids club “Jump”, parents should know house rules:

  1. To be Present on site only in sportswear.
  2. You must not forget to grab replacement comfortable shoes without heels or socks.
  3. Inas sports clothes are not appropriate jeans and overalls.
  4. To Carry food and drinks from outside is prohibited.
  5. Do Not drink alcohol.
  6. The garment should not be rude buckles, straps, spikes, massive jewelry, which could injure the child.
  7. Before you jump on a trampoline, it is recommended to do a warm-up to avoid sprains.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that the club is “Jump” is a great place for active kids who love outdoor games and sports. Everyone will find here something for everyone. I only need suits for sumo or developing computer and maybe your kids interested in bikes and other similar inventions? Come and you will see the delight in the eyes of a child from this center.

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