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Dance – it is an integral part of human life. The opportunity to show their talents, to show their individuality, and in addition to strengthen health, make the movement more plastic, flexible. From the very young age, the person begins to respond to music. The child claps her hands or priepyat on the spot, hearing a lively melody. This suggests that the predisposition to dance classes every person. But how this talent will develop and what will eventually manifest themselves – is another matter.

They do not depend on fashion trends

There is a huge variety of dance styles. As fashion changes in clothing, changes in fashion and dancing, but there are some which have existed for several centuries and less popular do not get this. Such can be called a ballroom, folk and Eastern dances. For children they have much more value than simply completing a certain set of movements, which is nice to watch from the sidelines.

belly dancing for kids

Unquestionable benefits

Modern parents claim that Oriental dance for children is the opportunity to form a shape, the correct shape of the spine to develop strength, agility, endurance, and strengthen character. Specific movements are particularly useful to girls: they will not only learn how to feel the rhythm of the music, but also will reveal your natural femininity. Thin waist fan of this trend of dancing provided.

Choice of parents and children

More recently, this direction was new for the people of our country, but today, answering the question, what is the direction of dance would you choose for yourself or your child, increasing the number of votes given for Oriental dance. For children it is an opportunity to have fun, make new friends, wear an incredibly beautiful dress at the performance for parents - the confidence in the good health of his child, the opportunity to strengthen his character, to make more sure, and, of course, an additional reason for pride.

how to dance belly dance for kids

Culture of the whole country

In the Middle East and North Africa women dancing – is a whole branch of people's culture. Science, like to dance East dances, children began from a very early age. In addition to cultural heritage, it had another equally important. In these countries the main and sometimes only purpose of a woman is the birth and upbringing of children. Motherhood plays a big role how well developed pelvic floor muscles and the press. It to practice these areas are primarily aimed belly dancing. For the children of our country, the issue of motherhood from such an early age is not set, but the strengthening of the overall health which can be achieved from regular exercise, it will not prevent any child.

costumes for Oriental dance for children

A Great option psychotherapy

We All know about the existence of the so-called transitional periods in personality development. Associated with awareness of self as an individual, with a change in environment (kindergarten - school), understanding the many things that come with age, the psyche of the child are very important processes. And that is how they will determine what will take place in the future, people in society, which results in life will achieve what it is - bold and confident or anxious clamped wallflower. Oriental dance for children is, first and foremost, the opportunity to make periods of growing up smoother, to avoid conflicts during adolescence to understand the girl benefits your body, to learn not to be ashamed of it. Giving your child up for these classes, parents will be able to see directly in front of them from a small fledgling and sometimes ruffled chick grows a beautiful Swan, with a proud posture and knows his worth.

The Dream for the little Princess

Particular attention is drawn to costumes for dancing. For children to wear such a dress – just a dream. Silk, the fluid lines, stones, rhinestones, sequins – is not this the dream of the little Princess of the East?

the lessons of Oriental dance for children

The Lessons of Oriental dance for children include the basic elements, however, even simple productions performed by young talents delight. It is known that the younger the child, the more plastic his body, so give children to classes suggest as early as possible. But Oriental dance for children and in this regard unique. No matter what age began training – a result ofwill still be stunning. Perhaps this explains the popularity of the selected dances.

If about to enroll a child in the circle, wants only the parents and child are strongly against, try a small trick. Read together stories of the East, the view corresponding to the subjects of the cartoons. It is likely that the girl will be interested in how to dance belly dancing. For children, Yes and adults too, it is very important to believe in the fairy tale, and such a dance can not only believe, but fully experience.

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