Toothbrushes are electric for children. Electric toothbrushes: reviews by dentists


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Brushing your teeth is where the morning begins not only for an adult, but also for a child. Modern parents are increasingly choosing electric toothbrushes for children. However, there is an opinion that they have enough and usual device, and in general why brush milk teeth, if they still fall out? Dentists in one voice claim that electric brushes - a worthy alternative to familiar to us personal hygiene items. What are their features and how to choose the right model for your baby?

зубные щетки электрические для детей

Dentist reviews

Many will say that all innovations - just imposing on parents of this or that opinion. However, clinical trials have confirmed that motor devices are actually more effective. If you can't get your child to brush your teeth, then pay attention to electric toothbrushes. Reviews of dentists show that they perfectly teach children to cope with brushing their teeth on their own. After all, a fervently buzzing and bright toothbrush can interest any kid!

Of course, parents are concerned about whether to give their children such devices and whether they are safe. According to dentists, already in three years of the child can be taught to use a brush, but it should be done carefully and taking into account age characteristics. The fact is that the structure of children's teeth is different from adults - enamel is easily damaged even with little impact. Electric toothbrushes reviews dentists have received positive, but the benefit of them will be only if the use is performed under the supervision of adults. In addition, it is best to give such devices to children from 6-8 years - it is at this age children already know how to brush their teeth on their own.


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Features of choice

орал би зубная щетка электрическая

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of devices for kids, and choose them carefully. Let's talk about what should be taken into account.

  1. Age features. All toothbrushes are electric for children: 3/6 years or 6/12 years.
  2. The hardness of the bristles. The choice of brush on this indicator also depends on the age of the child - the older he is, the tougher should be bristles. Children under the age of three should choose models with a voluminous handle so that parents can help them brush their teeth. If the child already knows how to cope with this task on his own, you can choose a thick brush and with a short handle. Ideally, the bristles should be soft or medium stiff and made of artificial materials, as natural ones are not resistant to bacteria.
  3. The stiffness of the bristles. For milk teeth suitable models with the label "soft", and bristles should be no more than 11 millimeters high. It is best if the head of the brush has a multi-level brush field, in which all the bristles are different in height. This is the key to quality and effective cleaning even in hard-to-reach places.

Views and features

The modern tooth brushing solution is an electric toothbrush. How to choose from the submitted modifications? Today, two models are offered - oscillating and sound. The first is equipped with a cylindrical head, which copes well with plaque and is able to reach hard-to-reach areas. It is this brush the most popular with buyers.

The sound model works on vibrational waves, that is, purification is not only done by mechanical sweeping. Accordingly, the teeth are cleaned carefully, and the noise of the working device is not audible.

Don't know which is better than an electric toothbrush? How to choose? Notice the basic specifications.

электрическая зубная щетка цена

Technical information

First, each brush works on different speed modes. Slow is suitable for cleaning sensitive teeth and places along the gum line, and fast allows you to rid the enamel of plaque.

Secondly, the handle plays an important role - it should be convenient for the child and have a rubber studded coating that prevents slipping when used.

Third, modern expensive electric toothbrushes for children have a function that allows to establish interval cleaning, and the screen displays information about the state of the battery charge.

What are the advantages?

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of toothbrushes, powered by batteries or batteries. All of them attract attention with several positive characteristics:

  1. Built-in timer that lets you keep track of cleaning time.
  2. The ability to brush your teeth in hard-to-reach places.
  3. Easy to use: the child does not need to make an effort, because toothbrushes are electric for children arranged so that all do themselves.
  4. Installing the brush mode allows you to monitor the optimal pressure on the gums and teeth.
  5. Some models are equipped with a special digital reminder of the need to replace batteries.

Electric brushes are popular due to the fact that when using them it is possible to change the technique of cleaning, and only need to guide the device on the surface of the teeth.

How to exercise correctly


зубные щетки электрические рейтинг

Scientists say that the improper use of toothbrushes leads to damage to the gums and loosening of teeth. If you do not follow the rules, during the operation of the electric brush children may experience a des recession and other defects. That's why it's important to clean properly.

  1. The head of the toothbrush should be applied to the tooth, closing it completely for a few seconds. It needs to be moved gradually and slowly.
  2. You need to move the brush towards the edge of the gum.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to put pressure on the device.
  4. When cleaning the external, internal and chewing teeth, the head should be positioned horizontally.
  5. The gums need to be cleaned from the outside and then switched to the inside.

Today, a huge number of manufacturers offer electric toothbrushes. The popularity rating is constantly changing, as each brand every now and then offers something special. We will tell about the most popular devices among buyers.


This manufacturer offers two brushes at once, with the company's main focus on the convenience of use. The combination of a bright color solution and unusual design using images of famous cartoon characters make these devices interesting for children. The electric Stages Advance Power 950TX toothbrush, produced by Oral Bee, makes it a fun time to clean your teeth. It is designed so that the time of the procedure is followed by a unique music timer: it plays 16 melodies per minute. Children need to brush their teeth for at least two minutes - with musical accompaniment this time flies unnoticed! The distinctive features of this device include:

  1. A large number of return-rotational movements.
  2. Having a music timer.
  3. A bright color solution.

Another "Oral-Bi" toothbrush created by "Electric" - Stages Power. It is designed for children 5-7 years old. The main difference from the previous model - in a short head and specially designed bristles, providing a soft cleaning.


A whole series of brushes of different kinds and appointments is offered by Colgate, however, most models are designed for use by adults. However, the kids are not left unattended by the company. Thus, created by the manufacturer "Colgate" toothbrush electric for children is attractive primarily bright images of favorite characters. And they are chosen so that both boys and girls will be satisfied. Brushes are equipped with a small vibrating head, the bristles of which are amazingly soft. As a result, brushing teeth is done carefully, carefully and without damaging the enamel.


электрическая зубная щетка как выбрать

The "Brown" electric toothbrush is an intelligent device that provides high quality teeth cleaning. The company offers a wide range of models: from simple devices to devices with nozzles, which allow you to choose the best cleaning mode. The bristles change color as the brush needs to be replaced. The distinctive features of Braun's devices include:

  1. Convenience to use: Brushes do not slide due to the presence of a rubberized handle.
  2. The moisture-resistant body is the key to the durability of the device even with long-term water exposure.
  3. The devices have an attractive appearance and storage convenience.

BRAUN Oral-B DB 4010 is the perfect children's electric toothbrush. Its price is quite democratic - about 900 rubles. It is battery-powered and designed for children 5-7 years old. Thanks to the bright color solution, this device will attract the attention of each child and make the cleaning process pleasant and interesting.


электрические зубные щетки отзывы стоматологов

The Philips HX 6311/07 Sonicare For Kids electric toothbrush is a unique device for oral care. The company has done everything possible to create the most user-friendly device for children. Reviews of dentists in many ways are similar and recommend this model. Its features include:

  1. The presence of a built-in microprocessor that controls the cleaning head.
  2. Each bristles perform its own movement.
  3. The brush copes with cleaning even difficult areas.
  4. The device has bristles, actively clearing plaque and tartar.
  5. Variety of nozzles - at the request of parents or children can be installed soft or hard bristles.
  6. The unique formula of dynamic fluid flow helps to cleanse the interdental gaps.
  7. A special timer allows you to control the cleaning time.
  8. The brush is equipped with two sizes of nozzles, which make the cleaning process more careful and safer.
  9. The model attracts attention by playing melodies, and a reliable handle will help each kid easily cope with the task.

Top 6 teething devices

колгейт зубная щетка электрическая

Electric toothbrushes are very popular among modern buyers. The rating, based on the analysis of all known devices, will help to make the right choice.

6th place: PhilipsHX6731/02

It is the best sound brush that works on the vibration membrane and cleans the teeth with the movements of lint. The model attracts attention with marker marks for all family members, three modes of operation, the function of smoothly ingesting teeth to new lint and the ability to hold the charge for a day. The charging indicator allows the owner to monitor the condition of his device. The small weight, just 140 grams, also increases the convenience of using this device. But it must be said that this electric toothbrush is available to a few. Its price reaches 3500 rubles, and not everyone is ready to spend such money.

5th place: Oral-B Vitality 3D White Luxe

This model, unlike the previous one, attracts attention just at an affordable price (1500 rubles). The electric brush has a bleaching nozzle, the battery can withstand a 16-hour interval of operation, about 7500 movements are made per minute, and the wear of the device is marked by an indication.

4th place: Philips HX6711/02

This device is popular because it does not need charging. Dentists speak well about the device, which is due to the comfortable shape of the head and the presence of different nozzles. The model has an addictive function, which makes brushing teeth a comfortable process. However, it does not have an indicator of wear, and interchangeable nozzles are not cheap. The cost of such a device varies from 2200 to 2600 rubles.

3rd place: Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean

This device has an affordable cost. Toothbrush reviews of users and doctors got good yet and thanks to the ease of operation. There is an indicator of wear, charging is held for 16 hours, but there are no modes of operation and nozzles, and there is no addictive function. It costs such a model in the range of 1300-1600 rubles.

2nd place: Oral-B Professional Care 500

It is the device with the best value for money. The brush has a variety of functionality and attracts attention to autonomous work for half an hour, as well as a high level of directional movements and pulsations. There is an indicator of wear. However, dentists say that the model is not perfect - there are no additional regimens and nozzles. The price of such a device is quite high - about 3000 rubles.

1st place: Oral-B Professional Care 5000 D34

This is the best electric toothbrush, according to consumers. The popularity of the model is explained by the wide functionality: works in five modes (including bleaching, massage, delicate cleaning), has 4 nozzles, a sensor that regulates pressure on the teeth and gums. The bristles wear indicator allows you to change the nozzle in time. The cost of such a device starts from 4000 rubles and depends on the number of additional accessories.

In conclusion

зубная щетка браун электрическая

Doctors say that children's electric brushes can be used from the age of three. In this case, cleaning should be performed at this age for a short time and under the supervision of adults. It is necessary to remember that the enamel of children's teeth is more capricious, so you need to use brushes very carefully. The optimal age for the use of electric models is from 8 years. According to dentists, such devices are able to clean teeth more effectively and at the same time protect the gums from possible diseases, provided proper cleaning.

Thus, with a competent approach, you can choose a model that will meet the requirements of the child's body.

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