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It's no secret that children's games - this is an important process of development of your baby. They need to be given due consideration. But what can interest a child at any age for a long time, and even in the end result "save" the work? Of course, a mosaic for kids.мозаика для малышей

What's good

But what are the mosaics so good about? The fact is that this is the category of games that helps the development of mental and logical thinking at any age. Many doctors say that if your child knows how to handle details in early childhood, then in adult life it will turn out to be a huge plus for him - his capabilities and mindset will distinguish him from other people. For the better, of course.

Mosaic for toddlers can also help parents determine who their child will be - right-handed or left-handed (many know that the development of a particular hemisphere of the brain depends on this). Usually children who are able to collect puzzles upside down are born left-handers.

In memory of...

Every parent wants any work of his child, in particular, visual, to remain unscathed for many years. Games for kids "Mosaic" will help to preserve the creations of your carapace.

мозаика для малышей дрофа

Collected by the kid puzzles can and even need to stick on the watman and cardboard - will be an excellent picture, which is easy to decorate the walls of your house. Or you can just keep them as a keepsake. Especially when your child is already quite old and able to collect complex puzzles. In truth, mosaics are a favorite hobby of many adults. Children will just be interested to reproduce familiar or unfamiliar bright pictures. But mosaics for toddlers can be of several kinds. Let's see what.


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The smallest

Now in modern stores children's toys you can find something suitable for any age and even gender (now there is a tendency to divide all products into "boys" and "for girls"). A mosaic for the kids of zuercetti has become quite popular. But what kind of toy is this?мозаика для малышей quercetti

Probably, everyone imagines the designers. Usually they are available to children from 3 years old. She gave the opportunity to design and create wonderful pictures of even younger artists and designers at the same time, creating a whole line of developing children's mosaics for children from 1 year old. They are large color pictures of different subjects, which consist of colored circles and put on top of a special plate. It inserts details-circles that allow you to repeat the child the image, which is presented on a cardboard. Usually the parts are quite large, which does not allow you to "taste them." In the process develops children's imagination and fine motor skills of hands.

Young Inventors

Another type of developing puzzles is a mosaic for kids "Drofa." Unlike the previous one, this game is designed for older children. Usually from two years. There are no large round parts, plates and other unusual things in Drofa's products. But they are as close as possible to the real "adult" mosaic.

Children's developing puzzles "Drofa" are already more familiar all puzzle: consist of several large parts that illustrate a particular picture. But the main advantage over other goods - it is, of course, an original approach to the development of logic in the child. Mosaic for kids "Drofa" in addition to the details, contains additional features. So, in each part there is a special hole in which the baby will have to insert the necessary object, recognizing it by the outline: a bear, a figure, an airplane, a typewriter and so on. Original and interesting. This game will appeal to every kid, because the theme is a lot. There are princesses, and port, and forest, and plant, and many other interesting things.

Classics of the genre

Of course, do not forget about the usual puzzles for children from 3 years. It is the most common and accessible toy, which helps to develop the child's logic and motor skills of the hands. In addition, thanks to this picture, the guys will learn to apply fantasy in practice.

Options of classic puzzles for children are just the sea - here and the theme, and the number of details, and even the ability to create voluminous and flat pictures. Such toys can be easily kept as a picture on the wall. If you or your child do not like the proposed themes, you can choose the desired picture yourself and make a puzzle to order. It's a great gift to a child.игры для малышей мозаика


So, today we got acquainted with children's mosaics for kids and found out what they are. In truth, each variety has its pros and cons. Which product to choose is an individual decision of each parent. However, if you want to please your baby, try to buy different types of puzzles, then see what will be more to the taste of your preschooler. It is desirable that you also collect mosaics with the child. This, like nothing else, will help him develop. Success!

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