What a child should be able to do at 5 years old: preparing for school


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For most parents, even the gradual growing up of their baby becomes a terrible test, and sometimes a complete surprise. A five-year-old child is an independent and well-formed person who is quite capable of defining one's own needs or desires. He has his own taste and can stand up for himself. And many parents should know that a child should be able to be 5 years old.что должен ребенок уметь в 5 лет

Physiology and psychology

Kids at this age begin to grow dramatically. At the same time there is muscle development, and the child does not gain weight. But parents should carefully monitor the diet of their child, so that his body receives the necessary energy for growth and development. Nutrition for a five-year-old should be quite high-calorie and at the same time balanced. Try to exclude from the diet useless fast food. Use more vegetables and soups, treat your child with homemade patties or compote - it will benefit him. Wean your baby from the terrible habit of snacking every half hour - it can have a bad impact in his later life.

For a five-year-old man will not be difficult to learn a new skill, as he allows his own physical development. If you have a desire to accustom your son or daughter to sports, then this age is a great time to learn to ride a two-wheeled bike, skiing or riding. If you manage to interest the baby in sports, then perhaps he will love him for life.

Psychologically, a five-year-old child overcomes the crisis of three years already definitively and irrevocably. He becomes more calm and balanced. A five-year-old is quite able to spend some time alone with himself and respond to the requests or objections of people around him quite adequately. However, parents should remember that children's patience is not limitless. The child will be upset and offended if you forget about some of their promise or do not fulfill his request.


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Experts say that it is in this age period that the initial foundations of the child's character are laid, which will remain with him already in adulthood. Parents can influence the baby and try to instill in him those qualities and abilities that will consider the most valuable skills for the person. However, quite often parents try to realize their children's own aspirations and dreams. This is an unforgivable mistake that can affect the adult life of your child in the most negative way. что должен уметь ребенок в 5 лет мальчик

What should a child be able to do at the age of 5?

Parents of a five-year-old child will be surprised to note that to study with their own child at this age - it is an interesting and very exciting activity, as the baby begins to reach for knowledge and be interested in everything in the world. It is enough for him to master new skills, regardless of what area of activity they belong to: mental or physical.

So, what should a child be able to do at 5 years old? Most children who have reached this age, quite calmly know how to write some letters and read the simplest sentences. They can perform the simplest arithmetic operations, such as addition and subtraction. They are beginning to work well logical thinking and understanding of what is happening. Psychologists say that there are a huge number of special techniques and subjects that will tell what should a child be able at 5 years and how developed specifically your baby.

For parents of boys

From the age of three, children begin to understand that boys and girls are slightly different people, with different needs, body characteristics and slightly different levels of development. Experts say that up to adolescence, males are slightly inferior to the development of single-year-old girls. And this is no exception for this age category. So, many parents have a very specific question, what should a child be able to be at 5 years old?

что должен уметь ребенок в 5 лет комаровский

A boy at this age ceases to pay a lot of attention to toys. Much more interesting to him become role-playing games, in which he often acts as an adult character. For those parents who do not remember their childhood, such fun include playing in the hospital, construction or war. Boys should already be able to distribute roles among themselves according to their own skills and wishes.

If we talk about physical education and sports, then at the age of five, the child can already climb the gymnastic wall, jump in length, throw light objects into the distance, perform the simplest combat commands. And if the parents take the most active part in what the child should be able to 5 years, the boy will swim and ride a bike. So this is the age of action!

Dr. Komarovsky

When it comes to what a child should be able to do at 5 years old, Komarovsky Yevgeny Olegovich, a well-known pediatrician, expresses certain thoughts about the general development of children, their physical and mental state. It is thanks to such raw data that a definite conclusion can be drawn. Heclaims that two factors play a major role in the child's formation of certain skills: the baby's parents and his own aspiration. And the second factor is sometimes more significant than the first.

что должен уметь ребенок в 5 лет таблица

Sadiq and five-year-old

In principle, almost every parent knows what a child should be able to do at 5 years old. In kindergarten are able to teach, identify, unleash the potential and capabilities of the baby. As it turned out, in many institutions there is a specialist - a psychologist, who must conduct certain tests to determine the abilities of five-year-olds. Such actions are designed to understand the abilities of the child in different areas and are built on the performance of certain tasks by the baby. Experts have developed an approximate list of questions and tasks.

School and five-year-old child

Of all the impressive list of what a child should be able to do at 5 years of age, preparing for school by acquiring certain skills takes a special place. And then there comes such a moment that not all parents know why to train their child before going to the first class. They believe that all the necessary kid will learn at school. This is absolutely not the right approach to this issue, and five years is exactly the age when it is necessary to start preparing for school.что должен уметь ребенок в 5 лет в детском саду

What should the baby know and be able to do? Well, first of all, the child should learn and be able to name his name and name, address of his residence, as well as phone number. You have to teach him to understand the most common species of plants and animals. He must know and distinguish between colors, sports and understand the importance of the most difficult professions.

You have to teach your child where the "right" and "left", the difference between country and city, fruits and vegetables, as well as letters and sounds.

It is desirable that the baby can:

  • Understand the simplest logical tasks and solve riddles;
  • Describe the picture he sees
  • Retell the fairy tale;
  • Memorize a small poem
  • Determine the number of syllables and sounds in simple words;
  • Be able to control with a pen and pencil.что должен уметь ребенок в 5 лет подготовка к школе

The final table

To display a more complete picture of what a child should be able to be able to do at 5 years old, the table is best suited. It demonstrates in the most visual way all the necessary skills and materials that will be able to help you in the implementation of the tasks.


What a child should be able to do

Necessary benefits and materials


Know the location of objects

Geometric shapes, numbers.

Compare the number of items.

Cards with numbers from 0 to 10; a game to study geometric shapes.

Logical thinking

Finding differences and similarities.

Fold the cut picture.

Perform the task for 5 minutes without being distracted.

To put the pyramid without help.

Cards from the series "Find an extra item"; Puzzles; Krasnoukhov's puzzle; Catch the fish.

Speech development

Build phrases (6-8 words).

Put the noun in the plural.

Know what professions are.

Letters of the alphabet - puzzles; The colored letters of the alphabet; Clean-spoken; Counting; "Get the word out."

The world around us

Distinguish berries, vegetables, fruits; Animals, plants; Seasons

"Learn colors," "Furniture" cards and so on.

Household skills

Button and zippers, tie shoelaces.

Draw the lines without taking your hand off the sheet.

Distinguish right and left.

Stencils, plasticine, beads, table game "Tell your city" etc.

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