Why do cats need a mustache? What are the names of the cat's moustache?


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It is interesting that for a rat the moustache mainly serves as a touch, and beavers and seals are needed to search for food in underwater conditions.

зачем кошкам усы

Beautiful and long mustache - the absolute advantage of every cat. With the appearance of a small furry friend in the house, children often ask: "Why cats mustache?". But even adults do not always guess their true purpose.

Often the child tries to play in the "cat hairdresser" and cut the mustache of his beloved pet. But what will be the consequences of such a game? Can I cut a cat's moustache? What function do they perform? How necessary are they? What is a cat's mustache for? Let's try to answer these and some other questions.

Also among the many questions is the question of how cats are called mustaches. Cat's moustache has a scientific name - vibrissae from lat. vibrate, wobble) or as they are called "tactile hairs". They are very flexible, thickened and long formations, the roots of which lead to the area of blood vessels and nerve endings. Vibrisses are dead formations, similar in nature to ordinary hair. The average length of a cat's mustache is about 6-7 cm.

Cat's mustache in Guinness Book of Records

The longest moustache of the cat was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records. The record holder was a Maine cat living in Finland, named Messi. His moustache was 19 cm long.


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Mustache reflect the mood of the pet

для чего кошке усы

In the direction of the mustache it is easy to determine the mood of a member of the cat family. If the moustache is directed forward - the animal is clearly agitated and shows curiosity. On the contrary, the pressed are evidence of aggression. The dormant animal has a relaxed moustache.

Mustache: briefly about the main thing

Let's see what a cat's mustache is for?

It is known that in a kitten, which is in the stage of the embryo, initially developing hairs become vibris. This state of affairs is not accidental and it is explained by the fact that it is the moustache in the first place help the baby to establish contact with the environment, which he is surrounded.

The moustache sends nerve impulses, which are recognized by brain cells. The visual function of the eyes is carried out in the same way. Summing up these signals, the cat perceives the world around.

To answer the question of why a cat needs a mustache, remember what a graceful animal it is. Its grace and maneuverability are also achieved thanks to vibris. It is "tactile hairs" that allow you to feel the direction of air flows, which is important in the implementation of the jump, at the time of fall and in normal movement. The information obtained by vibris helps to avoid unnecessary injuries.

It is known that the moustache of a cat is very sensitive. For this reason, touching them is not very pleasant for an animal.зачем кошке нужны усы

Mustaches are able to provide data that cannot be obtained using other senses. The difference between vibris and ordinary hair is that vibrises go much deeper in the fabric than simple hair. As mentioned earlier, "tactile hairs" have many nerve endings, so that the animal gets a lot of information about the world around.

Mustaches help to navigate in space

Scientists, interested in the question of what the cat's moustache, revealed that with the help of vibris the animal is perfectly oriented in the surrounding space, regardless of the time of day. Vibrisses are a touch organ and are located in the area of the cheeks, lips, above the eyes, as well as on the legs. Thanks to them, the cat recognizes various objects without physical touching them. Mustaches allow you to determine the presence of obstacles on the way in complete darkness, which greatly simplifies movement at night.

Vibriss tell the cat and whether it will be able to pass into a narrow opening. And also help to navigate in an unknown area. It is thanks to the moustache that the animal will never get lost and will always find its way back. Each of us has heard more than once stories about how the cat ran away and returned a few months later. Or how she found her owners who had changed their place of residence. Mustaches are a kind of "compass" for the animal.

Mustache - the weapon of the hunter

для чего нужны кошке усы

So, when talking about "why cats mustache" it is impossible not to mention that vibris are involved in the process of hunting. They can easily detect even a slight movement of prey. Cat - a predatory animal and for hunting prefers the dark time of day. Mustaches allow you to get the necessary data about your future victim and with the necessary accuracy to perform a lightning-fast striking jump, which will not leave the prey the slightest chance of salvation.

Everyone knows that the cat is able to rid the house of rats, mice and other small rodents. When the animal, having caught the prey, carries it in the teeth, the tips of the mustache control the condition of the victim (whether it is killed, or still possibleattempts of resistance on her part).

Mustache: features of the structure

Cat's moustaches are located in four rows of 12 pieces on both sides. The movement of the top two of them occurs regardless of those located below. The base of the vibris falls on the surface layer and has a good blood supply because the root of the blood moustache is located in a blood bubble called still a sinus or a blood lacquer. The branches of the facial nerve are brought to the vibris, and cross-striped muscles provide their movement. Thanks to the vibris, the cat will notice even the slightest vibrations of air.

Is it possible to trim the cat's mustache

самые длинные усы у кошки

The above information characterizes the functional feature of vibris, thus explaining why the cat's moustache, and explaining their necessity. Given that the moustache is necessary for the cat to maintain balance and good orientation in space, pruning them is strictly not recommended. Without them, the cat is able to experience serious discomfort and confusion.

There is an opinion that when dividing the territory the cat is able to deprive the mustache of its opponent. And she does it to make the opponent feel weak and defenseless. An animal, doubting his own abilities, easily surrenders his position, admitting his defeat.

Considering the information on "why cats mustache", it is important to mention that there are breeds with underdeveloped "tactile hairs" or with a complete lack of them. Such animals need constant human care and in the wild, unfortunately, will not be able to survive.

However, many could also hear about the veterinary circumcision of the mustache. Indeed, this practice exists and is used by veterinarians. Use it in situations where the area of vebriss germination has been affected. Circumcision of the mustache in veterinary medicine helps to carry out decontamination treatment and eliminate the possibility of bacterial contamination.

There are cases when blind cats perfectly treated with information obtained with vibris. Therefore, it is impossible to trim the cat's moustache for the sake of the participation of the animal in the exhibition or because of a momentary child's whim. Let the trimmed moustache and will not lead to the death of the animal, but still leave a significant imprint on the self-perception and quality of life of your cat.

The brittleness of the mustache. What to do?

можно ли стричь кошке усы

When you answer the question of why a cat has a moustache, you can understand how important they are to a small predator. However, the animal's moustache may break. If the hair bag has not been damaged, the moustache may regenerate. Sometimes the damage is accidental. The systematic damage and loss of the moustache may be due to the following factors:

  • Wrong diet, so the cat's body is deficient in calcium and other vitamins.
  • The appearance of worms, which eat useful substances, because of which the animal also does not get calcium and other substances.
  • Fungal diseases.

A specialist of the veterinary clinic will help to establish the true cause of the injury and the loss of the mustache. He will also prescribe the necessary course of treatment and offer a diet saturated with vitamins and minerals.

Responsible for those who have been tamed

как у кошек называются усы

The decision to have a pet implies greater responsibility for the life and health of the animal. Having decided on such a serious step, it is necessary to provide the animal with comfortable living conditions and carefully monitor the state of his health. Your pet will appreciate attentive and affectionate attitude to himself, giving in return your devotion and love. From communication with your pet you will certainly get a lot of joyful emotions and a sea of great mood.

After reading about why cats have a mustache, explain to the child what important role they play in the life of the pet.

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